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Blood Lotus Soap on a Rope
Dumat’s Spine Soulrot Coating Recipe
Grandmaster Frost Rune Tracing Stamina Draught Recipe
Grandmaster Hale Rune Tracing Stormchaser Helm
Greater Nature Salve Recipe The Bear’s Embrace
Lesser Stamina Draught Recipe The Warrior’s Heart
Lucrosian’s Silken Cord Trickster’s Tunic
Medical Supplies Verses of Dreams
015 The Disciples
172 Surfacer Dwarves
175 Vassals and their Liege
176 The Vigil
178 Anders
200 Mhairi
202 Nathaniel
210 Seneschal Varel

After the opening you are thrust into combat against three Genlocks. Defeat them and speak with the survivor. You will gain the quest “ The Assault on Vigil’s Keep “. Proceed north after your conversation. Two more Genlocks should attack so kill them and check the Blood Lotus and chest nearby. Head back to the road and go west, fighting off more Genlocks. Loot the Blood Lotus and the chest then pass through the main gate. A few Darkspawn come out of hiding and are easily dispatched. Head west and up the stairs to find a Terrified Merchant under attack. Defeat the Darkspawn to save his life then check the chest. Further along is a wooden crate and a Vigil Soldier under attack.

Loot the many chests around for some good items. You will also meet many soldiers who can be helped and saved from the Darkspawn.

Continue back to the middle of the keep to find another Vigil Soldier. Head up the steps and a pathway will appear along with some Darkspawn. Immediately head west and aid the Soldier or he will die without your help. Saving him nets the quest “ A Medical Necessity “ and up the stairs you will find two wooden crates and a chest with a Stormchaser Helm . Back in the central area is a locked chest containing Lucrosian’s Silken Cord; grab it and go east through the gate to another chest. Aid the Vigil Soldier then rush south to save another one. Loot the crate for the Medical Supplies . Rush back to the Soldier to finish the quest then enter the keep.

Vigils Keep - Interior

What you tell Mhairi affects her approval rating. Kill the Shrieks then go east up the steps and through the door. Here you meet Anders who can join your group. Follow the hallway to find a survivor; save him to start the quest “ The Survivor’s of Vigil’s Keep “ and loot the wooden crate. Head outside and defeat the Darkspawn then loot the chest for the Beastmaster . Enter through the other door and destroy the barricade and check the wooden crate. Use the lever and clean up the mess of Darkspawn that come through. Pass through the now open gate and open the left door to find a survivor.

In the northern room is a Hurlock Emissary and his minions. The left room from here has a chest and wooden crate, the right room leads to another survivor being attack by Darkspawn, save him and loot the chest for Sleeper . Continue right to find another survivor in trouble, save her to complete the quest then loot the chest. Return to the previous room and go north making sure to check the pile of books for the Soulrot Coating Recipe. As you enter the next room you will meet up with Oghren; lend him a hand and he should join your group if you ask. Check the pile of books for a Greater Nature Salve Recipe, Stamina Draught Recipe , and Lesser Stamina Draught Recipe and unlock the chest if you can.

Find Sleeper in this chest (left). The Withered is one tough cookie but he is vulnerable to Ice attacks.

Head through the door and continue north to find Rowland. After hearing his story continue east, slaying the Darkspawn that attack. In the side room you can find a wooden crate, the northern room has two chests. Exit via the steps to reach the rooftop. Turn the corner to start a scene and prepare to fight. The Withered can be frozen and knocked down so take advantage of these tactics while you tank him. Afterwards a scene occurs and you can choose to keep Oghren and Anders and one of your members leaves at this point.

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