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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Survival 101

Jarrod Garripoli

Learning to Survive

Gohan needs to learn how to survive, so he heads off in searching of something to eat. Note that Gohan hasn’t learned how to fly yet, so you’re stuck on the ground for now. Move forward, through the opening and away from the water, and in the clearing, you will find Yajirobe in the clearing, by a fire. Rather than give you a piece of his food, he offers to help by teaching you how to hunt. You learn, once again, how searching for Ki, which is done with the L1/LB button. Your goal here is to catch three deer and despite Yajirobe’s teachings, you don’t need to sneak up behind them to get them.

You can easily run up to them and press the Circle/B button to “catch” the deer, but you first need to locate them. Head to any of the three highlighted areas on your map and use the L1/LB button to search for the deer. Once you’ve found them, you could sneak up on them like Yajirobe taught, but sprinting up to them is more than enough. Note that with the latter method, they will run away from you, but they aren’t too fast to outrun you. Get three deer, then return to Yajirobe and you will not only unlock Yajirobe’s Soul Emblem, but also the Adventure Community Board.

(1 of 2) Get close enough to the deer to see the button prompt for catching it

Get close enough to the deer to see the button prompt for catching it (left), Yajirobe’s Soul Emblem unlocks the Adventure Community Board (right)

Z Warrior Encounters

It’s back to Piccolo after you’re finished with Yajirobe, with Piccolo noticing some strong power in the area. This will mark three spots on your map, all of which are familiar faces. Go to each one and you will do battle against these familiar faces, as more of a gauge of their power than anything else. All of the markers are relatively close to each other, so let’s start with the westernmost of three, which will be Tien. There’s nothing really special about Tien, other than his two Super Attacks are ranged ones. Dodon Ray is a thin laser beam-like projectile, while Tri-Beam is a bigger beam attack. Both should be pretty easy to avoid, unless you are very close to Tien. Winning the battle will unlock Tien’s Soul Emblem, as well as a Substory.

Substory - Telekinesis Training

The substory begins by speaking with Chiaotzu after beating up Tien. Chiaotzu tests out an ability of his on Piccolo, but it doesn’t seem to work too well. This leads to an argument, than another battle against Tien, but with Chiaotzu joining, too. Fighting multiple opponents in this game can be a challenge, especially when they aren’t small fries. Of your two opponents, Chiaotzu is the weaker one, since his health is lower than Tien’s. So, your first target is going to be Chiaotzu, so lock onto him (just push the right analog stick to the right to do that) and concentrate your attacks on him from the start.

Focus on Chiaotzu at the beginning due to his lower health

Of course, things aren’t that easy, since being locked onto Chiaotzu means you won’t always see what Tien is doing. Luckily, his two Super Attacks are telegraphed with the indicator, so you will know when they are coming. However, everything else isn’t telegraphed like that, so you still have to contend with any melee attacks, plus the Ki blasts. Chiaotzu also has Dodon Ray and there are times when they will both fire them simultaneously. Other than that, Chiaotzu isn’t that challenging and once you get rid of him, the fight against Tien is the same as when you fought him solo.

Objective Reward
Defeated both Tien and Chiaotzu 489 EXP, D Medal (x1), Bronze Compass (x1), Mega Mass (x2), Chiaotzu’s Soul Emblem


Back to the main mission, there are two fights left right now, so let’s go to the northern of the two. You will be facing Krillin here and if you remember the battle with the mind version earlier, then this battle will be pretty much the same. Apart from the usual stuff with battling, the only Super Attack Krillin has access to is the Kamehameha. He will use this quite often, too, especially after using a Burst to break up one of your combos. Once you win the fight, you will receive Krillin’s Soul Emblem and can continue to the final battle.

The last battle, according to this walkthrough, will pit you against Yamcha. Similar to Krillin, Yamcha seems to not be too challenging, either, as he only appears to have a single Super Attack he will use. Spirit Ball is a bit different than the other energy attacks thus far, as it will slightly track your movements, so you want to keep dodging in one direction to avoid it. If you get hit by the initial shot, then you will be struck by a few more after that. Other than that little bit, do the usual when fighting him and you’ll win easily. You will unlock Yamcha’s Soul Emblem for finishing the fight, as well as Piccolo’s Soul Emblem for completing all three.

(1 of 2) Yamcha’s Spirit Ball will track you a little bit

Yamcha’s Spirit Ball will track you a little bit (left), Get hit by it and you will be caught in the attack for a few seconds (right)

Substory - The Fifth Trainee

A new substory will show up on the map when you finish all three of the previous fights. Piccolo thinks Yajirobe is going to want to challenge him to a fight, so he cautiously waits for him to make the first move. To avoid being ambushed, Piccolo offers to go hunt him something, six deer in fact. They are just north of your position when you regain control, so head to the highlighted portion on your minimap and catch six deer. Once you’ve gotten the last one, Piccolo will automatically head back to the campfire, only to find Yajirobe gone.

Thinking he’s going to launch a surprise attack, Piccolo decides to use his Ki sensing ability to track Yajirobe down. There is a large circle on your map, where you will need to search for Yajirobe, although he’s a bit hidden. If you look for the Katchin Door here (highlighted blue when searching for Ki), you will find Yajirobe pretty close to that. When facing the Katchin Door, he’s actually right around the corner, to the right. Approach him for a scene that brings this substory to a close.

Objective Reward
Tried to do battle with Yajirobe 376 EXP, D Medal (x1), Bronze Compass (x1), Beast Meat (x2), Chicken (x3)

The location of Yajirobe for The Fifth Trainee substory


You’re done here for now, so it’s time to finally go ahead and check on Gohan. Fly to the next marker, where you will see Gohan still doing good, bringing you to the next mission.

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