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Wardens Keep

Name Description
Master of the Peak Completed ‘Soldier’s Peak’ (‘Warden’s Keep’ downloadable content).
Diabolist Took advantage of Avernus’s research (‘Warden’s Keep downloadable content).

The Stone Prisoner

Name Description
Rock and a Hard Place Completed ‘The Golem of Honnleath’ (‘The Stone Prisoner’ downloadable content).
Stone’s Lament Completed ‘A Golem’s Memories’ (‘The Stone Prisoner’ downloadable content).

Return to Ostagar

Name Description
In War, Victory Defeated the ogre that killed King Cailan (‘Return to Ostagar’ downloadable content).

Darkspawn Chronicles

Name Description
Bane of Thedas Handed victory to the archdemon by killing Fereldan’s last Grey Warden. (‘Darkspawn Chronicles’ downloadable content).


You don’t technically have any companions here. Instead, you have to enthrall the Darkspawn units you’ve become very familiar with. The approval meter is the same as the romance meter. You can also give gifts that you take from dead enemies.

To enthrall, press the on screen button and move the cursor to one of the Darkspawn. You can only have three enthralled at one time. By killing enemy units (you have to kill them, not just let your companions do it), you gain approval from the enthralled Darkspawn. Once you have max approval for one, kill it by following the on-screen instructions. The units that you have to enthrall are a Genlock, a Hurlock, a Hurlock Emissary, a Shriek, a Blight Wolf, and an Ogre.

In the Palace District, after freeing the Ogre, there is a spot at the top of the stairs where there are infinitely spawning dwarves. You can grind it out the approval there.

Note : If you want to do this all in one playthrough, then do not kill the Ogre. Cycle the other two spots, but keep the Ogre alive.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Earned maximum approval from all thrall types. (Darkspawn Chronicles).

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Ogre’s Keeper

This one is a little complicated and some people may have trouble with it. At the gates, the Archdemon will give you a quest to save an Ogre. As soon as you approach it, enthrall it. If you don’t, it may disappear permanently. Once you enthrall it, keep it alive. When you get to the Palace District, the Ogre will be removed. It will be trapped behind a gate that you have to flip two levers to release. Once you release it, you’ll have to enthrall it again (make sure you have an extra spot).

Here’s where you may have a problem, there are two Ogres there. Enthrall the first one that was standing behind the gate. The second will follow you around, but make sure you enthrall the first one. Keep it alive through the rest of the DLC and this trophy will unlock during the credits.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Ogres Keeper

Keep the initial ogre alive as your thrall throughout the entire module. (Darkspawn Chronicles).

Trophy icon

Lelianas Song

Note: For detailed ways to achieve these trophies, see the relevant section in the guide.

Name Description
Provocateur Collected and assembled the Battledress of the Provocateur (‘Leliana’s Song’ downloadable content).
Turning Point Heard Leliana’s version of her betrayal. (‘Leliana’s Song’ downloadable content).
Vendetta Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams. (‘Leliana’s Song’ downloadable content).

The Golems of Amgarrak

Name Description
Reaper Defeated the Harvester (‘The Golems of Amgarrak’ downloadable content).
A Secret Stitched Together Gathered all of the research notes in Amgarrak (‘The Golems of Amgarrak’ downloadable content).

Note: See the section Golems of Amgarrak for the research notes locations.

Grim Reaper

I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you can switch difficulty right before The Harvester fight (after you find the sixth note) and get the trophy. You CANNOT switch the difficulty once the fight begins however. If you had thoughts about getting the Harvester within one hit of death changing the difficulty, think again. The bad news, the Harvester is insanely hard. The easiest character type to beat the Harvester with is a Mage. With a Warrior or a Rogue, struggles will ensue.

With the Mage, you want an Arcane Warrior. Some of the spells that you want are flame weapons, crushing prison, group heal, revival, haste, and miasma. With the Warrior, be a tank. With a high enough number of hit points, you can take anything. Just have plenty of health poultices. With the Rogue, you’ll have to be crafty. Attack the Harvester from behind as much as you can. If you have dual wield and two good weapons, use them. Otherwise, stick with one powerful weapon.

Prepare early. Find all of the notes for your golem and get it fully upgraded. Set it’s tactics to Ranged and make Group Heal it’s top priority. Set the tactics of the two dwarves to Defensive. Set three of Brogan’s tactics to use “Taunt” and “Grievous Insult” and to use a stamina poultice when that drops below 25%. This will ensure that the Harvester is usually targeting only Brogan. You’ll spend most of your time in the battle with Brogan selected downing health poultices, so make sure you have plenty of health poultices left. I had about 200 in my stockpile when starting the battle. Anytime someone’s health drops to about half, switch to them and heal unless the golem takes care of them first.

The first form is the hardest. This first phase of the fight is really about how quickly you can knock down the Harvester’s health while avoiding the “yellow” and “orange” skeletons. Hack away as best you can and heal anyone that needs it. During the first form, skeletons will start to appear around you. The Harvester will basically stay in place though. You want to start the second phase with as few skeletons as possible since the Harvester will just summon more. One good thing you can do to get around the skeletons is to use the switch on the right side of the room as you enter. If you click on it, the skeletons will disappear. To click on it, hit (or hold depending upon your set up), get the switch in the center of wheel, and push. Be warned though, more will appear a few seconds later though, so get your shots into the Harvester quickly. At certain points, you’ll hear one of the dwarves yell that weapons are no longer effective. If you can, switch to the golem and cast chain lightning. If you find yourself being overwhelmed, as the sole survivor, and you can’t get to the switch, then start running around. Get some distance between yourself and the Harvester and chip away at the skeletons. The most important thing to remember with the first form is that you keep the golem alive at all costs. If the golem goes down, you will too, eventually.

Once you defeat the larger form, the Harvester will become the little crawling thing you’ve seen in the distance. It’ll jump around to certain points in the room to spawn skeletons. Continually attack it as best you can. Move around when you get overwhelmed. At least with this phase, all of the skeletons will be standard ones. When you’re pretty clear of skeletons, hammer away on the Harvester. The second form is much easier than the first.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Grim Reaper

Defeated the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty ('The Golems of Amgarrak' downloadable content').

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Witch Hunt

Name Description
Witch Hunter Completed ‘Witch Hunt’ (‘Witch Hunt’ downloadable content’).
A Time of Wood and Stone Gathered the lost lore of Cadaish Thaig (‘Witch Hunt’ downloadable content).
Through the Looking Glass Completed the scrying ritual (‘Witch Hunt’ downloadable content).

Note: For details of the lost lore in Cadash Thaig, please see the section in the guide.

Varterral’s Fall

The Varterral is at the end of the Dragonbone Wastes. If you’re concerned because of how difficult the Harvester was on Hard, don’t worry. This thing is much, much easier. Again, switch the difficulty to Hard or Nightmare right before you get to the boss fight (it’ll be right after an autosave point before a huge clearing). Have Finn set to heal everyone in your party. You, Dog, and Ariane hammer away at the Varterral. When the Varterral summons Dragons (which will happen two times), have Ariane go after them. Keep hammering away with Dog. The Varterrel is more annoying in some ways than the Harvester because it heals itself and jumps around a lot. Other than that, it’s a cakewalk.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Varterrals Fall

Defeated the varterral on Hard or Nightmare difficulty ('Witch Hunt' downloadable content).

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