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Item List
Ancient Elven Boots
Bronze Symbol of Andraste
Golden Scythe 4:90 Black
Knight’s Locket
Knight’s Note
Sarha’s Keepsake
Small Carved Statuette
Codex Codex Cont
049 Thorn of the Dead Gods 211 The First Blight: Chapter 1
070 The Imperial Chantry 231 A Note From Ser Henric
091 The Sacred Ashes of Andraste 309 Letter from the Blackstone Irregulars
109 The Chasind 310 Blackstone Letter of Conscription
128 Lothering 326 Maleficarum Regrets
163 Queen Anora
179 Leliana
184 Sten
185 Bann Teagan Guerrin
195 Adventures of the Black Fox

After a cutscene the group runs into some Bandits. You can persuade them if you wish and earn yourself 20 silver or take them out. Either way you gain two new quests “ Bandits on the Road “ and “ Lothering and the Imperial Highway “. If you choose to fight them you are left with the choice of letting them go or slaying them for their crimes. Loot the dead templar to begin a new quest “ A Fallen Templar “ and obtain Codex 231: A Note From Ser Henric . There are two crates to be opened on the other side of the wagons. Head down the ramp for some dialogue and when you regain control of your character head towards the camp area. Loot the Elfroot and 3 broken crates in this area full of refugees. Head north past the Farmer to find another Elfroot then head into the main part of town. Here you will find a crate, rubble, a barrel, 2 wooden crates, a chest, and a pile of sacks.

If your cunning or strength is high enough, you can intimidate or persuade them to move. Inspect the Dead Templar nearby for another quest.


Item Price
Freeze Bomb Recipe 1g 48s 80c
Fire Bomb Recipe 1g 48s 80c
Concentrated Venom Recipe 1g 10s 40c
Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe 1g 10s 40c
Enchanter’s Staff 4g 64s 00c
Wine 0g 0s 24c

If you speak with the robbed family and tell them you took care of the Bandits they leave. The merchant at the wagon is squabbling with a lady over prices. If you have some points in Coercion you can persuade him to lower prices, otherwise he leaves the town. Approach the Chanter’s Board and accept the quest “ Bandits, Bandits Everywhere “. Head towards the Chantry to find a Doomsayer and a crowd. Persuade him and the crowd that there is hope and they will go to Denerim. Enter the Chantry and observe the book on the right side of the hall to obtain Codex 211: The First Blight - Chapter 1 . Speak with Ser Bryant and mention the Bandits that you disposed of to receive a reward. Probe him until you can ask if he can give any more help in which he gives you the Chantry Cabinet Key . Speak with Ser Donall and eventually mention Ser Henric’s death. You can ask for a reward which yields 1 Sovereign.

To the left is a book yielding Codex 195: Adventures of the Black Fox , a bookshelf, and a chest. At the other end open the cabinet for some Health Poultices and then enter the smaller room to find another book Codex 70: The Imperial Chantry . You can speak with the Revered Mother but currently she is of no use; leave the Chantry. Cross over to the other side of town where 2 chests], a barrel, a wooden crate, Elfroot , a sack, and a Pile of Filth can be found. Enter Dane’s Refuge for a scene where you meet some of Loghain’s men. Defeat them and then either slay them or send them running back to Loghain with a message. Afterwards Leliana can be added to the party through dialogue.

Talking to a couple of people in the Inn gives you some more quests to do. You can also find some items in here after speaking with Leliana.


Item Price
Small Grease Trap Plans 1g 24s 80c
Lyrium Potion Recipe 0g 97s 50c
Incense of Awareness Recipe 0g 91s 65c
Lesser Injury Kit Recipe 0g 85s 80c
Mild Lure Plans 0g 78s 00c
Large Shrapnel Trap Plans 0g 15s 60c
Large Claw Trap Plans 0g 15s 60c
Thorn of the Dead Gods 2g 41s 80c
Items Cont Price
Sailor’s Crossbow 2g 92s 50c
Lightning Rod 3g 12s 00c
Warpaint of the Vanguard 4g 94s 00c
Kaddis of the Courser 3g 56s 20c
Amulet of Accord 1g 62s 50c
Golden Rope Necklace 0g 14s 30c
Ale 0g 00s 02c
Shiny Gold Ring 0g 13s 00c

Speak with Sten who is locked in a cage just outside town. Tell him you are a Grey Warden and could use his help, asking if the Revered Mother would free him to acquire the quest “ The Qunari Prisoner “. Return to the Revered Mother in the Chantry and have her release Sten in to your custody. Talk to Sten again and he will join your party if you desire.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Completed a Chanter's Board quest.

Trophy icon

As you’re leaving to the outskirts of Lothering, some refugees will attack you. You can find numerous pockets of bandits out here too.

Speak with the Blackstone Liaison to gain access to new quests via the box - “ Scraping the Barrel “ and “ Dereliction of Duty “. Speak with Darlin to check his wares and acquire a new quest “ A Poisonous Proposition “. The spare room contains a chest, pile of sacks, and a barrel for looting; exit the building. Elder Miriam has a quest “ More Than Just Plants “ available providing a character has some points in Herbalism. Looting the Elfroot and creating 3 Lesser Health Poultices allows you to complete the quest. Speak with Allison if any of your characters has a point in Trap-making to acquire the quest “ Traps Are a Girl’s Best Friend “. Make three Spring Traps to finish the quest.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Crafted an item.

Trophy icon

Patter Gritch can be found outside the Revered Mother’s room, this satisfies one of three requirements for “Scraping the Barrel” and this is your only chance to give him the letter. Leave town via the north exit and head west to find an Elfroot and chest. The refugees nearby decide to foolishly attack you, so dispose of them. There is some rubble off to the left and further north is a ramp. Head up the ramp and dispatch of the Hurlock Alpha led Darkspawn. Speak with the dwarves who, at the moment, choose not to follow you. Loot the Blood Mage to obtain Codex 326: Maleficarum Regrets and also the crate nearby.

Head down the ramp and loot the two Elfroot then approach and defeat the group of bandits in the field. Head south from there to find an Elfroot and another group of bandits directly east. Head north to find a Landmark Tree and a Deathroot; the tree is used for your Mabari to gain a buff. Continue north to another Elfroot then follow the eastern coast south to a group of spiders. Go north-west past the Landmark Tree to another Elfroot and the final group of bandits led by the Bandit Leader; a chest and a sack lay behind the bandits.

Look for the group of spiders in this corner. The other group of bandits has a Leader who drops some really nice stuff.

Return to town and turn in your completed quests and use the Chanter’s Board to acquire “ When Bears Attack “ and “ A Last Keepsake “. Head towards the Landmark Tree and defeat the attacking Wolves. Loot the nearby Corpse to find the keepsake for the quest. Head north-east to find the pack of black bears. When you turn in these quests you will receive a decent main-hand sword called Oathkeeper .

When you are ready to leave head to the north-west corner outside of town, where you saved the dwarves from the Darkspawn, to leave.

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