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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Kami's Successor

Jarrod Garripoli

Krillin, smitten by the random kiss from earlier, decides against deactivating Android 18 and destroys it instead. More events happen and Cell finally finds Android 18, absorbing her and becoming Perfect Cell. Vegeta, curious about this new form’s power, eggs Cell into another fight.

Vegeta vs. Perfect Cell

Once again, Cell is largely the same, even though he has achieved “perfection.” You will see him using Kamehameha often, but he does have some new moves available, like Assault Rush. This is a melee move and something you’ve seen before, but it’s a bit on the rarer side. Cell will start by charging towards you and unleashing a flurry of kicks, then end it with a 360 degree kick. Also, Perfect Cell appears to have a larger barrier-like thing that pushes you away, instead of the tiny normal push-away maneuver.

(1 of 2) Watch out for the flurry of kicks with Cell’s one attack

Watch out for the flurry of kicks with Cell’s one attack (left), Cell’s pushaway move seems a bit different than usual (right)

Cell also has Consecutive Energy Blast here, so be on the lookout and keep dodging in a single direction to avoid all of the Ki blasts. It should be noted that Impact Smash is a two-hit melee attack, with a delay between the first and second hit. Also, the super armor move that all major enemies tend to have that will stun you for a few seconds (the faint aura, instead of charging up their Ki) is now a two-parter maneuver with Cell. That means you want to keep blocking after the initial hit. Also, Cell definitely seems a little more aggressive than usual, as he tends to use a lot more Super Attacks.

After the battle is over, you see just how powerful Cell is in his perfected form. Both Vegeta and Trunks are no match for him, but Cell, ever curious in testing his newfound strength, decides to forgo killing Trunks and wants to hold a tournament ten days from now. There will be another scene after this, then it’s back to Gohan and Goku in the Time Chamber. It’s time for another training session between father and son.

Gohan vs. Goku (2)

There’s nothing different in this sparring session from the last one, except both you and Goku are Super Saiyans. You should be able to be a good bit more aggressive, only stopping whenever you see Goku charge up for a Super Attack. That’s about all there is to this rematch.

Cell has announced to the world his tournament and what happens if he beats all participants. Also, back on Kami’s Lookout, Goku and Gohan exit the Time Chamber a little earlier than planned. After learning about everything that’s happened, Goku goes to meet up with Cell on his own. They have a little conversation, then Goku goes back up to Kami’s Lookout. He talks about how he and Gohan are going to train outside of the Time Chamber, then go off on their own.

Goku and Gohan will be outside of their house now, when Chi-Chi calls Goku inside. Before doing that, check the Story tab in the menu to see that there are four new Substories available for you to do. All of the require Goku as the playable character, so let’s do them now. To begin, travel to Kame House for the first one.


After reminiscing about the training they used to do when younger, Master Roshi suggests that Goku and Krilling do some sparring to see how much they’ve grown. There’s nothing really to say about Krillin, other than that he hasn’t change one single bit. The only Super Attack he seems to do is Kamehameha and that’s about the extent of his repertoire. It should be super easy to win this fight.

It’s easy to break Krillin, as he isn’t very aggressive at all

Objective Reward
Showed Roshi how much you’ve grown 116,001 EXP, D Medal (x5), Card 039 (x1), Select Beast Meat (x3), Frozen Rabbit Meat (x2), Fatty Giant Fish (x2)

The next substory will take you to the Far Southern Islands Area, so travel there next.

Between Worlds

Goku, looking for strong opponents to train against, finds Baba and she says she knows where some are located. Although it sounds like you’ll just be facing a single enemy, there will be three markers on your map. Each of these is a group of enemies you must defeat, although they are nothing more than Frieza Force goons. To add onto the simplicity of this, you do have a higher leveled Gohan as a support character throughout this, so it makes things a lot easier and a little more fair. Once you defeat all three sets, return to Baba to finish the substory.

The little drone-type enemies can be a nuisance sometimes

Objective Reward
Fought the strong enemies 136,715 EXP, D Medal (x2), Super Awesome Book for Grown-Ups (x1), Fortuneteller Baba’s Soul Emblem

Next up on the list is the substory in the Sacred Land of Korin, so travel to that area.

Not Too Quick on the Uptake

Pilaf and his little gang are up to their old tricks, when Goku comes in and says hello. Trying to trick him, they ask him to retrieve a lost capsule of theirs. Being the clueless, but lovable, idiot that he is, offers to help them. Head slightly northwest of Pilaf and locate the only rock formation that’s fully inside of the circle on your map. It’s towards the southwestern side of the circle on your map, with the purple orb being on the southwestern side of the rock formation. Bring this back to Pilaf to complete the substory. Note that after it is over, you will have to fight some robots Pilaf sic on you. These are the same robots you’ve been fighting since the beginning of the game, so they are nothing special.

Objective Reward
Retrieved the lost capsule 116,001 EXP, D Medal (x2), Ultra Brain Bread (x1)

The last substory you will be doing right now is located in the North Mountains Area, so travel to that location.

Friends Forever

While gathering some firewood, Eighter notices that the computer inside of his body is acting up, so he wants your help in fixing it. Goku decides to ask Dr. Briefs, but he mentions that he’ll need the specs for Eighter, as he’s a pretty old type of android. Return to the North Mountains Area and go back to Dr. Gero’s destroyed lab. You should see some purple orbs there (look from the air), so go ahead and collect them until you get the Burnt Files. This might be random, so grab all three just in case. Upon collecting it, a Red Ribbon robot shows up, triggering a fight. It’s only a single robot and two small drones. Take them out and you will automatically return to Capsule Corp, bringing an end to the substory.

Keep collecting the orbs until you get the files

Objective Reward
Helped fix Eighter 136,715 EXP, D Medal (x5), Ultra Brain Bread (x1)

To continue the main story, head back to Goku’s house and enter it, talking to Chi-Chi. She wants to go on a little outing with the entire family, so she tasks you with getting some meat and fish. Specifically, she wants 3 Select Beast Meats, 2 Frozen Rabbit Meats, and 2 Fatty Giant Fish. The ironic thing about this is that if you completed the Master substory listed above, then the rewards from that are exactly the right amounts to not have to go hunting yourself. If you didn’t do it, then you can get the Frozen Rabbit Meats from the ice chunks in the North Mountains Area. You can find some deer northeast of Goku’s house, so there goes your Select Beast Meat. There is a fishing spot in the same vicinity, so grab some fish until you get the Fatty Giant Fish there.

Once you have everything, return to Goku’s house, enter it and hand over the items to Chi-Chi. While they reminisce over some old times, Gohan thinks about stepping out and leaving his mother and father alone. They end up going off on their own, and you’ll take control of Gohan now. Figuring out what to do on his own, Gohan receives a phone call from Bulma, who needs some help in procuring the items needed to fix Android 16. You will need three pieces of Memorite, but once you step outside, you will notice the familiar blue marker, meaning there are some new Substories available. There are two right now, with one of them being in the same region as you are right now, so let’s take care of that one first.

(1 of 2) Keep fishing near Goku’s house until you get the right item

Keep fishing near Goku’s house until you get the right item (left), It shouldn’t take long to get the beast meats from the animals (right)

Crane School Scouting

Master Shen is looking for ways to recruit more students for his school of martial arts, but can’t think of anything, with Mercenary Tao suggesting using force. They try to convince Gohan to join, but his lack of focus on an answer leads them to summoning some robots to try and force him. The Tao Pai Pai Machines, of which there’s three in total, are nothing new and the same ones you’ve been fighting up until this point. Destroy them all and the sub-story will be complete.

Objective Reward
Stopped Master Shen’s evil recruitment methods 127,814 EXP, D Medal (x1), Super Awesome Book for Grown-Ups (x1)

For the other substory, you will need to travel to Kami’s Lookout and speak with Piccolo there to begin it.

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

Piccolo is looking to test his power and wants to try his hands at a Super Saiyan. You should have a good idea how Piccolo fights, since you’ve controlled him a bunch by this point in the game. He will use an upgraded Special Beam Cannon (the Super version), so it will be a little thicker than the normal one. He also has access to Demon Flash Strike, the one move where he charges straight at you to knock you backwards. Other than that, though, Piccolo is a fairly easy fight, as you can simply dodge the Beam Cannon and counter with your own beam attack. Win the fight and you’re finished with this substory.

Objective Reward
Sparred with Piccolo 121,766 EXP, Super Sacred Text of Martial Arts (x1), Card 042 (x1), Fancy Wristwatch (x1)

Back to the main story, travel back to the area with Goku’s house, as that is where you’ll find the three Memorites to fix Android 16. The three items are located on the tall rock formations to the east of Goku’s house, and of course, you just need to be on the lookout for the familiar purple orbs. It’s tough to pinpoint each one by text, so check out the screenshots below to locate them. Remember that you can use your Ki-searching ability to get a better read on their locations. Once you have all three Memorites, return to West City and you’ll find Bulma in front of Capsule Corp. Android 16 will be repaired, but Bulma and her father want to test out to see if he’s fine.

(1 of 3) The location of one of the Memorites

Exit Capsule Corp and head southeast of the city to the marker, where Android 16 is waiting for you. While Gohan and Android 16 have a conversation, some poachers show up and sic their robots on you. These are the same robots you’ve fought a hundred times already, so they are nothing special. Upon returning to Capsule Corp, you will receive Android 16’s Soul Emblem and some more scenes will happen…

Reviving the Dragon Balls

After witnessing Cell doing more damage, Goku teleports to Kami’s Lookout and asks if Piccolo can split up again to revive the Dragon Balls. This won’t happen, so Goku decides to go to New Namek and ask one of them to come back to become the new guardian for Earth. He brings back Dende and not only does he restore the Dragon Balls, but he actually improves them. As Goku, you now need to gather the Dragon Balls, so head to each region that has them and acquire them all. While doing this, you will notice a new Substory is in the Sacred Land of Korin.

Animorphaline Accident

Korin wants to brew some delicious mushroom tea, but he doesn’t have any of the mushrooms right now, as it was something Master Roshi used to get for him. Travel to the Continent Center Area (where the Cell Games will be held later) and go to the marker, where you will find the cave with the mushrooms. However, there are some Beastmen inside who won’t allow you to get the mushrooms. Goku ends up bringing Oolong back, and you learn the plight of the beastmen. They took some drugs that turned them into the beastmen before you, but they can’t turn back into humans.

(1 of 2) Stick to the water edges to find River Snails

Stick to the water edges to find River Snails (left), Keep capturing golden gazelles until they drop an antler (right)

You will automatically travel to Capsule Corp, so speak with Bulma to learn about this animorphaline drug and how to reverse its effects. Knowing that she can’t help him, Goku decides to head up to Kami’s Lookout and ask Mr. Popo about this. He knows a cure-all, but needs some ingredients before he can concoct it. To be specific, he needs 3 High-Quality Herbs, 4 Meaty River Snails, and a Golden Gazelle Antler. If you highlight a region and press Square/X, you should see a list of ingredients available in that region.

The High-Quality Herbs can be gotten pretty much everywhere, as long as you look in the grassy areas that are out in the open. You can head to Goku’s house and follow the river to find some item drops that yield Meaty River Snails. The Golden Gazelle Antler is likely going to be your most annoying item, as you first need to find a golden gazelle. Central Plains Area will have a golden gazelle north of where you load into the region at Blake Bog; look for the NPC who is mentioning the golden meat. The antler is not the most common of drops, so it might take a while to get it. With all three items, return to Kami’s Lookout and hand them in, then you will automatically do the rest, finishing this substory.

Objective Reward
Retrieved the mushrooms 158,099 EXP, D Medal (x5), All-Purpose Animal Hood (x1)

Once you find the final Dragon Ball, you will return to Dende automatically and also receive Dende’s Soul Emblem. You will finally be ready to continue the main story.

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