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Soul Emblem Locations

Jarrod Garripoli

Soul Emblems are the medals you unlock as you progress the main story and complete Substories, which can be placed on the Community Boards. Each one of them have stats on them that correspond to the various Communities and you can increase those stats with various Gifts. These Gifts also correspond to the various Communities and have their own values attached to them. The most of a stat you will see on a Soul Emblem by default is 25, but specific items can increase that max to 30. These items, called Secrets of Success, are not that easy to find, although they become a little more common after completing the main story.

(1 of 2) The status screen for Soul Emblems

The status screen for Soul Emblems (left), Give gifts to increase the stats and Friendship level (right)

Gifts will also increase the Friendship of the Soul Emblems, which is the gauge underneath their portrait on each individual Soul Emblem screen. Every Soul Emblem in the game will reward you with items should you reach the Friendship threshold in the bottom right corner of the same screen. These items can help out a lot during the main story, too, since they will sometimes come in high quantities. Also, the third reward given by Soul Emblems, for maxing their Friendship, tend to be one of those Secrets of Success items mentioned above. Lastly, if you place certain Soul Emblems next to each other on the boards, then you may trigger Link Bonuses that give extra points towards the Community Board’s level.


Saiyan Saga Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Goku Automatically during story
Gohan Automatically during story
Chi-Chi Automatically during story
Master Roshi Automatically during story
Nam Complete the Nam the Peddler Substory
Android 8 Complete the Gentle Giant Substory
King Yemma Automatically during story
Kami Automatically during story
Yajirobe Automatically during story
Tien Automatically during story
Chiaotzu Complete the Telekinesis Training Substory
Krillin Automatically during story
Yamcha Automatically during story
Piccolo Automatically during story
King Kai Automatically during story
Puar Automatically during story
Mr. Popo Automatically during story


Intermission 1 Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Pilaf, Mai, Shu Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan Substory
Launch Automatically during story
Saibaman Complete the Mysterious Power Reading Substory
Mercenary Tao, Master Shen Complete the Familiar Face Substory


Frieza Saga Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Turtle Complete the Tough Break for Turtle Substory
Bulma Automatically during story
Vegeta Automatically during story
Guru Automatically during story
Nail Automatically during story


Intermission 2 Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Oolong Complete the Mystery of the Missing Tail Substory
Raditz Complete the Pride of the Warrior Race Substory
Nappa Complete the Saiyan Power Substory
Dodoria Complete the Power is Justice! Substory
Zarbon Complete the Power is Beauty! Substory
Guldo, Recoome, Burter, Jeice Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts Substory


Android/Cell Saga Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Trunks Automatically during story
Doctor Briefs Complete the Easy-Going Genius Substory
Bubbles Complete the Bummed About Bananas Substory
Korin Automatically during story
Baba Complete the Between Worlds Substory
Android 16 Automatically during story
Dende Automatically during story


Intermission 3 Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Shenron Automatically during story
Ox King Complete the An Awkward Pair Substory
Appule Complete the Filling the Power Vacuum Substory
Cui Complete the No Dirty Fireworks for Me! Substory
Cell Junior Complete the Little Nightmares Substory


Buu Saga Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Marron Complete the Daddy’s Little Girl Substory
Android 18 Complete the Anxious Android Substory
Videl Automatically during story
World Tournament Announcer Complete the Good Ol’ Days Substory
Supreme Kai, Kibito Complete the Far Beyond Frieza Substory
Goten Automatically during story
Trunks (Kid) Automatically during story


Post-Game Soul Emblems

Soul Emblem Location
Mr. Satan Complete the A Father’s Dignity Substory
Majin Buu, Puppy Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit Substory
Captain Ginyu Complete the Captain’s Comeback Substory
Android 17 Complete the Lone Guardian Substory
Suno Complete the Reunion with Suno Substory
Bora, Upa Complete the Good Ol’ Goku Substory
Elder Kai Complete the Fulfilling a Promise Substory
Arale-chan, Gatchan, Senbei Complete the Here It Comes! Substory
Porunga Complete the Porunga Part 2 Substory
Frieza Complete the Return of the Emperor Substory
Cell Complete the Perfecting Perfection Substory
Dabura Complete the King of the Demon Realm? Substory
Android 19, Android 20 Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army Substory
King Cold Complete the Most Feared of Families Substory
Babidi, Spopovich, Yamu Complete the Babidi’s Back Substory
Pui Pui, Yakon Complete the Change of Heart Substory
Bonyu Talk to Research in Capsule Corporation in Post-Game and finish first Special Training exercise


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