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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Young Man's Identity

Jarrod Garripoli

The party gathers, as they felt a powerful and familiar power approaching the planet. It turns out Frieza’s still alive and he’s set to arrive on Earth any second now, along with another power level that’s similar to his. When you gain control of Gohan, speak with everyone with a mark above their heads, then speak with Vegeta once more, triggering a cutscene of Mecha Frieza and his father, King Cold. However, before they have a chance to do anything, a mysterious youth appears, claiming he will kill them all. This will eventually lead into a battle.

Mysterious Youth vs. Mecha Frieza

You should be well-versed with Frieza’s moves at this point, considering how many times you fought him in the previous story arc. He has pretty much all of his skills, so you’re going to see everything tossed in your direction. You will likely see Death Slicer more often than not, so be prepared to keep moving, knowing that it can be a little difficult to fully dodge it. Death Ball is by far the most dangerous skill from Frieza, as the radius on the explosion is pretty huge. There’s a fair chance that the blast radius from Death Ball will hit you, so don’t be surprised.

Burning Attack will knock off a good chunk of Frieza’s health

The mysterious youth is fairly similar to other characters, as he has melee attacks and ranged ones. Shining Sword Attack is like the spike-down maneuver a few other characters have, which has a follow-up attack, so be prepared for the button prompt after performing it. Similarly, Dive-Bomb Slash Kick is a charge maneuver that also has a follow-up attack. The final attack you see on his list, Burning Attack, is a large Ki blast that deals a lot of damage, so if you manage to get a full combo with knockback, follow it up with this move. While Frieza can be annoying with some of his attacks, he should be relatively easy to defeat.

With the battle over, you witness the mysterious youth make short work of both Frieza and his father, King Cold. You’ll be in control of Gohan for a short bit, so just approach the youth for a quick cutscene. You will need to speak with the youth to continue, but let’s explore the region a little bit. The ingredients and stuff you can gather have been upgraded, so it’s worth it to go around and collect some of these. Of particular note are golden versions of animals, which offer different drops over the normal ones.

When you’re ready to continue, return to the youth and speak with him. Three hours pass and Goku finally returns to Earth (nice outfit), although he doesn’t recognize the young man. When you regain control (of Goku, this time), head over and speak to the young man. Note that Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation is now available for any battle, so be mindful of that from now on. After asking Goku to transform, the youth does the same and wants to battle.

(1 of 2) Make sure you go around and collect ingredients, as some of them are new

Make sure you go around and collect ingredients, as some of them are new (left), Keep a lookout for the golden animals when scavenging, since they give new ingredients (right)

Goku vs. Mysterious Youth

This fight isn’t really any different than if you were controlling the young man, as he has all of the same moves as during the battle with Frieza. The youth can fire some normal Ki blasts, but you really want to watch out for Burning Attack. In addition to the spiking Shining Sword Attack, the youth also has the normal overhand smashing attack that a lot of other enemies have, so be wary of that. There’s not really much else to say, so continue the fight until you win.

Once you win, the mysterious youth tells you everything. His name is Trunks and he has come from 20 years into the future. He came to the past to warn Goku about an impending doom in three years, when some crazy strong androids will wreak havoc on the Earth. Also, he warns Goku about his death to a severe heart virus and gives him some medicine that will help when the time is needed. It looks like everyone is going to have to train for the upcoming battle…

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