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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Getting Ready for Goku

Jarrod Garripoli

It has been seven years since Gohan defeated Cell, with him now being 16 years old. He now goes to school in Satan City, but uses his powers to stop armed robbers by transforming into a Super Saiyan. Donned as the Golden Fighter, many people are gossiping over his true identity and it is here that you will take control of Gohan. While you can explore Satan City, there’s nothing too substantial to be found, but look near the shops to find a NPC that will grant you the Deluxe Pasta Course Recipe. There’s nothing else worth of note, so head to the high school for a scene with Gohan and some classmates.

After the scene is over, you will be playing baseball with Gohan. The Home Run Game, as it’s called, just has you hitting the ball at the correct time. You should not look at the pitcher, as that’s not what you need to pay attention to here. Instead, look at the ball marker and keep your eye on that the whole time. You won’t need to move it around, either, so you are only expected to hit a single button. As the pitch approaches the plate, a ring will appear and get smaller. Once it reaches the size of the baseball icon, then press the button to swing and you should hit the ball. All you have to do is hit the ball once to be able to move onto the next part of the story.

(1 of 2) A circle will appear and shrink when the pitch is coming

A circle will appear and shrink when the pitch is coming (left), The closer you hit it to the red ball, the further Gohan will hit it (right)

The Great Saiyaman

You will automatically appear at Capsule Corporation, where you need to speak with Bulma about the whole “Golden Fighter” situation. Before that, if you check your Story section of the menu, you see that a new Substory is available, but you’re not able to access it right now, so let’s continue with the main story. Speak with Bulma and while she is getting your disguise ready, you need to talk with Trunks. Head into the garden area and look for the door there to find Trunks. After that little conversation is over, as well as the follow up with Vegeta, return to Bulma to get your new disguise.

You will then be back home, with your mother seeing you off, as well as your little brother, Goten. You still can’t travel yet, but with the disguise, you are able to fly once more. As you approach Satan City, there will be a scene with some armed thugs and Videl. After taking care of the ruffians, Video figures out the Great Saiyaman’s identity, so she basically blackmails him by having Gohan teach her how to fly. Plus, she also “encourages” him to enter the next World Martial Arts Tournament. Since you can’t wear a helmet in the tournament, Gohan decides to visit Bulma again to see if she can think of anything. At this point, you actually are able to access the world map, so let’s tackle some Substories, of which there are two new ones in addition to the one from earlier. The first one will be at your house.

Goten’s Growth

Goten is bored and wants to go play, but Chi-Chi is not exactly pleased that he isn’t doing his studies. To help out his mother, Gohan decides to go fishing for her, but Goten wants to tag along. Before heading out, Chi-Chi mentions that she wants you to catch three Blue Fish. You will automatically go to the fishing spot, so it’s time to catch some aquatic creatures. As their name suggests, Blue Fish are blue in color and very easy to tell whenever they come out of the water. However, you have no idea you have one hooked, so it might take a little bit to get three of them.

The Blue Fish are more blue than any other kind

Once you get all three, Goten wants to do one more thing before heading home, which is to fight you. As a fight, Goten is very simple, as the only Super Attack he has is just him charging straight at you (Goten Attack). He does seem a little aggressive at times, but it’s nothing you can’t handle at this point in the game. Upon winning the battle with Goten, the substory will end.

Objective Reward
Helped Goten blow off some steam 190,593 EXP, D Medal (x10), Super Sacred Text of Martial Arts (x1), Card 069 (x1)

The next substory will be northeast of Goku’s house, so head in that direction.

Uninvited Training Partner

Videl needs some help with training for the upcoming tournament, so she’s asking you to do it. After a little training session, you find out that Videl’s father, Mr. Satan, doesn’t know she’s out here with a boy. As you’re speaking with her about this, a robot shows up and triggers a fight with you. This is just a single Skull Robo, so it’ll go down very easy. There will be a few scenes after the fight, but the substory will be complete when you win.

Objective Reward
Helped with Videl’s training 233,941 EXP, D Medal (x10), Prime Golden Wolf Meat (x1), Butterbur Scrape (x4), Shiny Laver (x3)

For the next substory, travel to Lacco Village in the Southeast Islands Area.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Krillin, Android 18 and Marron are enjoying some time to themselves. Marron shows Gohan her treasure, a round stone, when all of a sudden a fish jumps out of the water and steals it from her. It’s your job to retrieve it, which will be done by fishing. The game doesn’t tell you what to do initially, but once you regain control, the right side of the screen says to catch a Blue Fish. So, keep fishing until you catch one of these, after which, you will get the stone. Return it to Marron to finish the substory.

You will automatically receive the stone upon snagging a Blue Fish

Objective Reward
Retrieved Marron’s favorite stone 198,495 EXP, D Medal (x3), Golden Compass (x1), Marron’s Soul Emblem

To continue the main story, travel to West City and approach Capsule Corporation for a short scene with Launch. It seems she has a problem and was going to ask Bulma for some help, but Gohan seems more fit for the role, as defender of justice and all. She was tasked with looking after a farm for Tien, but some monsters showed up to wreak havoc. The farm is located north of Goku’s House, so head there now to find some Saibamen. These are easy enough and you will be finished with Launch’s problem after they’re gone.

With that diversion out of the way, it’s time to return to Capsule Corp. Once you arrive at the doorstep, Trunks comes out to greet you and brings you to his mother. Gohan recites his new problem and Bulma finds a solution, plus you find out that both Vegeta and Goku will be joining the World Tournament. In the latter’s case, Goku is being allowed to return for a single day to participate, so Bulma suggests going and telling everyone the good news. Upon stepping foot outside of Capsule Corp, you will notice some new Substories available, so let’s tackle those first. The first one is right outside of Capsule Corp.

Toughening Up

Trunks is bored and wants you to play with him. He wants you to take him somewhere he can go all out, so Gohan brings him to the spot where he trained with Piccolo. Being all antsy, Trunks runs off without you, so travel to the Central Plains Area to catch up with him. When you get there, you see he was “playing” with the dinosaurs, as evidenced by the one knocked out behind him. Next, he wants to fight with you. Trunks, as a kid, is pretty similar to his Future self, as he has access to Burning Attack and Dive-Bomb Slash Kick. About the only seemingly new move he has is Consecutive Energy Blast, which isn’t exactly new at this point. Once you defeat Trunks, you will be finished with this substory.

(1 of 2) Trunks will use similar attacks as his Future self

Trunks will use similar attacks as his Future self (left), He seems to have learned Consecutive Energy Blast from his father (right)

Objective Reward
Played along with Trunks 243,635 EXP, D Medal (x10), Ultra Sacred Text of Martial Arts (x1)

For the next substory, travel to Satan City in the Southeast Mountains Area.

The Great Ladiesman

Erasa, one of Gohan’s classmates, seems to be getting harassed by some guy. After confronting him, he sics on robots on you, so get ready for the same fight you’ve been doing for much of the game. You have three Skull Robos to defeat, which are nothing new. Once you do bring those robots down, Erasa isn’t quite done with you, as she feels The Great Saiyaman is boyfriend material and she wants to test your driving and sports skills. Your next destination is on your map, so head over there.

If you remember the driving segment from earlier in the game, when Goku was going for his license, then this is the same. You have to drive through 10 checkpoints here, with there being a time limit in between each one. While you shouldn’t really be pressed for time, make sure you take corners tightly and use the green “tunnels,” as they give you a good speed boost. Things can get a little tricky after the sixth checkpoint, though, as you will be going offroad and will need to use a ramp to jump over a large gap. The final checkpoint will be not too far from that gap and you don’t have to use the second ramp to progress.

(1 of 2) Hit the green boosts to gain a good deal of speed

Hit the green boosts to gain a good deal of speed (left), You have to jump the first ramp to clear a large gap (right)

That two things down, with only one more to go, which will be Gohan’s athletic ability. Once you get to the baseball field, you will be performing a home run contest similar to earlier. However, you only get three pitches here, so you will want to hit the ball at least once. Upon doing this, you will complete the substory.

Objective Reward
Protected Erasa from her harasser 206,721 EXP, D Medal (x1), Super Power Protein (x1)

For the final substory right now, travel to Olive Village in the East Ravine Area.

Chiaotzu the Champ

Gohan arrived to talk to Tien about the World Tournament, but instead finds Chiaotzu brooding over something. He is worried that Tien doesn’t need him anymore, since Tien keeps getting stronger and he isn’t. While having a conversation with Gohan, a villager comes up and mentions that some deer are causing problems with the crops. Gohan offers to help, so head south of the village, to the marker. Your goal is to take care of 10 deer, by the same method as you’ve likely been doing until now. There are more than enough deer in the area, so you’re not going to be lost hunting down the final one or anything. Report back to Chiaotzu to finish the substory and receive 5,000 Zeni, as well as 3 High-Quality Carrots and 3 High-Quality Onions.

Objective Reward
Helped Chiaotzu with his problem 215,027 EXP, D Medal (x10), Golden Compass (x1)

With those substories out of the way, it’s time to continue with the main story. Travel to Kame House and approach it to tell them about the tournament and Goku coming back. Of course, enticed by the money, both Krillin and Android 18 will also be joining. Your next stop will be to tell Piccolo, but a new Substory just popped up at Roshi’s home.

Anxious Android

Android 18 seems to be worried about Krillin, since he hasn’t had any luck in finding a job. She wants to cheer him up, but doesn’t know how, so Bulma appears and chimes in by saying the best way to cheer him up is through his stomach. In the end, you will be asked to gather some ingredients and thankfully, they’re not all hard to find. The Frozen Rabbit Meat can be found in the ice blocks in the North Mountain Area, while the River Shrimp and High-Quality Onions can be found near Goku’s house. The former is found along the river, while the latter can be found at the little village that’s nestled in the mountains to the northeast of Goku’s house. Bring all of the ingredients back to Android 18 to finish the substory.

(1 of 2) Look for River Shrimp next to rivers, like near Goku’s house

Look for River Shrimp next to rivers, like near Goku’s house (left), Some fields will have onions, so look in villages (right)

Objective Reward
Helped 18 with cheering up Krillin 206,721 EXP, D Medal (x3), Super Deluxe Meat Course Recipe (x1), High-Quality Milk (x3), Ripe Peach (x3), Ripe Apple (x2), Android 18’s Soul Emblem

Head to Kami’s Lookout to tell Piccolo about Goku and the tournament, then the last stop on the tour will be your own house. Excited about the prize money, Chi-Chi gives her blessing in your entering the tournament. You will begin training for the tournament now, with Goten being your partner.

Gohan vs. Goten

Despite being a Super Saiyan, this fight isn’t really any different than the one you had with Goten during the Goten’s Growth substory. The only move he knows how to do is Goten Attack, where he charges straight at you. Goten is a pretty simple fight and you don’t really need a strategy to beat him.

Goten’s only move is to charge at you, which is easy to block/dodge

After that training session, you will find Videl at your house. She came because she wants to learn how to fly, which she ends up doing after a few sessions. You will also receive Videl’s Soul Emblem at this time. There will be a few more scenes, then you can move onto the next mission.

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