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Item List
Beef Bone
Ser Garlen’s Sword
Key to the Mages’ Chest
Codex Codex Cont
061 The Aeonar 159 The Korcari Wilds
066 The Chant of Light: The Blight 162 Alistair
077 The Fade 165 King Cailan Theirin
090 The Tranquil 180 Loghain Mac Tir
129 King Maric Theirin 187 Wynne
158 The Grey Wardens 218 Legend of Luthias Dwarfson

After entering Ostagar you receive the quest “ Joining the Grey Wardens “ and are free to explore camp. Do so by turning around and heading into the woods to find Elfroot x3 , 2 sacks containing Deep Mushroom, Beef Bone , and 20C . There is a chest on the far side too.

Cross the bridge into the main camp. Speak with Wynne to learn about the darkspawn and then turn the corner and speak with the Tranquil to learn about enchantments. Across the way is Daveth, speak with him if you like then talk with the Quartermaster to browse his wares. The chest to the left of him contains Longsword (Grey Iron). Head up the ramp and open the scroll to obtain Codex 066: The Chant of Light - The Blight . Speak with Ser Jory if you wish then speak with the prisoner in the cage. Work your way into helping him out to obtain the quest “ The Hungry Deserter “.

You will meet a variety of characters in this part of the story and learn more about the Grey Wardens and the Joining Ritual.

Ostagar Quartermaster (Before the Joining)

Item Price
Small Grease Trap Plans 1g 10s 50c
Acid Flask Recipe 1g 06s 95c
Concentrated Venom Recipe 79s 34c
Lesser Injury Kit Recipe 75s 89c
Health Poultice Recipe 75s 89c
Large Claw Trap Plans 13s 80c
Backpack 57s 50c
“Other” Goods Price
Fire Bomb Recipe 1g 86c 00c
Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe 1g 38s 00c
Mild Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 1g 38s 00c
Rock Salve Recipe 1g 32s 00c
Mild Lure Plans 1g 20s 00c
Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe 12s 00c

Speak to the guard near the cage and tell him you spoke with the prisoner. You can either pay him 10 silver or persuade him to give you the food and water for the prisoner. Give him the food and water to receive the Key to the Mages’ Chest which is accessible at night time when the Tranquil is not around. The chest near the prisoner contains Splintmail Boots (Iron). Head down the ramp and to the western area to find an Elfroot . Head east through the camp to find an Elven Messenger. Speak with him and lie about needing something; tell him you are the person he is supposed to give Ser Garlen’s Sword (Grey Iron) to. Speaking with the guards outside of Loghain’s and the King’s tent gives you the option to persuade the guards and pick up some information about them.

You can learn more about the Deserter in the cage from his guard nearby. You can also help the Kennel Master with the injured Mabari if you aren’t a Human Noble.

At the southern end up of camp is a chest containing Small Shield (Elm). Head east to find two Sacks containing Dagger (Iron) and Large Wooden Round Shield (Elm). With most of the exploring done, head back towards the Quartermaster and up the ramp to his right. At the far left is a chest containing Small Shield (Ash) while at the opposite end is Alistair. After some dialogue Alistair joins the party. On the left is a chest containing Studded Leather Boots (Rough), Novice Flame Rune , and a Novice Slow Rune . Return to Duncan around the camp fire to complete one quest and begin “ Tainted Blood “ and “ The Grey Wardens’ Cache “. Ser Jory and Daveth join the party so make sure they are properly equipped then exit on the western side of camp into the Korcari Wilds.

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