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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Sneaky Vegeta

Jarrod Garripoli

Your brief stint as Vegeta is over for now, with the game putting you back in control of Gohan. You do receive Vegeta’s Soul Emblem during the cutscene with Frieza, after Vegeta’s battle with Cui. If you saw the little dialog box that popped up, you cannot fly or fire Ki blasts for the time being, which is because they do not want to alert Frieza and his minions as to their whereabouts. This means you are stuck on the ground right now, so if you come across any random encounters, you’re pretty much going to fight them if they come after you (where you can somehow fly and use all sorts of Super Attacks, for some weird reason).

Anyway, your objective for right now is to find a hiding spot, since being in the open with your ship right there was not the best idea. Run towards the marker and look on the backside of the little mountainous hill there to find a cave, which is where you will be hiding for the time being. Some more scenes will happen and eventually, you will be on your way to some Namekian village. Once you regain control, you cannot fly or fire Ki blasts once more, so running and jumping is your only option. Once you reach your destination, watch the scene and then you’ll be in a fight against Dodoria.

Gohan/Krillin vs. Dodoria

As far as your first encounter with one of Frieza’s forces go, this fight with Dodoria is rather simple. The main Super Attack to watch out from Dodoria is the Dodoria Head Ram, where he will fly straight at you at a pretty fast speed. This move might be a little difficult to dodge at first, so you might think about blocking it instead. Blocking it also has the added benefit of stopping Dodoria in his tracks and keeping him in front of you, meaning you can do some damage against him.

Dodoria’s Head Ram attack is quick, so be prepared for it at any time

His other Super Attacks are Super Mouth Cannon, which is a large Ki blast in your direction that has a tiny bit of tracking. This one isn’t very hard to dodge, but note that he can do this more than a single time in a row, so be ready for an extra one. The last Super Attack you might see is called Crushing Fist, which is a melee attack. As already mentioned above, the main attack to worry about in this battle is Dodoria Head Ram, which he likes to use quite often. If you get that one under control, you’re pretty good and don’t forget that you have Krillin as a support character here, so utilize Solar Flare.

Once you’ve defeated Dodoria, Krillin and Gohan take down with the Namekian child, while the robust villain chases them down. Thanks to some smart thinking by Krillin, they manage to escape and the game will cut to Vegeta, who notices that Dodoria is on his own. You’ll have control of Vegeta again and much like last time, your range for exploration is cut off for right now. So, head straight to Dodoria to get ready for your next fight.

Vegeta vs. Dodoria

For the most part, Dodoria is pretty much the same as before, except he’s a bit more aggressive with his Super Attacks this time. He will usually try to constantly go from one Super Attack to another, so be mindful of him charging up and don’t push yourself into baiting yourself into getting hit. The only new move that Dodoria is called Maximum Buster, where he will fire three large beams, then shoot off a bunch of little Ki blasts at the end. Your best bet is to get a few hits in on Dodoria, then back away before he attacks. If you can get a full combo in, do that and when you knock him away, unleash a Galick Gun.

(1 of 2) Dodoria will fire off some large beams when he does Maximum Buster

Dodoria will fire off some large beams when he does Maximum Buster (left), then finish it off with a bunch of small Ki blasts (right)

With Dodoria taken out of commission for good, we see Vegeta’s plan for dealing with the Dragon Balls, plus we also learn from Bulma that Goku will arrive on Namek in six days.

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