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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Vegeta's Rampage

Jarrod Garripoli

With Frieza’s scouters gone now, Vegeta makes his move and begins going after the remaining Dragon Balls to get them out of Frieza’s hands. Of course, Gohan and Krillin have the same plan, as keeping the wish from both Frieza and Vegeta is probably for the best. Some more scenes happen and you will be in control of Vegeta once more, with your goal to go confront Zarbon, who seems to be away from Frieza. As before, your range for exploring is still limited, so head straight for the marker to get into a fight with Zarbon.

Vegeta vs. Zarbon

Zarbon is a fairly easy fight, similar to Dodoria, but his one Super Attack can be annoying to avoid. Bloody Dance will have Zarbon charge you, then unleash a flurry of kicks and ending it with a 360 degree kick (similar to Raditz’s Cyclone Monday). Dodging this skill can be a little difficult, due to the frequency of the kicks at the beginning. The best thing to do is probably dodge backwards, away from Zarbon. You could potentially use Burst to push him away or try a Vanish Attack to knock him out of the move, but that’s a bit riskier and could lead to you getting caught up in it if it doesn’t work.

Thankfully, the range is pretty short for the flurry of kicks, so it’s not too hard to move out of range of those, at least. The other Super Attack that Zarbon has is called Wild Blaster, which is a very quick Ki blast. You might not have time to react to it at points, so your only choice will be to block it. You will sometimes see Zarbon do two Wild Blasters in a row, so be ready for those before moving in to get some hits on him.

It’s easy to get caught in Zarbon’s Bloody Dance attack

With the Zarbon fight over with, he will transform and give Vegeta a taste of pain. Because Vegeta hid one of the Dragon Balls, Zarbon brings him back to heal him up and get some answers. Meanwhile, Dende brings Krillin to meet with Grand Elder Guru, who speaks to him about some things and unlocks the hidden potential resting within himself. Once this conversation is over, you will unlock Guru’s Soul Emblem.

Hunt for the Dragon Balls

The game will now cut back over to Gohan, who is with Bulma. She points out the one Dragon Ball that Krillin has, as well as the five that Frieza has in his possession. The outlier comes from a single Dragon Ball that is close to the village where Vegeta was located, although he’s not there anymore. Once you gain control of Gohan, that will be your destination. Note that there are machines inside of the cave, in case you need to purchase any items or food, with the other food capable of cooking a few meals. Now that you have control of Gohan, take a look at your map and you will notice that there’s a new Substory available, so let’s head there.

Victimized Namekian

A Namekian child is being harassed by some of Frieza’s soldiers, so Gohan takes it into his hands to save the child from them. If you’ve been doing the random battles on the map, then this should be nothing new to you. If not, then the soldiers can be a little annoying, as they’re a little more aggressive in attacking you over the robots on Earth. The most troublesome move is the Ki blasts that are spread out. With those idiots out of the way, you return to the Namekian, but he doesn’t seem to trust you.

You offer him some water, but his body doesn’t seem to want it, so you go to get him some Namekian Fruit. There’s four fruits in the circle on your map, all of which are the purple orbs. Two of them are on the same island as the child, near some trees, while the other two are on the smaller island nearby. Return to the kid to bring him the fruit, then you will have one more task to do. Fly back to Bulma to see what she has to say on the situation, with her saying it might be due to all of the stress. You will return to the child and that’ll bring an end to the substory.

(1 of 3) The location of one of the fruits

Objective Reward
Helped the Namekian child 7,903 EXP, D Medal (x1), Master Korin Plush (x1)

Now that you got that out of the way, let’s head to the main mission marker, where you see the destruction that Vegeta sowed on the poor Namekian village. There’s nothing here, so hunt down the Dragon Ball, which is in the nearby water. Approach it underwater for a couple of scenes, after which, you will return to playing as Vegeta. You’re giving chase after Krillin, who has the last Dragon Ball he needs, with Zarbon chasing after you. Before heading straight there, you can stop by the Training Ground that’s not too far off and learn Rapid-Fire Ki Wave with Vegeta (only a recommended level of 20, compared to Massive Strike, which is 35). You should also be able to upgrade a few of his Super Attacks via the Skill Tree, if you weren’t able to before.

Let’s go ahead and advance the story, so travel to the mission marker for a quick scene, then it’s time to fight Zarbon again.

Vegeta vs. Transformed Zarbon

Zarbon starts out in his transformed state and he’s definitely more challenging than in the previous battle. He has the same two Super Attacks as last time, but gains a few extra during this fight. Wild Headbutt will have Zarbon float higher for a second, then charge you. This is similar to Dodoria’s Head Ram, but it doesn’t overshoot you, as Zarbon will usually stop should he miss you. It’s not particularly difficult to dodge either, so keep an eye out for the marker on your screen to know when it’s coming.

Similar to the past few major enemies, Zarbon can go into a rage mode, where he will perform Super Attacks one after another without hesitation. However, this rage mode will unveil a new skill, called Shooting Star Arrow. This starts with a cutscene-like attack of Zarbon shooting a Ki blast into the air, with the camera changing angles so that you will control Vegeta from a top-down perspective. While moving around, Ki blasts will fall down from the sky, but this is just a bit of a ploy. While you’re concentrating on the Ki blasts, Zarbon will fly towards you and if he manages to catch you, then he will grab and slam you into the ground.

(1 of 5) Zarbon’s super move will rain Ki blasts from the sky

This can be pretty difficult to dodge, since you might not know where Zarbon comes from while trying to dodge the falling Ki blasts. The best bet to avoid being grabbed is to start dodging in a giant circle, especially if you notice Zarbon coming towards you. If you can manage to dodge Zarbon the entire time, then you will hit him at the end of the move, dealing some good damage to him instead.

That’s another of Frieza’s goons gone, with Vegeta coercing Krillin into giving him the Dragon Ball after the battle is over. The game then cuts over to Gohan, who is heading back to Bulma and Krillin. Fly straight towards the marker and about halfway there, you will run into Vegeta. Watch the scenes that follow, bringing an end to this story mission.

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