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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Longest Three Hours

Jarrod Garripoli

The time has finally come, as the Saiyans have arrived on Earth and they certainly brought a present with them. You’ll be controlling Gohan here and before you begin the festivities by speaking with Piccolo, look at your Community Boards and check to see if you have healing items equipped. If you never did this before, go to Items on your main menu, highlight the item you want to equip, then press the button for the Item Palette. When you’re ready to go, approach Piccolo to watch some scenes, then get ready for your first battle.

Gohan vs. Saibamen

You are up against three Saibamen in this battle, who can be annoying, since fighting multiple enemies at once is usually tedious. That’s because when you begin attacking one enemy, another will come in from behind and interrupt your combo/attack. As far as skills go, the Saibamen can shoot Ki blasts at you and it one of their Super Attacks they have is something called Assault Claw. This is preceded by them charging up their Ki, then they’ll dash towards you and try to melee attack you twice. The other Super Attack is called Bio Blaster, where they shoot large Ki blasts at your character.

(1 of 2) The other Saibamen will constantly interrupt you when you focus on another

The other Saibamen will constantly interrupt you when you focus on another (left), Don’t forget that you can use Burst to knock them away if things get too hectic (right)

The good thing about this battle is that you’re not alone, as you have Yamcha as a support character. The only Super Attack he has access to is Kamehameha, something you already know. Make sure you keep him using this whenever possible, as the Saibamen will constantly interrupt you. The sooner you thin the numbers, the better off you will be and the less health you will lose. Don’t be afraid to use the more “advanced” techniques of Vanish Attack or Burst to be a little more defensive, especially since the Saibamen can be a bit aggressive. Once you get rid of one or two of them, then you can be more offensive.

With the Saibamen gone, watch the following scenes, then it will be time to do battle with Nappa, one of the two Saiyans.

Gohan/Tien/Krillin vs. Nappa

The first battle against Nappa is a relatively tame one, especially since you have two support characters in Tien and Krillin. Tien has his two Super Attacks from earlier, Dodon Ray and Tri-Beam, while Krillin has the Kamehameha and a new move called Solar Flare. This can be one of the better support moves in the game, as it will stun all of the enemies, should you use it (with a few exceptions). This is also a good time to start talking about Z-Combos. Whenever you use support characters’ Super Attacks, there is a meter surrounding their character portrait in the bottom right.

(1 of 2) Z-Combos are great chances to score free damage

Z-Combos are great chances to score free damage (left), as they are pretty much cinematic attacks the enemy can’t interrupt (right)

Once this is completely filled for all support characters, you can initiate a Z-Combo on the enemy. The Z-Combo is a cinematic attack, where all of your characters will hit the enemy for some nice damage, so it’s in your best interests to use support characters and try to build up towards a Z-Combo. Going back to the fight, Nappa is a heavy hitter that primarily uses Arm Breaker as his main attack here, which is a strong melee skill. The other Super Attack he can use is called Giant Storm, which has potential to be extremely dangerous. When he activates this, a giant circle will appear on the ground, showing the range of the skill.

You have a few seconds to get out of this circle before the attack will go off, resulting in you taking a good amount of damage. You’ll know you failed to get out of range, if you see a close-up of Nappa before the explosion occurs. While this battle isn’t too bad, Nappa’s higher level (he’s level 11) likely means your attacks won’t be doing the full damage they should be doing. Unless you gained a few levels beforehand, it will make the battle last longer than needed. Once you deal enough damage to Nappa, the fight will be over.

Some scenes will play out after the fight, then you will be waiting for Goku to arrive, which means that you have a chance to explore the current region. There’s really nothing to do here, though, other than potentially fighting some of the normal random encounters, which can now include Saibamen. When you’re ready to continue, speak to either Krillin or Piccolo to initiate another scene, then speak to Piccolo, choosing the option to “continue waiting for Goku.” This will lead into the next battle.

(1 of 2) Solar Flare is great, as it will stun the enemy for a few seconds

Solar Flare is great, as it will stun the enemy for a few seconds (left), Get out of the range for Giant Storm before Nappa actually performs the move (right)

Gohan/Piccolo/Krillin vs. Nappa

Yep, it’s another match versus Nappa, although he has a few new moves in his arsenal this time. Also, you still have two support characters, although Piccolo has replaced Tien from the previous battle. Bomber DX is one of the new Super Attacks you’ll see from Nappa, where he’ll throw a ball of energy at you that will explode into a decent sized radius. At some point during the fight, he will throw two energy balls, but they should be close enough together that you won’t need to worry about dodging each one. You will still see Arm Breaker and Giant Storm, so be ready to rush out of the circle for the latter.

Eventually, you’ll see a cut-in to Nappa, where he’ll gain an aura around his body. This aura will basically make Nappa impervious to any knockback, but it does seem that Solar Flare can still stun him. If Nappa is above you in melee range, then he can use a downward kick called Sonic Storm to knock you down towards the ground. His ultimate finished while being powered up is called Blazing Storm, where Nappa will unleash what basically is a wall of explosions, from the ground to the sky. Of course, this is a lateral move, though, so moving forwards or backwards is the way to dodge it; do not move side to side while he does this.

(1 of 2) Nappa has super armor when he’s powered up

Nappa has super armor when he’s powered up (left), Blazing Storm covers a large range, but moving towards the screen will allow you to dodge it (right)

Your best bet for when he’s powered up is to wait it out and keep dodging, since he will be stunned for a few seconds when coming out of it. Using your support characters’ Super Attacks is going to be a huge advantage in this battle, as Nappa can bring a world of hurt to do you, especially when he’s powered up. Being a little bit more defensive in this battle might be the better option, since Nappa has so many tools in his repertoire. You will actually have to deplete all of his health to win.

Watch the scenes after the battle, which will lead straight into the next mission.

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