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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

A Shred of Hope

Jarrod Garripoli

While training with the Z-Sword, it ends up breaking, releasing the Elder Kai, a Supreme Kai from years past. He houses a secret technique said to unleash the latent power in a fighter, so is doing so for Gohan. Back on Earth, Goten and Trunks finally learn the fusion dance and try it out to form Gotenks. Meanwhile, humanity turns to their “hero,” Satan, who pays a visit to Buu. This begins a strange relationship between the pair that eventually leads to Buu becoming happy, and Satan convincing him not to do any more bad things. However, an incident occurs and something appears wrong with Buu. In the end, the evil separates from Majin Buu and ends up absorbing the good side, becoming Super Buu.

He ends up flying up to Kami’s Lookout, as he was promised a fight earlier by Goku. Of course, not being ready just yet, Piccolo stalls him for a little bit and eventually has to escort him into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where Goten and Trunks away. They fuse into Gotenks and get ready to battle Super Buu. You will receive both Goten’s Soul Emblem and Trunks (Kid)’s Soul Emblem right before the battle begins.

Gotenks vs. Super Buu

You’re playing a brand new character here, while Super Buu is a new variation on the old one. He doesn’t really have much in the way of new attacks, as Evil Bomb is pretty much the same as Megaton Bomb from the previous fights. However, Evil Buster is definitely new for Buu, but it’s nothing more than a quick beam attack, so you don’t have to worry too much about it as it’s extremely easy to avoid. With that out of the way, let’s talk about Gotenks and his Super Attacks. The Kamehameha is definitely familiar, so you don’t have to worry about understanding it, and DIE DIE Missile Barrage is pretty much a variation on the Consecutive Energy Blast attack.

(1 of 2) Galactic Donuts will bind Buu in place and even cancel attacks

Galactic Donuts will bind Buu in place and even cancel attacks (left), Kamikaze Ghosts does a lot of damage, but it is slow (right)

His other two moves, though, are pretty brand new and never before seen in the game. Galactic Donuts will have Gotenks shoot out a ring-shaped projectile, that should it hits, will ensnare Super Buu. This move is actually pretty great, too, as it will make Buu stop any attack he is doing and makes him vulnerable to damage, while he cannot move at all. The other attack from Gotenks is called Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. He will summon three ghost versions of himself, that will then home in on Buu and deal some great damage. This move is a bit on the slow side and takes quite a bit of Ki, so be careful with abusing it too much.

Watch the cutscenes that follow the battle, then it’ll be a rematch against Super Buu with Gotenks.

Gotenks (SSJ3) vs. Super Buu

This is pretty much the same exact fight as the previous one, except Gotenks is Super Saiyan 3, meaning he will be a little stronger. Super Buu doesn’t have any new moves, and pretty much behaves in the same manner as the previous fight.

More cutscenes will occur after the battle and things aren’t looking so hot for Gotenks. You will be in control of Gohan shortly after that, where your goal is to head where Super Buu is located. Go ahead and do that to get the next fight.

Gohan Unleashed vs. Super Buu

It’s hard to dodge, but Megaton Bomb can be avoided

You will find that this fight where you’re controlling Gohan is not any different than the previous two against Super Buu. He does seem a little more aggressive than usual, plus he might use Evil Bomb more often, so be ready to guard as getting away from the blast radius is not very easy. There really isn’t much more to go on, so do the battle like you have in the last two.

Super Buu is definitely angry that someone is stronger than him, so he decides to make the situation a little more volatile. Thanks to some quick action by Gohan, everyone escapes unscathed, but they can’t do anything until Buu decides to show up again. They decide to track down Dende, who happens to somehow still be alive. Don’t go straight there yet, as there is actually a Substory available in the West Area, so head there now.

Super Saibaman?!

Saibamen have appeared outside of a town that has had all of its residents killed by Majin Buu. It’s up to you to stop them before they do any major damage to the town itself. You will have both Trunks and Piccolo as support characters in this battle, although you are just going up against some Saibamen. These shouldn’t pose much of a problem, but you aren’t done with just the first set. There will be two more sets of Saibamen, although the second and third ones will have stronger ones. Despite being named Super Saibamen in the cutscenes, they aren’t any different and have the same exact moves. Once you defeat the third set, you’re finished with the substory.

(1 of 2) The Saibamen look like they’d be tougher

The Saibamen look like they’d be tougher (left), but they are just ordinary Saibamen (right)

Objective Reward
Destroyed the Saibamen 233,453 EXP, D Medal (x1), Improved Scouter (x1)

Return to the Central Plains Area and head for the next mission marker. You will end up finding Mr. Satan, then some scenes will take place, with Super Buu reappearing and definitely scheming something. You will eventually get in another battle with Super Buu, as Gohan.

Gohan Unleashed vs. Super Buu

For the most part, Super Buu is the exact same as the previous fights, but he does have a new move here. In fact, that move is borrowed from a certain fused character, so you should have a general idea what to expect. Galactic Donuts is a ring-shaped projectile that, should it hit you, will bind you in place for a few seconds. This means that you are going to take some damage from something, so keep an eye on your health, in case it starts to drop lower than you want. Other than that, Buu seems quite aggressive during this battle, as he tries to melee you a lot and will use Evil Buster two times in a row each time it is used.

Buu can ensnare you with Galactic Donuts in this battle, so be on the lookout for them

After the battle is over, it seems that Gohan is having a little more trouble with Buu than before he got a power up.

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