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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

A Long Overdue Reunion

Jarrod Garripoli

Your next destination will be the area where you will find Master Roshi’s house. You begin by flying on the Nimbus and, once again, have a limited searching area. You can’t get off of the Nimbus right now, so you’re stuck just grabbing what you can while riding the thing. Since this area is a series of small islands and primarily water, you will find a lot of blue Z Orbs out here, so feel free to look around where you can for them. On Roshi’s island, you will find the turtle hermit himself, as well as Krillin and Bulma, all of whom are surprised to learn that Goku has a kid.

There’s a lot of blue Z Orbs out over the open waters

Before speaking with Krillin to continue the story, take a look around the island to find another item you can pick up that unlocks a new entry in the World category in the Z Encyclopedia, Present from Master Roshi. Go ahead and talk with Krillin, who has slacked off on his training. Master Roshi overhears this and unlocks the Turtle School Training Manual, as well as his Soul Emblem and the Adult Community Board (he’s the leader of it, of course). This board has to do with increasing the amount of Zeni you get, as well as reducing the prices in shops.

To continue with the story, you have to speak with Krillin again and do a quick training session. However, you will unlock your first Substory at this time, from Turtle. You can easily tell when a Substory is available, due to the blue marker on your map. Let’s go ahead and talk to Turtle to begin his Substory.

Substory - Master Roshi’s Prized Possession

Turtle has hidden a “book” of Master Roshi’s and you need to find out where he put it. To learn some more information about this book, walk over to Bulma and ask her about it. She doesn’t know anything about the book, but mentions that Turtle was spotted behind the house. Go and talk to Turtle, who gives a hint that it’s in the ground, so that means he buried it somewhere. Luckily, you don’t have to go very far, as the book will be buried next to the one tree by Roshi’s house; it’s easy to find because the blue marker points right to it. When you approach that spot, you will have the option to dig up the book, so do that and you’ll automatically hand it over to Roshi, finishing the Substory.

(1 of 2) Substories are indicated by the blue markers

Substories are indicated by the blue markers (left), You can find Roshi’s book by the one tree after speaking with Turtle (right)

Objective Reward
Found Roshi’s “book” 44 EXP, D Medal (x1), Book for Grown-Ups (x1), Energetic Fish (x2), Herb (x2)
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Helping Hand

Complete a sub story.

Trophy icon

Show Me Your Moves

Head inside Roshi’s house and you should spot a purple orb on the ground near the stairs. This usually indicates a special item, like a gift, so grab it and head back outside, where you’ll speak to Krillin again. He mentions some mental training, so he’ll over a D Medal and Training Grounds will now be unlocked. These will appear as an arm on your map and when investigating them, a window will pop up with the potential to learn some Super Attacks. Note that you won’t always find a new one available for you to learn, so don’t fret if one isn’t there.

This Super Attack is called Consecutive Energy Blast and requires you to spend a single D Medal. You will be facing a mental image of Krillin in this battle, who has similar attacks to Goku. The Kamehameha is something you’ve likely already used (if not, then shame on you), so be on the lookout for the beam coming your way. You’ll also learn about Stepping/Dodging and Blocking in this fight. If you press the [X/B Button] just as an attack is about to hit you, you will avoid it. This not only increases your Tension Gauge, but your opponent will be put into a slow motion state for a few seconds, giving you some time to launch a counterattack.

(1 of 2) You can find an item inside Roshi’s house from the purple orb

You can find an item inside Roshi’s house from the purple orb (left), Training Grounds allow you to learn new Super Attacks (right)

Guarding is done with the [L2/LT Button] and can be essential in minimizing the damage done, should an attack land. However, if you guard too many strikes in succession, then your guard will be broken and you’ll be stunned for a few seconds, so you can’t just turtle your way to victory. As previously said, Krillin isn’t really a tough opponent and will usually try to push you away, firing a Kamehameha at you. Rushing in after one of these is usually your best way to bring down his health and win the fight.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Newfound Power

Acquire a Super Attack or Mastery in the Super Attack Skill Tree.

Trophy icon

After the battle is over, you’ll have a new Super Attack you can use, so don’t forget to equip it in the menu if you want to give it a try during fights. Head on over and speak with Krillin again, with a prompt asking if you want to continue the story or not. Do so and you’ll be on your way to the next story mission.

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