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Item List
Dalish Leather Belt
Elven Artifact
Keeper’s Ring
Scout’s Bow
Codex .
054 Elgar’nan: God of Vengeance 110 The City Elves
056 Fen’Harel: the Dread Wolf 112 Arlathan: Part One
057 Ghilan’nain: Mother of the Halla 113 Arlathan: Part Two
058 June: God of the Craft 114 The Dalish Elves
093 Aravels 118 History of Ferelden: Chapter 2
094 The Dales 158 The Grey Wardens
107 The Brecilian Forest 169 Duncan

Requirement : Elf, Warrior/Rogue

You start off where Tamlen, your friend, has three humans cornered. Ask them why they were around to find out there are ruins nearby; they should give you an Elven Artifact. Follow the path and you acquire the quest “ The Lost Mysteries of the Ancients “. Kill the Wolves that attack you then check the Halla for a codex update. Loot the chest then continue over to the Tree Stump for Codex 107 - The Brecilian Forest . Further along the path are two Elfroot and a pile of rubble. Enter the cave and check the Cocoon in front of you. Pass through the opening and defeat the Giant Spiders that attack. Check the chest and the pile of bones then head through the door.

Head north and turn the corner, beware the Giant Spiders and Pressure Plate trap. Check the pile of bones to the north and the cocoon near the door, open the door and watch out for the pressure plate. There is another pile of bones and pressure plate near the door. Continue through. There is a pressure plate in front of the eastern door. Disarm it for experience and check the cocoon in the corner. If you can unlock the door here go for it, else go back to the north area and go that way. As you approach the middle, Temlen will note the statue. Go through the door in the middle after you kill the Skeletons.

Here you will fight a Bereskarn so kill it and check the rubble. Open the sarcophagus to find a Dalish Leather Belt then observe the Mirror. When you awake at the camp, speak with the Keeper. Agree to go back and once you regain control of your character check the pile of sacks to your right. Head south to find a small scroll on Codex 110: The City Elves then check the two chests you can open: the scroll for Codex 112: Arlathan - Part One , and the large wooden crate for some gear. There is a book in the bushes on Codex 118: The History of Ferelden - Chapter 2.

Examining the various statues gives Codex updates about the many gods of the Dalish. You can get your mother’s effects from her chest by speaking to members of camp.

Go west and examine the Eldest of the Sun for Codex 054: Elgar’nan - God of Vengeance . Head over to the Ghilan’nain for Codex 057: Ghilan’nain - Mother of the Halla then south to find a note near Merrill on Codex 093: Aravels . Further west is a scroll for Codex 094: The Dales and down the nearby stairs is a chest. Keep going north to find a small wooden crate and dusty scroll on Codex 113: Arlathan - Part Two . Look west to see the God of the Craft that gives Codex 058: June - God of the Craft . Go way north to find Fen’harel for Codex 056: Fen’harel - The Dread Wolf then go south to find a sack.

Speak with Fenarel nearby and you can have him join you. Speak with Ilen and Persuade him to give you a Scout’s Bow . Check his wares if you want and sell what you don’t need. Head south and talk to Merrill to head back to the clearing where two Genlock are waiting. Head to the camp above and then defeat the three Genlock that attack you. Continue to the cave. Take the north route defeating the Darkspawn that attack. Disarm the traps and turn the corner to find an Emissary. Enter the middle area to find Duncan who will eventually destroy the mirror. Urge him to let you search the ruins then head to the west and open the chest. Go all the way west to find another chest and a strange statue that summons numerous Skeletons.

The Genlock Emissary drops Concentrated Venom which is useful for Poison Making. Meet Duncan in this room (right) to further the quest.

Leave the cave to return to camp. Talk to Paivel to start the ceremony then return to Duncan. He offers you a chance to cure yourself by becoming a Grey Warden. The Keeper will give you the Keeper’s Ring and you are given a chance to say your last goodbyes before leaving with Duncan to Ostagar.

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Completed the Dalish Elf origin story.

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Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle.

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