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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Animorphaline Accident

Jarrod Garripoli
Objective Reward
Retrieved the mushrooms 158,099 EXP, D Medal (x5), All-Purpose Animal Hood (x1)

During Kami’s Successor, after Dende restores the Dragon Balls, you will be asked to retrieve them all. While doing that, you can do this Substory, which begins in the Sacred Land of Korin, from the cat himself. Korin wants to brew up some mushroom tea, but he doesn’t have any and Roshi, the person who’s gotten them for him in the past, doesn’t do it anymore. He marks the location of the mushrooms on your map, so travel to the Continent Center Area and head to that marker. However, as you try to access the cave, some beastmen are blocking your path, so talk to the one to learn their plight. They took some animorphaline to turn into beastmen, since it was all the rage, but they haven’t reverted back to human form.

Goku decides to go ask Bulma, so you will automatically head to Capsule Corp. Speak to Bulma to learn that she can’t really help, but Goku has a thought to go ask Mr. Popo next. He seems to know of a cure-all for anything, but needs some ingredients in order to make it. To be specific, he needs 3 High-Quality Herbs, 4 Meaty River Snails, and a Golden Gazelle Antler. The herbs and snails are fairly common items, as they are available in most places. If you don’t have enough, you can get the herbs near Goku’s house; just look in the middle of the plains areas. This also goes for the snails, although those will be found along the river near Goku’s house. Note that you can get these elsewhere, if you want, as pressing Square/X while hovering over an area on the world map will show you a list of items that can be found in that region.

(1 of 2) You can find the snails by the rivers in areas

You can find the snails by the rivers in areas (left), The golden gazelles are easy to spot, since they are bigger and glow (right)

The last item on the list might be a little more difficult in getting, not because it’s particularly hard to find, but due to the low drop rate. As the name suggests, you need to hunt down a golden gazelle, which can only be found in certain regions. One of the easiest spots is in Blake Bog, so travel to that section and head north from where you start to see a NPC talking about the gazelle meat. Look for the golden gazelle and capture it, hoping you get an antler to drop. If not, you could go to the Far Southern Islands Area and look on the northern end of the largest island to find another golden gazelle. Alternate between the two areas until you manage to get a Golden Gazelle Antler. Once you have all three items, return to Kami’s Lookout and hand them over, then the rest of the substory will play out on its own.

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