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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Tien's Sacrifice

Jarrod Garripoli

Cell continues his rampage, as he tries to gain enough energy to get to a point where he can absorb Androids 17 and 18. While watching this at Kame House, said androids show up, hoping to find Goku. Not willing to give him up, things devolve into a battle, but not on Roshi’s little island. You will take control of Piccolo at this point, where you will need to fly south to a deserted island. Upon arriving at the marker, the battle will begin.

Piccolo vs. Android 17

Android 17 is not much of a fighter in this game, as he is not very aggressive, so you should be fine by rushing in on your side. Hell Storm is nothing more than your standard Ki attack, except they are a little bigger. Savage Combo, as its name implies, is a two-part melee combo and probably the only attack you might get hit by, since it’ll auto-track you a bit and there is some lag in between the two hits. The main gimmick of Android 17 is Barrier, which is just as it sounds. He will erect a barrier around himself that makes him impervious to all damage, including both ranged and melee attacks. In fact, if you get in close enough, the barrier will just bounce you away. Note that 17 doesn’t seem to move while he’s using Barrier.

(1 of 2) Not only does Barrier block projectiles

Not only does Barrier block projectiles (left), but it also knocks you away if you try melee attacks (right)

So drawn into the battle with Android 17, Piccolo doesn’t notice that Cell has come to the same deserted island. Meanwhile, Bulma has found a way to shut down the androids, bringing the remote to Kame House. While this is going on, back at Cell, he finally manages to absorb Android 17 and evolve into his Semi-Perfect form. Before he has a chance to go after 18, Tien chimes in and keeps Cell at bay with Tri-Beam. Goku steps in to help, teleporting to the scene of the battle, where you will do battle with Cell.

Goku vs. Semi-Perfect Cell

There’s not much difference between this battle and the last time you fought Cell, as he will be using most of the same moves. You’ll find Cell using the Kamehameha, Guided Kamehameha, and even the Special Beam Cannon. The only other moves you will see Cell using are melee attacks, with Impact Smash being a two-hit attack and Sonic Blow being three-hit, if the first hit connects. He seems to be a little more aggressive than in the previous battle, using more Super Attacks, but he’s still not too bad. You can transform into a Super Saiyan and use that to whittle his health down, making sure you keep an eye on your Ki gauge, since that transformation constantly drains it.

Before Cell can do anything about Goku, he manages to grab both Tien and Piccolo and get away unscathed.

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