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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Driver's License Lunacy

Jarrod Garripoli

The party talks over how they all need to train before the androids come, plus Goku shares the story about how he survived Namek before it exploded. Basically, there’s a bit of other story before you get into the thick of things with the androids. When you finally regain control, you will have both Gohan and Piccolo as support characters, with your goal being to return to Goku’s house. However, before you do that, there are two new Substories for you to do. Upon opening the world map, the Continent Center Area has been unlocked, as well as King Kai’s Planet Area. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you see the Triangle/Y button brings you to the Off-Earth Area, so hit that and travel to King Kai’s planet for the first substory.

Bummed about Bananas

Bubbles has the substory for you and it seems he is feeling down. It appears he is hungry, since he ate all of the fruit on the planet. King Kai mentions cosmic bananas, but is unsure if they are on Earth, so Goku teleports to Bulma to learn more about them. Bulma mentions that they are found deep in the jungle and marks their location on your map. Open your world map and head for Blake Bog in the Central Plains Area. You’re going to the swampy area, with a lot of trees (the blue marker should be right where you come into the area). When the map changes from the blue marker to a general circle, you’ll be able to start finding the bananas for Bubbles.

(1 of 2) Look for the purple orbs to get the bananas

Look for the purple orbs to get the bananas (left), There are more than enough in order to finish this substory (right)

You will need a total of 10 Cosmic Bananas and you are looking for the familiar purple orbs. None of them are really hidden and there seems to be more than you need, but don’t forget to use your Ki-searching ability, as that will make the orbs appear larger. Once you have gathered the ten bananas, you will automatically return to King Kai’s Planet. Speak with King Kai to set the rest of the substory in motion, essentially finishing it. Note that Bubbles will also give you a piece of Refined Gold.

Objective Reward
Got bananas for Bubbles 70,842 EXP, D Medal (x3), Shenron Plush (x1), Bubbles’ Soul Emblem

For the other substory, head to Capsule Corporation and go inside, where Dr. Briefs is in the middle area. Speak with him to start it.

Easy-Going Genius

Dr. Briefs is looking to build a new machine, but is missing some parts, so he hopes that you can go get him some. The three items he needs are a Skull Robo Gear, a Densite and some Silver Ore. That last item you probably have already if you’ve been exploring and gathering mineral nodes. Before you leave, Dr. Briefs also mentions that you won’t find Densite just laying around, as you need to break large boulders in order to uncover it. Once you exit Capsule Corp, there will be two blue markers on your map, one to the west and another to the northwest. Let’s head to the west one first.

You may have a little trouble finding the western spot, as it’s at the entrance of a small cave near the water level. When you approach the marker, some robots appear and you will have to do battle with them. These are the same Skull Robos you have been fighting up until now, so don’t expect anything different. Upon defeating all of the robots, you will automatically receive the Skull Robo Gear. If, for some reason, you don’t have the Silver Ore needed for this substory, the same cave where you encountered the robots above has some nodes that should yield some Silver Ore.

(1 of 2) Speed through the larger of the two rock formations

Speed through the larger of the two rock formations (left), then search amongst the rubble to find the Densite (right)

Head to the other marker on your map and if you remember Briefs’ words, then you should know what to do. He mentioned that in order to find the Densite, you will need to break large boulders. Now, a “large boulder” is a bit misleading, as you basically want to look for the largest piece of land you can destroy by either using Ki blasts or by charging into it by flying. This should be right where the marker is on your mini-map. Destroy it and amongst the rubble, you should find a purple orb that yields the Densite when collected. Return to Dr. Briefs to finish the substory.

Objective Reward
Secured Briefs’ materials 70,842 EXP, D Medal (x3), Ultra Brain Bread (x1), Card 045 (x1), Doctor Briefs’ Soul Emblem

While still in West City, head over to where the shops are and you should see a lady there talking about a recipe. Speak to her to receive the Special Ramen Course Recipe. To continue with the main story, head to Goku’s house and go inside to see Chi-Chi being herself whenever Gohan’s name comes up. After that conversation is over, you receive a message from Kami about meeting up with him on Kami’s Lookout, so that’ll be your next destination. If this is your first time here in a while, you will likely see a bunch of Memorial Spots to unlock entries in the Z Encyclopedia. Speak with Kami, who tells you that he feels his life is coming to an end soon and that means the Dragon Balls will be gone after that, so if you have any wishes to be made, do them now before they’re gone for good.

This person will give you the Special Ramen Course Recipe

Growing Senzu Beans

On his way down from Kami’s Look, Yajirobe stops Goku and tells him that Korin is attempting to grow a new batch of senzu beans. In order to grow more, you’re going to need two items, Sage Water and Godly Grow Fertilizer. Luckily, you won’t need to go very far for the fertilizer, as it’s in the Sacred Land of Korin. However, he doesn’t tell you where you can find the Sage Water. Thankfully, this is also in the Sacred Land of Korin, so you won’t have to go to another region in order to acquire it. Drop down from Korin’s place and you will land in the Sacred Land of Korin.

There are two mission markers on the map, one in the south and another in the north, and as with pretty much all quest items, you’re looking for purple orbs. For the southern one, look for the orb being nestled in some rocky terrain. When you approach it, you will have to fight a level 37 Kyukonman (basically a Saibaman). Finishing this enemy off will net you the Godly Grow Fertilizer. The other marker will put you at the pond in the northern end of the region, and you may think the Sage Water is, you know, in the water. However, it isn’t in the water, but rather on the bank of the pond. Use the Ki-searching ability to find the purple orb and loot the Sage Water.

(1 of 2) The location of the Godly Grow Fertilizer

The location of the Godly Grow Fertilizer (left), The location of the Sage Water (right)

You’ll automatically return to Korin’s place, handing over the items to Yajirobe, who tries to pull a fast one on Korin. Senzu Beans can now be grown by Korin, but they only finish growing after a set amount of time in-game. You will get a notification that some are available, so just visit Korin and speak to him to get the Senzu Beans. Note that he can only hold a maximum of nine at a time, but they are worth it, since Senzu Beans replenish 100% of your health. You can now get back to the main task at hand, training with Gohan and Piccolo. They are in the Central Plains Area, so head there and to the marker to begin the training session.

Goku vs. Gohan/Piccolo

For two characters that you have played extensively and know everything they can do, this training match against both Gohan and Piccolo can be a little troublesome on your end. Gohan has his Masenko and Piccolo his Special Beam Cannon, so keep a careful eye for both of those. One of the only new moves you might see comes from Gohan, called Turbo Slash, where he will teleport behind you very quickly and knock you down towards the ground. They will constantly interrupt you while focusing one down, so you need to not commit to full combos and take hits whenever you can get them. Note that they can charge up some Ki together and unleash a dual beam attack (Masenko and Special Beam Cannon), so don’t be confused when you see them do this.

Since Piccolo tends to stay back more often than not in this battle, it might be better to concentrate on Gohan first. A good tactic to use is to go into Super Saiyan form, keeping up your Ki gauge whenever it starts dipping low (Super Saiyan will slowly deplete your Ki, like how Kaio-Ken does with health), and fire off Kamehameha beams whenever Gohan does a Masenko. Melee combat can be a bit riskier, but you will need to get your hands dirty now and then, to keep up some pressure. When Gohan goes down, Piccolo will follow shortly after, as he doesn’t really have any new tricks up his sleeve.

(1 of 2) Gohan’s Turbo Slash has him teleporting behind you

Gohan’s Turbo Slash has him teleporting behind you (left), You will constantly be interrupted when trying to attack either one (right)

There will be some dialog after finishing the battle, then you will be in control of Vegeta inside of Capsule Corporation. You need to speak with Dr. Briefs to continue the main story, but what you don’t see on your map is that there’s a new Substory available. Go to the world map and travel to West City, or you could just exit Capsule Corporation. The substory will not be too far out of West City, on a cliff near the lighthouse that’s just outside of the city. Here, you will see Tien standing out in the open.

The Meaning of Training

Tien is questioning his role in fighting anymore, as he realizes the the gap between him and some of the others are widening. Vegeta, being true to himself, insults him and this will trigger a fight between the two. If you remember the fight with Tien, when you were controller Piccolo during the Saiyan Saga, then you will find nothing different here. He still has the same two Super Attacks, Dodon Ray and Tri-Beam. They’re fairly easy to avoid, too, especially as Tri-Beam takes a little bit of time to come out.

Objective Reward
Showed Tien his value 46,963 EXP, D Medal (x3), Super Sacred Text of Martial Arts (x1), Card 038 (x1)

That was the only substory available right now, so return to the inside of Capsule Corp and speak with Bulma’s father, Dr. Briefs. In order to finish the construction of the training room, he will need a few more items. The items he needs are a Gravity Crystal, some Dimensional Lead and an Ironcress. Thankfully, all three items are in the same area, so all you have to do is exit Capsule Corp. Head to the marker to your southwest, which will place you underwater. Towards the southern end of the circle, look for two large rocks in the open and the Dimensional Lead will be on one of those.

(1 of 3) The location of the Dimensional Lead item

The next one will be in the northwestern portion of the map. Starting from the southern end of the circle on your map, the purple orb will be amongst some trees. Fly down and pick up the Ironcress, then start moving towards the final item. Once you arrive and are inside the circle, look in between the two rock formations to find the purple orb. This is more towards the northern side of the circle, so grab the Gravity Crystal and some aliens will show up. These are just your typical Frieza Force goons, so they shouldn’t pose any threat at all. With them out of the way, return to Dr. Briefs with the items you found to continue the story. Another scene will happen and you will be thrown into another battle, this time against a simulation.

Vegeta vs. Vegeta (Simulated)

Since you are literally facing yourself, you should be all too familiar with anything that the simulated Vegeta throws at you. One thing to watch out for is the Galick Gun after Vegeta’s melee attacks, as he will throw it out there to follow up after that. In fact, this simulated Vegeta seems to just like throwing out the Galick Gun in general, so you want to always keep moving. Since he likes to do Galick Gun often, you can dodge it and counter with your own.

Some scenes happen after the battle and you will be back as Goku. Chi-Chi is a bit miffed at Goku for not having a driver’s license, so him and Piccolo are “forced” to go learn how to drive. Yep, for those familiar with the anime, this is the driver’s license filler episode, although it’s not quite as hilarious. All you have to do is drive the car through the checkpoints, plus there are boosts that increase your speed. Before you begin, you see the controls for the vehicle, although you only need the gas and brake.

(1 of 2) Vegeta will usually do a one-two combo of a melee attack

Vegeta will usually do a one-two combo of a melee attack (left), then a follow-up of Galick Gun (right)

Note that there is a time limit on the left side of the screen, and the number of checkpoints you need to hit in total is in the bottom left. Also, since the car is a hovercar, you can take corners very liberally and not have to worry about the vehicle slowing down off-road. Once you finish the “race,” you will finally be ready to move on to the next part.

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