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Amongst the Halla is an Elfroot . Continue east and fight off the Wild Sylvan until you come to a crossing with an Elfroot. Take the top left path first and defeat the Werewolves surrounding Danyla. You can persuade her to give you some information but in the end she loses control and has to be killed. Take her scarf to Athras later to complete the quest. Amidst the Halla to the north is a Deathroot . Return to the circle and take the northern path.

A Great Bear and it’s friends will attack you on the way; kill them and take the Elfroot as your prize. Further along is a Deathroot and an expansive area of ruins guarded by two Ogre. There are two piles of rubble, two piles of bones, a Deathroot , a locked chest, and a charred corpse to loot. Prepare yourself and then inspect the gravestone. Disturb the wards for Codex 155: Legend of the Juggernaut and the quest “ The Mage’s Treasure “. A Revenant and some skeletons appear. Kill the skeletons and let your tank keep the Revenant far away from your other characters so you can kill it from range. It drops the Juggernaut Plate Boots amongst other things.

After speaking to Danyla, you get her Scarf to return to her husband. Find the tombstone in the Ruins to summon a Revenant and start the Juggernaut quest.

Proceed east to an Elfroot and down the hill into a camp site for another along with a chest. Out of the tree stump emerges a Hermit, the one the Grand Oak spoke about. You can trade him for the acorn, the Ancient Elven Helm and a book for Codex 035: Archons of the Imperium . To trade you must have any of the following:

  • The Scarf from Danyla
  • Athras’s Pendant (In turn not having the Scarf)
  • The Tales of Ilmoren (From Cammen)
  • Deygan’s Boots (By looting his equipment)
  • Halla Horn (By killing Elora’s Halla and giving the horn to Varathorn)
  • Dusk Ring (Greater Shade Camp in a Chest)
  • Lanaya’s Songbook
    Trade for what you want, all three if you can. Just know that you can obtain the acorn by checking the tree stump to pull out the Grand Oak Acorn . This provokes the Hermit so kill him and his summoned minions. If you do trade for everything then you can just let him be or side with him and kill the Grand Oak. Head south to find more Halla and an Elfroot .

Defeat the Sylvan and check the skeleton for Mythal’s Blessing . Return to the Grand Oak to receive your reward; an Oak Branch . You can now interact with the Gravestone up the cliff to summon another Revenant which drops another piece of gear; the Juggernaut Helm . Head back to where you fought the first Revenant at in the East Brecilian Forest to find Maleficar. Kill them to satisfy the quest “ Thy Brother’s Killer “ then head to the clouded area at the southern end. Here you’ll have to fight Swiftrunner but you can’t kill him.

Stealing the Acorn causes the Hermit to attack you. Return to the gravestone and interact with it to summon another Revenant and a piece of the Juggernaut set.

Proceed to the ruins where a pile of bones and two chests lay. Disturb the Gravestone for another fight with a Revenant who drops the Juggernaut Plate Gloves . Follow the road to enter the Ruins.

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