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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Gohan's Guardian

Jarrod Garripoli

King Yemma’s Quiz

After the fight with Raditz has ended, you find out that two more Saiyans, who are more powerful than Raditz, will be arriving on Earth in one year’s time. Of course, due to the fight, Goku is dead and Piccolo takes Gohan to harness his latent power. You end up seeing Goku with Kami, the guardian of the Earth, in front of King Yemma, the king of the ogres that decides whether souls go to heaven or hell. Goku is going to be travelling to King Kai’s planet to train under him, but before he goes, King Yemma gives him a quiz. The following are the answers to these questions:

  • Hell
  • King Yemma
  • Everyone
  • Yes
  • The 5th

King Yemma will test you by asking you some quiz questions

You will earn two new Soul Emblems after the questions have been answered, Kami’s Soul Emblem and King Yemma’s Soul Emblem.

Gohan’s Survival Course

With that over, the scene changes over to Piccolo, who tells Gohan what to do. He needs to learn to survive on his own for six months before he will actually train him to fight. After Piccolo flies off, you’ll be in control of Gohan, with the only thing available to do is walking forward. Walk into the opening ahead of you for some more scenes, then you’ll be back in control of Piccolo. Before you can do anything, you see a notice that a new Super Attack for Piccolo has been unlocked, the Special Beam Cannon. Don’t forget to equip this to your Super Attack palette.

There isn’t really much else to do right now, as far as exploring the open world is concerned, other than everything you’ve probably already done up to this point. So, let’s go check up on Gohan. When you get to the main story marker, you see some robots hanging around where Gohan should be located. There are three sets of Skull Robos in the vicinity and you need to defeat all three sets in order to continue. They are nothing new and you probably have fought a bunch as random encounters of them, so you’re used to what they can do. Once you have gotten all three sets, you can finally go and check up on Gohan.

Still on the ground and not really doing anything, Piccolo decides to throw Gohan a bone and get some food for him. There’s only apples around the area, so head to the highlighted area and gather the items from the trees until you acquire 2 Unripe Apples. Fly back to Gohan and during his happiness that he “found” some apples, he stares at the full moon and transforms into a giant ape, triggering a battle.

Piccolo vs. Giant Ape Gohan

(1 of 2) Mouth Cannon should be easy enough to avoid by going to Gohan’s sides

Mouth Cannon should be easy enough to avoid by going to Gohan’s sides (left), After using Mouth Cannon, Gohan will be vulnerable to attacks (right)

Despite the size of Gohan and what should be an incredible power, this is a pretty simple fight, since Gohan is not focused and is more berserk than anything. Gohan can fire some lasers from his mouth, but they aren’t directed at Piccolo, so they should be rather easy to avoid. Outside of this, you will see him swing his arms downwards, to the ground, plus he can do wide swings from side to side. Gohan also has a pounce attack, so you probably don’t want to attack him from the front. One of the easier things to do for this battle is to attack from afar with Special Beam Cannon, as Gohan won’t be coming after you and the only range attack he has is Mouth Cannon.

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