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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Piccolo's Training Regimen!

Jarrod Garripoli

We get a glimpse of Goku finally reaching the end of Snake Way and getting to King Kai’s planet. The introduction to King Kai himself is a bit underwhelming, with him telling some bad jokes. However, before he agrees to train Goku, he wants him to make him laugh, which will lead into a multiple choice of three jokes. Two of them were already told by King Kai, so pick the only one that wasn’t told, which is Uh, have a nice trip! See ya next fall! This will set things in motion, unlocking King Kai’s Soul Emblem, as well as the Training Community Board. This board is one of the better ones out there, simply because increasing it can make you earn more experience.

Gohan’s Experience

The game will now move over to Gohan, who seems to have survived on his own and is looking to hunt down some dinosaurs. While not technically a mini-game or anything, it could be treated as one. There are various places in the fields where you can find a dinosaur roaming. Normal attacks won’t work on them, but Ki blasts will, which will trigger the dinosaur to begin charging towards you. Keep shooting Ki blasts at it to deplete its health, but should the dinosaur hit you, your character will be knocked back, without taking any damage. Take the dinosaur down and you will receive materials and food.

(1 of 2) Shoot Ki blasts at the dino to reduce its health

Shoot Ki blasts at the dino to reduce its health (left), The dino will charge at you and knock you back, but without any damage (right)

Defeat the dinosaur in the immediate vicinity, which will trigger a cutscene with Piccolo. Having survived on his own, Piccolo is now ready to officially train Gohan, starting with flying. Now that he can fly, exploring and getting around is going to be a lot easier. With all of that out of the way now, a new Substory has just opened up, so let’s head over there to do that now.

Substory - Foggy Future

Baba is being attacked by some robots and wants you to help her get rid of the buckets of bolts. You’re up against two of the Skull Robos and a single Assist Robot (the small one). There is nothing new here, so you should be able to easily take out all of the robots with little trouble on your end. As soon as you finish the last robot, this quick little substory will end.

Objective Reward
Saved Fortune Teller Baba 141 EXP, D Medal (x1), Awesome Book for Grown-Ups (x1), Fancy Urn (x1)

Gohan vs. Piccolo

When you’re ready, head to the main mission marker and get ready to do battle with Piccolo. If you remember how he fought from the beginning of the game, while playing as Goku, then he’s pretty similar. Considering you’ve played a good chunk so far as Piccolo, then you should have an even better understand as to what his Super Attacks do. Demon Flash Strike is a charge move, so it’s easily sidestepped. If you see Piccolo charging his Ki, then it’s highly likely that Explosive Wave will follow, so be ready to block. The reason for blocking is that it comes out quick and there’s a good chance that you will be in close when it’s used.

(1 of 2) When you see Piccolo charging up his Ki

When you see Piccolo charging up his Ki (left), That means he will be using Explosive Wave (right)

There will be a number of scenes after the sparring session with Piccolo, which will lead into the next mission.

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