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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Echoes of Evil

Jarrod Garripoli

With two of Babidi’s cronies down, it’s time for the showdown with the strongest of the bunch, Dabura. He wants all of you to come at him, but it’s Gohan’s turn to do battle. While you don’t get thrown into the fight right away, approach Dabura to begin it when you’re ready.

Gohan vs. Dabura

At first, Dabura seems pretty simple, as he will only appear to try to get in close to perform some melee maneuvers or shoot some generic Ki blasts your way. The downward smash, should it connect, will almost always be followed up with a large Ki blast called Flame Blaster, so you can avoid this one by not getting smacked towards the ground with the melee move. Dabura can also fire off three Flame Blasters in a row, so be wary when he does this move by itself, as there will be two more coming. Dark Sword Strike is a three-hit melee attack that will always be the full number of hits, so either dodge the first or block all three.

(1 of 2) You should be used to attacks like Flame Blaster by now

You should be used to attacks like Flame Blaster by now (left), Dark Sword Strike is a three-hit melee combo always, so dodge the first attack to have Dabura wide open (right)

Dabura is a bit more active in trying to pull off Super Attacks than the previous two opponents, so you may not get as much room for a full melee combo. Thankfully, you can punish his Dark Sword Strike, since backing away from the initial swing locks him into the full animation. This grants you a brief moment to pull off a Masenko or a Kamehameha. Outside of this, just do your usual battle tactics and Dabura should go down in no time.

The battle between Dabura and Gohan rages on, but in the background this time, as more scenes occur. While battling with Gohan, Dabura notices something and retreats back to Babidi. It turns out that Vegeta has some evil in his heart and Babidi exploits that, taking control of him. Eventually, you will take control of Goku and be forced to fight with Vegeta.

Goku vs. Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta isn’t any different than normal Vegeta, as he has all of the same attacks. By far, the most troublesome move will be Big Bang Attack, simply because the range on the explosion is quite large and you will likely be hit with it more than once. Because of this, it might be more useful to try and dodge it at the last second, or even block it to minimize the damage. Additionally, when you see it coming, you could dodge towards Vegeta to try and avoid the explosion. Another move, which you should be familiar with at this point, is Galick Gun.

(1 of 2) Big Bang Attack is Vegeta's bread and butter in this fight

Big Bang Attack is Vegeta's bread and butter in this fight (left), It is possible to dodge it and avoid the explosion if timed right (right)

At some point, Majin Vegeta will go into a surge mode, where he will unleash a bunch of Super Attacks one after another. This includes Final Flash, a beam attack similar to Galick Gun, Massive Strike (a melee attack) and Super Big Bang Attack. The last one on that list entails Vegeta doing three Big Bangs in a row, which means that taking damage might be inevitable. You might also be Ultimate Consecutive Energy Blast later on, which can be brutal during surge mode, but as long as you stay away, it’s a little easier to dodge.

Because of the fight between Goku and Vegeta, the energy Babidi needed has been received and now, Majin Buu is at full power. In a last ditch attempt to stop Majin Buu from awakening, Gohan fires a beam of energy at the ball. However, thinking that they finally put a stop to Majin Buu from reviving, their hopes are squashed as Majin Buu finally awakens.

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