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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Gohan's Gumption

Jarrod Garripoli

While taking a break from training, Gohan decides to sneak away and visit home. You’re free to explore the current area, but you’ll need to open your area map, then press the button to bring up the world map. You’re currently in the Central Plains Area, while your house is located in the Southeast Mountains Area. Pick the latter and fly to your house, where you will find someone else waiting for you. Puar is doing some gathering for ingredients, when she is attacked by some enemies.

These Skull Robos are a bit different than the others, as you can see from the sinister crimson auras coming off of them. These are actually called Villainous Enemies and they are more powerful than the normal enemies. For right now, though, these enemies aren’t really any different than the ones you’ve fought up to this point, other than having a little more defense/health. Take care of the new enemies, and Puar will thank you for helping her, which includes giving up Puar’s Soul Emblem.

(1 of 2) Villainous Enemies have a red aura around them

Villainous Enemies have a red aura around them (left), but most of them aren't any different than normal enemies (right)

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Dark Omen

Defeat your first Villainous party.

Trophy icon

At this point, Villainous Enemies can start showing up in various areas, with them being shown on the map as a reddish crown. They will reward you with rare Z Orbs and even rare special items, but as you continue to defeat villainous enemies, more powerful ones will appear. There are no enemies in the current region, and the game wants you to return to Blake Bog, which is in the Central Plains region. Return to that area, noting the red crown marked on your map, and as soon as you enter the region, you will witness another new thing being added.

Bases will now appear on the field and you can destroy them with Ki blasts. The good thing about these bases is that they will yield items upon their destruction, so it’s always good to go around and turn them into rubble. Sometimes, these bases will be guarded by enemies, so keep a lookout for them. Open your map and look to see the two new symbols, one for bases and another for the Villainous Enemies. Feel free to go after the bases right now, if you feel, but avoid the latter. The reason for this, if you search for Ki, is that these Villainous Enemies are around level 30, so they will give you a good whooping.

Once you’re done exploring and doing whatever else, let’s head to the main marker and fight Piccolo another time.

(1 of 2) Use Ki blasts to destroy the bases

Use Ki blasts to destroy the bases (left), Make sure you're close enough to get the items that drop (right)

Gohan vs. Piccolo

This rematch with Gohan and Piccolo is a little bit more challenging than the previous one, but it’s essentially the same fight. Piccolo will shoot some Ki blasts at you periodically, but his Super Attacks will remain the same as the last time. Remember to keep an eye out for when he charges his Ki, as that is when he will usually follow it with Explosive Wave. Don’t forget about your defensive options (Vanish Attack and Burst), as this is a good time to practice them for the upcoming fights. When you’ve won, get ready for the main attraction of this saga.

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