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Item List Items Cont
Apprentice’s Amulet Shiver
Archon Robes Silver Chain
Black Grimoire Small Gold Bar
Buckle of the Winds Sun Blonde Vint-1
Chantry Amulet The Rose of Orlais
Charged Mitts Water-Stained Portrait
Love Letter White Runestone
Sailor’s Charm
Scroll of Banastor x2
Codex Codex Cont
241 The Black Vials 248 Extracurricular Studies
243 Circles Within Circles 301 Summoning Sciences
244 Desire and Need 322 The Scrolls of Banastor
245 The Notes of Arl Foreshadow 324 Five Pages, Four Mages
246 Irving’s Mistake 325 Watchguard of the Reaching
247 Promises of Pride 328 The Spot


Item Price
Flaming Coating Recipe 5g 32s 80c
Injury Kit Recipe 4g 46s 40c
Lesser Spirit Balm Recipe 3g 40s 80c
Fire Bomb Recipe 1g 11s 60c
Lyrium Potion Recipe 0g 90s 00c
Incense of Awareness Recipe 0g 84s 60c
Tome of Arcane Technique 18g 00s 00c
Liberator’s Mace 2g 61s 60c
Staff of the Magister Lord 128g 88s 00c
Item Cont Price
Pocketed Searing Gloves 2g 28s 00c
Polar Gauntlets 2g 28s 00c
Reinforced Magus Cowl 2g 34s 00c
Andruil’s Blessing 106g 02s 00c
Spiral Band 0g 82s 80c
Thorn 0g 82s 80c
Remarkable Malachite 1g 44s 00c
Backpack 6g 00s 00c

Agree to aid the Magi with their crisis or help the Templars destroy all the mages that remain. The Quartermaster sells decent gear if you can afford it. There is a vase in the corner and the door at the opposite end is the goal. In the first room on the right there is a chest, Apprentice’s Footlocker (which gives you a quest “ Watchguard of the Reaching “ and Codex 325: Watchguard of the Reaching ), a pile of filth, and a vanity. The second room contains two Apprentice’s Footlocker, one of which gives you Codex 328: The Spot , a chest and pile of filth can also be found in the room. Head back to the previous room and check Denri’s bed for a few items.

Through the door at the end of the hall is another cutscene. Choose to aid Wynne and she will join the party and be mandatory for the rest of this section or kill her and continue onward. There is a chest in the back corner of the room, but where you want to go is through the barrier that Wynne has set up. Make your way into the library to find a Desire, Hunger, and Rage Abominations waiting for you. Loot the pile of books in front of you, a soldier’s corpse and the torn book which yields Codex 301: Summoning Sciences and the quest “ Summoning Sciences “. Around the corner is another soldier’s corpse, pile of books, and an apprentice note.

Collect the treasures when you enter the Tower proper. Examining this Footlocker will start the quest “Watchguard of the Reaching”.

The third area of the library holds a few enemies that are best kited back a little bit. Loot the pile of rags to obtain Codex 247: Promises of Pride .

Summoning Sciences

Exercise One:

  • Address the summoning font.
  • Select the second passage from the Tome of Spirit Personages, second shelf.
  • Pass open hands through the first summoning flames (select first flames).
    The first exercise results in a Spirit Hog which holds gems.

Exercise Two

  • Address the summoning font.
  • Recite the Rodercoms Uncommon Calling, first column support shelves.
  • Place one silver coin at the feet of the statue of Magus Gorvish
  • Pass open hands through the second summoning flames.
    The second exercise results in summoning a Trickster Whim which can be stolen from.

Exercise Three

  • Alert senior magi of lesson commencement (You don’t do this)
  • Address the summoning font.
  • Recite the second passage of Elvorn’s Grande Bestiary, sealed texts, third area.
  • Trace the chosen sigil on the first area common table.
  • Place a lock of hair between the pages of the Spiritorum Etherialis, right of the sealed texts.
  • Perform Callum’s Gesture (two fingers) at the statue of Magus Gorvish.
  • Breathe on the dried hemlock in the Novice Phylactery, second column support shelves.
  • Pass open hands through the third summoning flames.
    The third exercise summons a Fade Rifter which you must battle and defeat. It will always drop Charged Mitts , decent gloves for a mage.

You need to examine the items in the correct order to summon the various spirits. Your journal tells you what you need to do as well.

Summoning the Fourth

  • Repeat all exercises one through three without returning to the summoning font then pass open hands through the fourth summoning flames in the Apprentice Quarters.
    While not in the codex, this exercise summons Arl Foreshadow who you can steal Codex 245: The Notes of Arl Foreshadow from.

Open the door at the end of the library and defeat the Greater Rage Demon. Loot the torn book, soldier’s corpse, charred corpse, and observe the Mystical Site of Power to fulfill a quest requirement for “Places of Power”. Exit through the door at the top of the stairs to enter the second floor.

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