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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Training Room's Open!

Jarrod Garripoli

The training for the androids’ arrival continues, but Chi-Chi needs Goku before he can go off to train again. When you speak with her, you learn that Launch has come back to the Kame House and she wishes to talk with you about something. However, before you head over that way, you should see the familiar blue marker on your world, indicating a new Substory is available. This will be in the Sacred Land of Korin region, so head there now.

Yajirobe and Korin

You will find Yajirobe by the pond in the above region, who challenges you to a competition to see who can catch the most fish. Yajirobe wants you to catch 2 Goliath Catfish and a single Scarlet Catfish. Despite their names suggesting the appropriate sizes, the bigger shadows are actually Scarlet Catfishes and the smaller shadows are Goliath Catfishes. You might run into some other types of fishes at this pond, so be aware of that and keep going until you get the above amount. Talk to Yajirobe after finishing up to complete the substory.

(1 of 2) What a Scarlet Catfish looks like

What a Scarlet Catfish looks like (left), What a Goliath Catfish looks like (right)

Objective Reward
Won the fishing competition 79,713 EXP, D Medal (x3), Senzu Bean Seed (x1), Fancy Necklace (x1)

That’s the only side content you can do for now, so let’s head on over to Kame House. Approach Roshi and Launch to find out that she has been looking for Tien since he was wished back to life, although she hasn’t had any luck. Zeroing in on his energy, Goku finds him, but is asked to stall him and keep Tien in place until Launch is ready. Head toward Southeast Mountains Area and you’ll find Tien northeast of Goku’s house, not too far from the waterfall there. In order to keep him at this place, Goku accepts Tien’s offer to spar with him.

Goku vs. Tien

Tien isn’t much different than all of the other times you’ve fought him in the game, except he’s a little beefier, so you will need to smack him around more. For his attacks, he still has the same Dodon Ray and Tri-Beam, both of which are easy enough to dodge. In fact, Tien sometimes seems to do nothing at all, as he might just sit there and become a punching bag for you.

With the sparring match over, return to Launch at Kame House and she will reward you with 5 Select Beast Meat, 4 High-Quality Wolf Meat and 4 Shiny Rice. The game will switch back over to Vegeta, who’s still training at Capsule Corp. Briefs comes by and tells Vegeta there there’s been a change in the training room, with him introducing a new researcher (those who’ve played Dragon Ball FighterZ will recognize this character).

The Training Room is basically a set of challenges you can complete to unlock Mastery, which is a special type of Know-How that provide powerful effects. However, in order to unlock the higher levels of the Training Room, you will need to Modify it, which is nothing more than upgrading it using materials you’ve found on your journey. For example, the first Mastery you unlock for completing the first training session is called Unbridled Power. This will increase your damage dealt by 20%, but at the cost of your HP slowly decreasing over the course of a battle. Once you’ve unlocked these, you equip them like any other Know-How skills. Go to your Super Attack palette and press R1/L1 (RB/LT) to switch pages.

(1 of 2) The Training Room requires a fair amount of resources to upgrade

The Training Room requires a fair amount of resources to upgrade (left), You will face familiar enemies in the Training Room (right)

Once you’re done fooling around with the Training Room, talk to Briefs and the game will switch back to Goku. You need to meet up with Piccolo and Gohan, who are in the Gizard Wasteland, so travel to that region. Upon talking to Piccolo twice, you will be forced to continue the story.

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