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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

To the Battlegrounds

Jarrod Garripoli

Goku finally returns from King Kai’s planet and is transported back to Earth, where you will receive Mr. Popo’s Soul Emblem, which will unlock the Gods Community Board. Level up this board to increase the amount of Z Orbs earned from battle and Villainous Enemies, as well as the number of items you receive. Mess with it as much as you want, then let’s continue with the story. You will be controlling Goku now and will be dropped close to where the others are located. You are free to explore the surrounding area, but there’s nothing of note here, so head straight to the mission marker.

After some scenes, you will be fighting Nappa again, but with Goku. He’s not any different than in the last battle with Gohan that you did. The only difference is that he doesn’t need to power up to do Blazing Storm, so keep an eye out for that Super Attack, as well as Giant Storm. Something you should notice is that Goku is a higher level than Nappa, so that definitely factors into you doing a lot more damage than usual, since Gohan was a lower level than Nappa in the previous battles.

You can freely enter and exit transformations anytime you want

After finishing the battle, instead of fighting Vegeta right away, you’ll be moving to a different spot. Note that you will unlock Goku’s Kaioken transformation at this point, meaning you can use it during any of his battles moving forward. Hold down both L2/LT and R2/RT, then press the corresponding face button to transform when in battle. While Kaioken increases your stats, it has a downside to it, as it will slowly drain your health. If you wish to go back to normal, select the transformation again.

When you’re ready to move on, fly to the next marker on your map for a scene, then get ready for a fight.

Goku vs. Vegeta

Vegeta is definitely the toughest challenge thus far in the game, as he has a lot of skills in his arsenal and you don’t get a whole lot of opportunities to unleash a full combo. Playing defensively and keeping an eye on Vegeta’s actions is the key to winning this battle without fretting over your health. One of Vegeta’s moves is called Dash Attack, where he will dash full speed at Goku. Sometimes, this is preceded by a red line, but more often than not, he will do it right away, so be prepared to dodge. Another move you will see is something familiar, called Slash Wave. If you remember back to your bout with Piccolo as Goku, then the crescent waves of energy Vegeta shoots at you will be simple to avoid.

You will also see Consecutive Energy Blast, where Vegeta shoots a bunch of Ki blasts at you, then charges up a bigger one at the end of it. Keep dodging in one direction to avoid them, as going back and forth puts you at a higher risk to get caught by one, thus taking more damage from more blasts. Not too long into the battle, Vegeta will unleash his signature attack, the Galick Gun. At first, you will have the opportunity to put a stop to it, so when you see him use it, charge right in and attack. Deplete the bar above Vegeta’s head to stop the attack, but if you don’t, then Galick Gun is pretty much unavoidable, as it seems to track you.

(1 of 2) You can attack Vegeta while he’s charging the Galick Gun to make him stop

You can attack Vegeta while he’s charging the Galick Gun to make him stop (left), If he pulls it off, you’re going to get hit by it (right)

Eventually, once Vegeta reaches a certain health threshold, he will push Goku away, similar to Nappa, and become powered up (designated by a constant red aura around his character after a close up of his). When he does this, he will unleash all of his Super Attacks in succession, including Galick Gun. Of course, these are instantaneous, too, so you won’t have an opportunity to break it like earlier. Your best bet is to just stick back and wait until Vegeta finishes with everything, as he will be stunned for a few seconds after coming out of this powered up state.

Once that is over, the battle will resume as before, although he might have gained a few new moves. Assault Rush is a flurry of melee attacks that ends with a 360 degree kick around Vegeta. There is also a one-two combo of Body Smash into Meteor Hammer, both melee attacks. Note that Vegeta charges up and teleports around a bit before Body Smash, so look for that before dodging. Mach Slash is also another series of melee strikes. Keep fighting Vegeta normally, until he eventually goes into the powered up state again.

At some point, he will get very angry and the camera will change angle. Vegeta will do a series of dashes at you and if you can dodge them all, then he will exit the powered up state and be vulnerable for a few seconds. Should you get hit at all by a single one, then you will take some extra damage, but still have that short period of vulnerability. That about sums up what Vegeta can do, so let’s talk the little bit of strategy that can be done. Since Vegeta will typically go from one Super Attack to the next, that leaves little time to get your own attacks in. Take any little hits you can, then back away before you get smacked around by Vegeta.

(1 of 2) When Vegeta gets super angry, he will begin dashing at you repeatedly

When Vegeta gets super angry, he will begin dashing at you repeatedly (left), Get hit a single time and you will bear the brunt of a combo (right)

Watch the scene after you finish the battle to see that it isn’t over yet. In fact, Vegeta isn’t monkeying around, as he transforms into Great Ape Vegeta for a second battle.

Goku vs. Great Ape Vegeta

This battle isn’t similar to the Great Ape Gohan fight, as Vegeta has full control of his abilities. He will begin by using Super Mouth Cannon, which is a giant beam from his, well, mouth. This attack covers a pretty wide range, so you will need to dodge as much as possible to avoid it. Vegeta also has a three-hit melee combo, where he’ll swing either arm from the side, then the third hit will be an overhead smash. Lastly, Vegeta will also jump high into the air, then come crashing down in an attempt to crush you. Keeping a distance is the best option here, since it allows you to avoid the last attack.

Using melee attacks is probably not the best idea, especially since the hitbox on the Giant Ape can be a bit weird at times. If you want to make this battle a lot easier on yourself, stick to range attacks, like the Kamehemeha. Note that during the battle, Vegeta will typically use two Super Mouth Cannons, then be stunned for a short period of time. This is your chance to lay on some damage, so you could wait until he does the above before unleashing your attacks. Despite the previous battle, Great Ape Vegeta is a lot easier.

(1 of 2) Vegeta will do two Super Mouth Cannons

Vegeta will do two Super Mouth Cannons (left), then get tired for a few seconds (right)

Once the battle is over, there will be a couple of scenes and the game will put you in control of Gohan again. Note that Krillin’s Destructo-Disc Super Attack is available, so go to Characters on the main menu and to Krillin, so you can equip the above attack to him, if you want (always keep Solar Flare equipped). Back to the game, fly to the mission marker, making sure to avoid the Villainous Enemies that might be in the way. When you get there, watch the following scenes, then it will place you in one final battle for the Saiyan Saga…

Gohan vs. Vegeta

Despite the differences in levels, this is a severely weakened Vegeta, as he only has half the health he would normally have and his defenses aren’t normal, either. There’s nothing new here, in the form of Super Attacks, as he has all of the same ones as in the previous fight. You could probably go full offense for this little battle, if you want, but you could also play it a little safe, too.

When you’ve finished off Vegeta, there will be more scenes and it’ll bring you to the end of the Saiyan Saga.

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Worse For Wear

Complete the Saiyan Saga.

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