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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Interplanetary Preps

Jarrod Garripoli

Although the Saiyans were defeated, your victory over them came at a hefty price, as the Dragon Balls were gone. However, they learned that there were another set of Dragon Balls on Planet Namek, so the group made preparations to travel there. At the beginning, you receive a phone call from Bulma, who wants to talk to you about the spaceship. Before you head there, though, there are more substories available for you to complete, so let’s check those off the list before moving into the main story. Step outside and the very first one will be from Chi-Chi’s father, the Ox King, who’s standing right there as you go outside.

Like a Different Person

The Ox King is worried about his daughter, Chi-Chi, so he wants you to go inside the house and see how she’s doing. Go inside and speak to Chi-Chi, who seems to be worried about Gohan, although she doesn’t say this out loud. She just wants to make a hot, home-cooked meal for him, but seems to be low on supplies. Report this back to the Ox King, who will take care of some items, while he wants you to hunt down the Beast Meat and Carrots. If you’ve been picking up ingredients in between story bits earlier, then you likely have these already.

(1 of 2) You can buy Carrots at a food vendor

You can buy Carrots at a food vendor (left), You might have to capture a few deer before getting the Beast Meat (right)

Carrots can be bought from any vendor that sells food items, but for the Beast Meat, you will need to go collect it yourself. Beast Meat drops from deer and if you want an easier time finding those animals, head to the West Forest Area, since you don’t have to worry about any civilization there. Note that since the materials got upgraded, you may not always get the Beast Meat and get Select Beast Meat; you need the base Beast Meat for this substory. You could also get some Carrots from the pick-ups on the ground, saving you some money, but they are inexpensive. Once you have all of the items, bring them back to the Ox King to finish the substory.

Objective Reward
Helped gather the ingredients 5,292 EXP, D Medal (x1), Rose Wheat (x2), Gelatinous Egg (x2)

Before you leave this region, there is one more thing to do, which is to visit Orange City to the north of Goku’s house. As you’re getting close, you should probably notice that there’s a NPC there spouting some stuff about a recipe. He should be right in front of the cooking stand, so talk to him to receive the Ramen & Rice Course Recipe. For the next substory, let’s head to Kame House. There are actually two substories here, but before talking to either NPC, head inside the house to find another Memorial collectible, called Don’t Doubt the Master. Let’s talk to Turtle to begin his substory first.

(1 of 2) The location of this recipe on the map

The location of this recipe on the map (left), The location of the NPC who will give you the recipe (right)

Tough Break for Turtle

Turtle is worried about the food situation on the island, since Roshi gave it all to Goku and it isn’t easy to get ingredients there. Gohan offers to help out by gathering some things, which includes 7 things of Rice, 6 Eggs, and something called a Royal Tomato. The Rice and Eggs can be bought at any food merchant, but the Royal Tomato will be the troublesome item to get. Turtle mentions that there’s a farmer that sells them, and that he’ll mark the location on your map, except it seems that he doesn’t really mark his location.

To begin, return to the world map and head to the region with Goku’s house. There is a farm to the north of his house, where you can find said farmer that grows the Royal Tomatoes. The only problem is that he wants to trade you for them, specifically, for 10 Great Energetic Fish. Speak to him after this to get a clue on how to get the Great Energetic Fish, which is underwater where you see birds. The best place for this is located in the region with Roshi’s place. Fly to the island in the northwest and you should see a NPC spouting “stupid great energetic fish” on the docks. Head underwater here, making sure you keep an eye on your breath meter in the upper left, and collect the shinies until you reach 10 Great Energetic Fish. Once you have them all, bring them back to the farm to receive the Royal Tomato, then take that and the other two items to Turtle to finish the substory.

(1 of 3) The farmer who has the Royal Tomato is north of Goku’s house

Objective Reward
Helped the food situation 7,104 EXP, D Medal (x1), Rice (x2), Bean Paste (x2), Fatty Giant Fish Steak (x3), Meaty River Snail (x3)

You will also receive Turtle’s Soul Emblem from completing the above substory. Thankfully, you don’t have to go very far for the other substory here, as Krillin will give it to you, and he’s on the same island as Turtle.

Wild Imagination

Krillin has thought up a way to train without actually doing it physically, by using your mind. While trying to think of Krillin, Gohan actually ends up thinking of Nappa and has to fight him. Luckily, this isn’t the very powered up Nappa, as he doesn’t seem to have access to all of his skills. It shouldn’t be too bad in taking out Nappa, so do that and you’ll be put into one more fight here, against Krillin. He’s not any different than normal, as it seems he only uses Kamehameha, so you should have no problems against him. Once you’re finished with Krillin, you will be done with this substory.

Objective Reward
Engaged in mental training 6,028 EXP, D Medal (x1), Super Sacred Text of Martial Arts (x1)

There is one more substory available right now, which is right outside of Capsule Corporation in West City. Do not talk to Bulma yet, but instead speak with Oolong to start the substory.

Yamcha’s Alive!

Oolong is a bit spooked, as he thinks he is seeing Yamcha going around and flirting with women, which is odd as he’s supposed to be dead. The first spot you will find Yamcha is to the southeast, by the fountain. Approach him for a scene, then follow him to the next spot, which is to the southwest. The last place you will have to follow Yamcha is right outside of town, but this time, things get a little hairy. You’ll end up having to fight three robots here, which are easy. Once they’re scrap metal, you will be done with this substory.

You’ll just need to track down Yamcha three times for this substory

Objective Reward
Solved the mystery of Yamcha’s ghost 6,028 EXP, D Medal (x1), Awesome Book for Grown-Ups (x1), Fancy Earrings (x1)

With all of those substories out of the way, it’s time to begin tackling the main story again. If you’re not back at Capsule Corporation, return there and speak with Bulma, who is missing a few parts for the spaceship that you’ll be using to travel to Namek. She gives you three items you must get, a Hoverite, a Molluscium, and a Thermiphyte. Thankfully, you won’t have to go far for these items, as they are located to the northwest of Capsule Corp. All three items are close to a small pond/lake, next to a fishing spot. You get a general idea of the location of the items and will need to use your Ki sensing ability to pinpoint their locations.

What you’re looking for here are the purple orbs that count as items. While there are some trees in the way, taking to the skies and looking downward is your best option in finding these parts. For the western circle, look near a large rock at the base of a hill for the item. The item in the eastern zone is located on top of the hill there. The item in the northern circle is located on the hill just situated south of the airway that’s in the zone; it’s on the lower portion of the rocky hill there.

(1 of 3) The location in the western circle

Return to Bulma with the parts and not only will you unlock Bulma’s Soul Emblem, but you will also unlock the Development Community Board. This will be the final one, which focuses on the machines and building part of the game. Basically, if you’re building a machine (something you won’t be able to do until later), then invest your emblems to this board. By talking to Bulma and agreeing that you’re ready, this will be the last opportunity to do stuff on Earth until you finish this portion of the game. Say you’re ready and you’ll finally set off for Planet Namek.

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