Item List Items Cont
Call of the Inferno Master Lyrium Potion Recipe
Corrupted Icon Masterpiece Tempest Rune Tracing
Daisycutter Paragon Tempest Rune Tracing
Elven Runestone Ser Alvard’s Sword
Golden Idol of Korth Superb Stamina Draught Recipe
Key of Haakon Talisman of Restoration
Key of Korth Trickster’s Boots
Key of the Lady Venture
Key to the Crypt Wasp’s Sting
Lyrium Sand Wolf Treads
255 Ancient Vows
335 Materials for Working with Golem Shells

Start off by talking with Voldrik to gain the quest “ What is Built Endures “. Next, speak with Master Wade and Herren to gain the quest “ A Master’s Work “. Show Wade the Golem Shell to get a quest update and Codex 335: Materials for Working with Golem Shells . Show Herren the Iron Ore you found and speak with Dworkin. Show him the tablet to complete “Memories of the Stone” and talk to the Private to gain “ A Day in Court “. Talk to Sergeant Maverlies and head down into the Deep Roads.

Vigils Keep - Deep Roads

Run west to the fork and go north. Check the darkspawn corpse for Golden Idol of Korth , the book updates a codex entry, and the urn holds the Key of Korth . Approach the offering and do either of the following:

  • Option 1: Take the offering. This will give you 15 Gold and activate the two Steel Golems.
  • Option 2: Add a Diamond to the offering. The same as option 4.
  • Option 3: Add the Corrupted Icon to the offering. Desecrates the shrine. The Steel Golems fall to the ground and you receive nothing.
  • Option 4: Add the Golden Idol of Korth to the offering. This will open a hidden compartment that automatically puts the two-handed battleaxe Frenzy into your inventory and removes the Golden Idol of Korth.

You have several options that you can do with the idol which give you various items or punishment.

Regardless of your choice head south and defeat the two Hurlocks. Check the lyrium deposit at the north for Lyrium Sand , unlock the trapdoor at the south for the Key of Haakon . Continue west and go south the first chance you get.

Check the rocks at the end of the path for Elven Runestone and then the three Gem Clusters. As you head back to the main road, Darkspawn ambush you. West is the way to go, but when it dead ends head south. Check the old bones and open the gate, read the plaque for Codex 255: Ancient Vows . Follow the path to the warrior statue as Skeletons emerge from the walls, one of which drops the Trickster’s Boots . Follow the path to an open room, The Dark Theurge will appear. It’s immune to frost damage and halfway through it’s life a horde of skeletons will join the fight.

Observe the strange apparatus to gain the quest “ The Wraith’s Vengeance “ Loot the urns to obtain the Talisman of Restoration, Corrupted Icon, Call of the Inferno , and various gems. Follow the path to a set of scrolls that hold Masterpiece Tempest Rune Tracing and Paragon Tempest Rune Tracing. The chest contains the Key of the Lady and 5 sovereigns . Loot the darkspawn corpse for Key to the Crypt and take out the Ogre Commander that drops the Wasp’s Sting . Unfortunately, it comes back to life as the Possessed Ogre Commander, kill it and return to the Keep.

The Dark Theurge has a lot of HP, is immune to Frost damage and has skeleton cronies that it can summon.

Return to the basement and go to the Crypt where you now have all the required keys. Use them on their respective keyholes to unlock the middle door. Rush to the bottom of the stairs and fight off the Avvar Lords, they are immune to Spirit Damage. Loot them for random uniques and check the numerous avvar sarcophagi for Wolf Treads, Master Lyrium Potion Recipe, Superb Stamina Draught Recipe, Daisycutter , and Venture . Examine the crypt statues for a codex update. Return to Dworkin to finish “Bombs Away!” then enter the Throne Room.


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