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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Another Time Machine?!

Jarrod Garripoli

With Android 19 taken care of, Android 20 takes off and tries to lose everyone in the rocks. He succeeds in this and you are given control of Piccolo, who must check in with everyone to get some info. Being mindful of the random encounters, fly to each of the markers and speak with everyone to find out that they haven’t set sights on Android 20. Upon speaking with the fourth character, there will be a cutscene where Piccolo gets ambushed by Android 20. Thanks to some quick thinking, Gohan comes to rescue Piccolo and the battle against Android 20 begins.

Piccolo vs. Android 20

As you might have guessed, Android 20 has similar abilities to Android 19, although he will use Absorption Mode a lot more often. This means you want to sparingly use Ki attacks to avoid having them be used to fill 20’s health back up. Thankfully, you will know when Absorption Mode runs out, since Android 20 uses the same aura as 19. For the other two Super Attacks, Photon Wave is a thin beam attack that he can move sideways a little bit, similar to Recoome’s Eraser Gun, although not as prominent. The other Super Attack is called Energy Drain, where Android 20 will dash towards you and attempt to grab you.

(1 of 2) If 20 lands Energy Drain, he will recover some health

If 20 lands Energy Drain, he will recover some health (left), During his surge, 20 will fire a much bigger Photon Wave (right)

Should he happen to get you, then not only will you take damage and 20 heal himself, but your entire Ki bar will be emptied. Naturally, you want to dodge this at all costs, but it’s safe knowing that it’s fairly easy to avoid. Android 20 has a rage mode, similar to other major enemies, where he will push you away and do a bunch of Super Attacks one after another. Since he has so few of these, though, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Note that he will finish this rage mode by shooting a more powerful version of Photon Wave, which is bigger than normal and lasts longer. Also, when he begins the surge mode, he will launch a bunch of energy orbs around him, making it a little more difficult to move.

Upon winning the battle, some scenes will take place and Android 20 will get away once again. You end up finding out that he might be Dr. Gero, as well as a possible location for his lab. In fact, the two androids you fought weren’t the same ones that Future Trunks was dealing with, making the current situation that Gero is going to activate them, much more urgent. Your next goal is to head toward Darlinge Polynya on the world map, so open it up to see the North Mountains Area is now available. This is where you need to go, so travel to the new region.

When you arrive in the snowy region, you should see the mission marker straight ahead, but there’s a few new items you can grab while exploring this place. There is a new type of animal here, the reindeer, which yields a new type of meat, so look for the NPC that mentions it and grab some. The other thing you might want to keep an eye out for are large ice boulders that show up as purple objects whenever you use your Ki-searching ability. Break these open to receive some Frozen Rabbit Meat; this will be important for a later story mission. When you’re done exploring and ready to continue the main story, head to the red marker and look for a small open on the cliffside to actually begin the next cutscene.

(1 of 2) Reindeers in the North Mountains Area yield new ingredients

Reindeers in the North Mountains Area yield new ingredients (left), The large ice chunks that show up when Ki-searching will give you Frozen Rabbit Meat (right)

You’re introduced to Androids 17 and 18, as well as a new one not seen by Trunks before, Android 16. However, they are uninterested in the current party and decide to go after Goku, their prime directive. You’ll be in control of Vegeta now, whose Big Bang Attack is now available, so if you want it, place it on your Super Attack palette. Head to the mission marker to find the androids, and prompting the first battle with them.

Vegeta vs. Android 18

Android 18 can be a challenging fight, as she will gain super armor quite often later on and some of her attacks can be a little tricky to dodge. Ultimate Blaster is Android 18’s main move that you will be seeing a lot. This is a Ki attack, where she shoots out a bunch of Ki blasts in a shotgun-like formation. Note that she is able to turn while performing this attack, but it’s easily avoidable if you keep moving in one direction. Palm Smash is a melee attack, with 18 just charging forward and striking you with her hand. As long as you keep moving, though, you should be dodging this with relative ease.

Another move that Android 18 has is called Sadistic 18. This seems to start off as a melee attack, but should it hit you, you will be comboed and hit with a Ki beam. It is best to block this, but it might follow a Palm Smash and the initial move is very quick. At some point during the battle, you will see a cut-in on Android 18’s face as she does Ultimate Blaster. This one is a bit different than the normal one, as Android 18 will teleport twice during this move, meaning it might become a lot harder to dodge because of where she goes. At some point, Android 18 will push you away if you’re close to her and enter a Surge-like mode, where she will chain together Super Attacks one after another. Your best bet during this would be to just dodge all of the attacks.

(1 of 2) Get hit by Sadistic 18 to have a combo unleashed on you

Get hit by Sadistic 18 to have a combo unleashed on you (left), The close-up of 18’s face for Ultimate Blaster indicates she will use the teleporting variant (right)

With the fight over, watch the scenes afterwards and when those are complete, you will be in control of Trunks. Your goal is to go to Goku’s house, but before doing that, there is a single new substory available, in the same region you regained control. Go to the marker to find Eighter, who has a little problem on his hands.

Your Friend Is My Friend

Eighter is arguing with some poachers, who are going after the dinosaurs, which is where you step into play. The poachers have already sent out their hunter robots, so you will need to defeat all of them. There are two sets of enemies, with them being the same robots you have fought a million times up until this point in the game. Once you have defeated both sets, return to Eighter to finish the substory.

Trunks’ Burning Attack has a good area of effect to hit more than one robot

Objective Reward
Stopped the poachers 70,842 EXP, D Medal (x1), Ultra Brain Bread (x1)

That’s all the optional content for now, so let’s head on over to Goku’s house. As they arrive, they prepare to transfer Goku to Roshi’s place, to avoid the androids from hunting him down at his own place. While in transport and talking to Bulma, the party learns of another time machine. When the scenes are over, you will be in control of Trunks near Roshi’s house, with Gohan as a support character. Go to the world map and travel to West City. Fly to the marker on your map to find the other time machine, with the mysteries just piling up.

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