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Grab the Elfroot ahead and continue north to find two more. Return to the fork and go east fighting off Blight Wolves and Werewolves for another one. Turn the corner to the Firing Point and equip a bow to use the point. Defeat the Denerim Mercenaries and loot them for Codex 321: By Order of Emer Thorogood ; it should also update the quest. Go beneath the firing point for an Elfroot and a Skeleton. Go north and loot the two Deathroots then look west to find another in the open.

Make your way to the northwest corner to find a Great Bear lurking over a corpse. Behind you is an Andraste’s Grace and to the east you will meet Swiftrunner. Just past the bridge are two Elfroots and some Werewolf that need killing. Head south to find a corpse with the Magister’s Cinch on it. Keep going to find Deygan who needs your help. Take his equipment and then take him back to the Dalish Camp to finish the quest “Wounded in the Forest”. You receive Deygan’s Boots and Deygan’s Dal’thanu if you take his equipment.

Head back across the bridged area this time sticking to the path going east. A group of Darkspawn will ambush you here but they are easily dispatched. Take from the fallen tree the Ironbark needed for your quest. Head north, killing the Wild Sylvan and looting the Deathroot . Turn around and head south staying on the high road to find rubble which has two gifts in it. Examine the Mystical Site of Power and then take the underpass this time.

Find Deygan on the floor here (left). The Ironbark can be found from the Fallen Tree with the Sylvan guarding it.

Loot the Elfroot on your way and turn left at the fork to find Werewolves and another Elfroot . Choose the other direction at the fork this time. Off to the west is an Elfroot but you’ll be fighting through more Sylvan on the way. Head past the Landmark Tree to a camp and inspect the bedroll, firepit and tent to summon a Greater Shade. This route leaves only the person with the highest Willpower alive; if you leave immediately everyone is alive. The loot the Shade for some gold. The chest has the Dalish Gloves and the Dusk Ring inside, but the pile of bones don’t hold much.

Speak with the Grand Oak and agree to acquire the acorn that was stolen from him. Head to the East Brecilian Forest when you’ve accomplished everything here.

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