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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Father-Son Kamehameha!

Jarrod Garripoli

Gohan’s friends and family are being terrorized by the Cell Juniors, and he can’t seem to stop it, as he just cannot get angry enough. Coming up with a plan, the remnants of Android 16 asks Mr. Satan to get him close enough to Gohan. Some things happen and Gohan ascends to the next level, taking out all of the Cell Juniors before confronting Cell himself. Note that before you begin the fight, you get a notice that his Super Saiyan 2 transformation is now available, although you will be in it for the rest of this battle, so you don’t have to worry about that now. Approach Cell to begin the battle…

SSJ2 Gohan vs. Perfect Cell

You shouldn’t expect much from this fight with Cell, as it’s the exact same as the previous two. In fact, you should be able to take a huge chunk of his health with something like a Super Masenko, provided you’ve been upgrading his skills. He pretty much has all of the same moves, so there’s nothing new to surprise you. You can be pretty aggressive with Cell here, but don’t go too crazy that you will suffer a lot of damage on your end.

With a decisive hit after the above battle is over, Cell ends up spitting up Android 18, which makes him revert to his Semi-Perfect form. In an act of desperation, because of reverting back, Cell plans on self-destructing and taking the entire Earth with him. However, Goku has other plans and decides to do something heroic and selfless. While everyone thinks the fighting is over, Cell surprisingly returns and it’s time for the final battle with him.

SSJ2 Gohan vs. Super Perfect Cell

This is the final showdown with Cell and he has finally brought his A-game with him this time. You will see a lot of the game moves as before, but he brought some new skills. Not long into the fight, Cell will make some copies of himself, all of which function on their own and can perform Super Attacks. The only difference with these copies is that they only have a single life bar, so they are easy to tell apart from the real one. It is very important that you eliminate these copies as quickly as possible, since their participation in the fight can complicate things.

Once you get rid of the copies, it’ll be back to a one-on-one fight with Cell. While he may have done a normal Kamehameha before, he can do a special one during this battle. This is similar to the previous huge fights, where the enemy had a separate bar that when depleted, will stop the attack altogether. As soon as you see the little cut-in on Cell’s face, that is when this special Kamehameha will be unleashed, so immediately rush in and lay the smackdown to dispel it. This same cut-in will signal the beginning of Cell’s surge mode, where he will use a bunch of Super Attacks all in a row, then finish it off with something called Punishing Storm.

(1 of 4) Focus on getting rid of the clones first before going back to the real one

Basically, Cell will continually summon a ring of energy orbs around you, that will then explode. After finishing with Punishing Storm, Cell will come out of his surge and be vulnerable for a few seconds, so get some smacks in on him. Eventually, you will see a new-old move from Cell, called Sonic Beam. Think of this as Frieza’s Death Beam attack, but dialed up to 11, as Cell will spawn a bunch of clones that will be doing the same move. As long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t get hit at all. He will fire off lasers twice, then continue the bout as normal. The next surge mode will likely cycle through Sonic Beam and Punishing Storm as the final move, so be ready for either one. Keep going through the fight and you will eventually win.

Cell has been defeated, so watch the scenes that will bring this arc to a close.

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Earth's New Champion

Complete the Cell Saga.

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