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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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The Fight with Captain Ginyu

Jarrod Garripoli

Goku has finally arrived on Planet Namek and at no better time, as Gohan and Krillin seem to have taken a beating from the Ginyu Force. Once you gain control of Goku, you get a notice that the Spirit Bomb Super Attack is now available to use, so if you wish to use it, make sure to equip it in your palette. There’s nothing really new to do on Namek, so head straight for the main mission marker, only stopping if you want to learn some new attacks from the Training Ground. When you’re ready, head to the marker to get ready for your first fight.

If high enough in levels, a super dash while flying can instantly defeat random enemies

Goku vs. Recoome

Despite Recoome being a pushover for Goku in the show, he’s a little bit more challenging here in this battle. The reason he’s a bit challenging is because he goes from one Super Attack to another, similar to Vegeta vs. Dodoria. This will give you little chances in getting a combo in, but if you’re smart/quick, Recoome leaves himself open a bit for a Kamehameha when he does Eraser Gun. This means you could do something like a Kamehameha on Recoome at this opportunity. All you can do during Grenade Bomber is dodge, since the camera changes and you can’t see Recoome during this. Play it a little defensively and take shots when they come up, which will eventually lead into your victory.

There will be a short scene after this, then it will bring you into the next fight.

Goku vs. Jeice/Burter

Yep, it’s a two-on-one, with you at a disadvantage here. Of the two enemies before you, Burter is probably the more annoying one, despite Jeice sitting back and pegging you with Ki blasts. Burter doesn’t have much in the way of Super Attacks and the majority of the damage you will probably take from this fight will probably come from being interrupted (as it tends to happen in multiple enemy battles). Burter’s one Super Attack, Mach Kick, is very easy to see and dodge/block, as he will perform a downward slashing kick.

The other one, depending on the circumstances, might be a little harder to dodge. Sonic Slash will have Burter doing a very quick teleport behind you, then deliver an elbow that knocks you down towards the ground. This attack is done so quickly, you might not even notice that it’s a Super Attack, especially since some of the names don’t show up all the time when fighting multiple enemies at the same time. With Burter gone, you can concentrate on Jeice, who doesn’t have much in the way of attacks.

(1 of 2) Sonic Slash is very quick and you likely won't know it's coming

Sonic Slash is very quick and you likely won't know it's coming (left), Look for the red line to know when Crusher Ball is coming (right)

As already mentioned, he tends to stick back and fire off Ki blasts, and he really only has a single Super Attack to watch out for. That attack is called Crusher Ball, where Jeice will send a ball of energy at you at high speed. Note that this move tracks you a little bit, but you can easily avoid it by continuously dodging in a single direction. He does have Meteor Crusher, which is a melee attack that will attempt to knock you down toward the ground, but you should be more than competent enough to dodge out of the way.

After the battle is over, there will be another scene, then you’ll be in control of Goku, with Vegeta as a support character. Head to the next marker on your map, where you’ll run into Captain Ginyu and Jeice. This leads into the next fight and while you may think it’ll be even, Vegeta has his own ideas and runs off, leaving you alone.

Goku vs. Captain Ginyu/Jeice

First and foremost, Jeice is the exact same as in the previous battle, so there’s nothing new with him. He should be your primary target for this battle, though, since it’ll give you a chance to become accustomed to Ginyu’s moves without having to worry about a stray Ki blast hitting you. Of course, Ginyu has other plans, as he can be fairly aggressive here, not giving you a lot of time to pummel on Jeice. Therefore, something like the Meteor Smash can be a good idea to use here, since it gives you some free damage by using a follow-up attack.

Once you finally defeat Jeice, it’ll be one-on-one with Captain Ginyu, who is still a nuisance, due to his aggressive fighting style. He likes to get in close to perform a melee combo, and will sometimes throw a couple of Ki blasts at you from far away. His main Super Attack during the battle is called Milky Cannon, where Ginyu shoots a larger purple Ki blast at you that is pretty fast and with no charge up time, unlike Jeice’s Crusher Ball. You can either block it or keep dodging to one side to avoid it.

The other Super Attack is something you might not even see, since Ginyu does a charging move, similar to Dodoria. If he hits you with the charging attack, then you will see Cross Chop. There will be a slight delay between getting hit with the charge and the attack coming out, so be prepared for that. Cross Chop is a series of two quick melee hits, then an X-shaped melee move that knocks you downward. As long as you either block or dodge the charge, then Ginyu will never use this Super Attack, so it’s possible you might not even see it in action.

(1 of 3) Ginyu will interrupt you constantly when going after Jeice

There’s no doubt this is a more challenging battle than the previous one, since you have to worry about Ginyu’s aggressiveness. Still, concentrating on Jeice might be the better option at first, either by using your own Super Attacks without any combos. Meteor Smash is especially helpful, simply because you can get free damage from the follow-up attack and you can’t be damaged during it. Once Jeice is gone, Ginyu is a lot more manageable, but can still be bothersome, so don’t let down your guard.

When you’ve won, watch the cutscene after the battle and you’ll witness the “Super Saiyan” term thrown around again. It seems Frieza is really afraid of this so called Super Saiyan. You may think that Ginyu is finished, but he still has one more trick up his sleeve…

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