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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Land of the Kais

Jarrod Garripoli

With Majin Buu now free from his imprisonment, he takes it upon himself to take out Dabura, who wasn’t all impressed. Threatening to seal him back in his ball, Buu ends up listening to Babidi and gets ready to attack both Gohan and the Supreme Kai. You will be taking control of Gohan here, so when you’re ready, approach Majin Buu to get ready for another battle.

Gohan vs. Majin Buu

Majin Buu is definitely an aggressive opponent, as he seemingly chases after you quite often to try and perform melee combos and normal melee attacks. Apart from that, he only has a few Super Attacks available right now. Megaton Ball is a large Ki attack that is easily dodged by moving in a single direction, so there’s not much to explain there. The latter, Megaton Punch, is a melee move by heart, but it has a bit of an extended reach (as seen in the screenshot below). Think of it more as a medium-ranged attack, so you can avoid it by keeping a fair distance away from Buu.

(1 of 3) Megaton Ball is nothing but a large Ki attack

By far, the most dangerous move coming from Majin Buu is called Megaton Bomb. This functions similarly to Nappa’s Giant Storm, as it is a large explosion centered around Majin Buu that is cylindrical in nature. However, it’s a lot bigger than Nappa’s attack, plus it definitely comes out a lot quicker, too, leaving you very little room in dodging it. Sometimes, you will see the name of the move pop up on your screen, meaning you can really do nothing but block it.

Goku and Vegeta continue their fight, but sense the massive energy that is Majin Buu. Knowing that Goku wouldn’t be able to concentrate on their own fight, he agrees to help Goku with ridding them of this new threat, only for Vegeta to knock out Goku while his back was turned. You will be in control of Vegeta now, with the game telling you that his Super Saiyan 2 transformation is now available. Fly over to the marker to begin your bout with Majin Buu.

Majin Vegeta vs. Majin Buu

This fight is almost exactly the same as the previous one, as Majin Buu has all of the same moves. However, there is a slight alteration to one of the previous moves, plus Buu does have a new skill he will debut here that will make its appearance quite often in later fights. At certain times, Majin Buu will fire off threeshots with Megaton Ball, instead of just a single one, but it’s still not too difficult to avoid. Note that this can come in the form of one after another, or he might fire off all three at the same time, with them being in a horizontal row.

The new move that is debuted in this battle is what you saw Buu do to a certain demon during a cutscene prior to this. Candy Beam is a skill that does no damage, but it will turn you into a piece of candy, rendering you completely immobile for a few seconds. This makes you vulnerable to any damage that Buu can dish out at this point. Note that Buu will always fire off two Candy Beams in a row and despite the indicator, the actual attack only extends to around a medium range. Majin Buu will definitely be about as aggressive as before, so be prepared to keep moving.

(1 of 2) If you get hit with it, Candy Beam turns you into a defenseless piece of candy

If you get hit with it, Candy Beam turns you into a defenseless piece of candy (left), The range for it is rather short, though. (right)

Upon depleting his health bar, watch the following scenes and you will see that Vegeta didn’t seem to take out Majin Buu completely. Eventually, you will gain control of Goku, who is looking for Piccolo and Krillin at Kami’s Lookout, as he just woke up from his “nap.” Head to the group and Goku talks about how he and Vegeta or Gohan could do a fusion to have enough power to defeat Buu. However, that’s not going to happen, but Mr. Popo does say that perhaps Goten and Trunks could do the fusion.

Some more stuff will happen and after multiple scenes, you will be in control of Gohan once more, in the Land of the Kais. Since this is a brand new area, you are free to explore it, but there’s nothing really spectacular here that can’t be found elsewhere. For now, head to where the Supreme Kai and Kibito are located to watch another couple of scenes. Back to Kami’s Lookout, Babidi and Buu complicate things a little by rampaging through cities while searching for Piccolo, Goten and Trunks. To avoid West City getting destroyed, and the Dragon Radar, Goku decides to buy a little time by confronting them. Once you get control of Goku, go straight ahead to Majin Buu for a surprise from Goku and the next fight against Majin Buu.

SSJ3 Goku vs. Majin Buu

This is the same exact fight as when you controlled Vegeta, except you’re playing as Goku and are in Super Saiyan 3. The catch with this form, while in this battle at least, is that you are already in Surge mode and it will be unlimited. So, your attacks will have an extra oomph to them, but you will still want to be careful as Buu’s attacks can hurt.

You are permanently in Surge Mode during this battle

Thanks to Goku’s heroic deed, he bought some extra time with Buu (and got rid of that pesky Babidi in the process). He returns to Kami’s Lookout and teaches the fusion dance to both Goten and Trunks. Unfortunately, his time on Earth is up and he must go back to the other world. While there, he senses Gohan and teleports to his location, where you’ll regain control of Goku. Fly to the marker to find Gohan training with the Z-Sword and while testing it out, something bad happens…

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