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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Jarrod Garripoli

Knowing the dangers that are forthcoming, Kami resolves his powers as the guardian of the Earth and knows his time as a warrior is coming once again. With the scenes over, you are in control of Piccolo and right in front of Kami’s Lookout. Approach Kami and he will eventually ask you some questions. Although you can choose wrong answers, Kami will just ask you the same question over again. For the sake of this walkthrough, pick the following responses:

  • Nonsense. Now is the time.
  • The Dragon Balls? Not an issue.

Answer both with the above responses to see Piccolo finally reuniting with Kami, then you’ll be in control again. You will need to head to Gingertown, as that is where the monster that is wreaking havoc was last seen. Luckily, that is also where you will find the new, lone substory that’s now become available.

Close Encounters of the Troublesome Kind

In order for this substory to be available, you need to have finished both Tourists in Trouble and Rogue Chef Melone back on Namek. The alien couple from Tourists in Trouble have come to Earth to feast on a dangerous monster, but considering they aren’t very strong, Piccolo offers to locate this durasaurus for them. When you have control, open your world map and travel to Gizard Wasteland, as that is where the dinosaur will be located. Head to the marker on your map and look for a differently-colored dinosaur roaming around the map. This will be the durasaurus and it’s not much different than the normal dinosaurs.

The durasaurus is nothing but a normal dinosaur, but with more health

You will need to use Ki blasts to whittle its health down, while it will still charge at you and knock you back (without health loss, of course). The durasaurus is quite meaty compared to the regular dinosaurs, though, so it will take a while in order to empty its health bar. Note that sticking to the air makes it a lot simpler and should avoid its charge, so you won’t get knocked back that way. Once you get the meat, you will automatically return to the alien couple to see someone bothering them. This is a Frieza Force soldier, with you battling them, but they are literally a pushover. It turns out this is Melone, the chef from Namek, and he’s been hired by the couple to escort them around the universe. Well, you’re finished with the substory now.

Objective Reward
Hunted the dinosaur 79,713 EXP, D Medal (x1), Porunga Plush (x1), Fancy Ring (x1)

Note that Melone will hand you an Ultimate Fruit Juice for your troubles, once you receive your normal rewards from the above substory. With that over with, you’re right next to Gingertown, which is where you need to go for the main story. Head to the marker and you will meet with mysterious monster, although Piccolo detects energy readings from some familiar faces within him. It’s time to fight this mysterious monster.

Piccolo vs. Mysterious Monster

Considering what Piccolo felt before this battle, you should have a good idea what kind of moves to expect. This Mysterious Monster mostly has moves from other characters in the game, like Goku and Piccolo. Thus, you will see the likes of the Kamehameha, the Guided Kamehameha and even Special Beam Cannon. He also has access to Solar Flare and while it doesn’t do any damage, you will be temporarily incapacitated and it could lead to some big damage. The only move that isn’t taken from another character is called Absorption, which functions similarly to Androids 19 and 20. This starts out as a melee attack and if you get hit, then the Monster will regain some health from draining yours.

(1 of 2) Most of the monster's attacks are those you've seen a hundred times by now

Most of the monster's attacks are those you've seen a hundred times by now (left), He also has a drain attack, like Android 20 (right)

Once you’ve won the fight, you will learn the identity of this mysterious monster. His name is Cell and he is an android, similar to the ones you fought previously. He came to this time because of Androids 17 and 18, who he must absorb in order to achieve his perfect form. He ends up getting away, though, leaving things in a dire situation. While Vegeta continues to be Vegeta, Trunks and Krillin come up with an idea to destroy the underground facility where Cell is being formed, while Tien and Piccolo search for Cell.

You will now be in control of Trunks, with Krillin acting as a support character. Travel to the North Mountains Area and fly to Dr. Gero’s lab, where Trunks has an idea to search the lab before destroying it. This leads to a discovery of the androids’ blueprints, which Krillin will bring back to Bulma. A few days pass and Cell’s rampage continues, but something good comes into light, as Goku finally recovers from his illness. He says he needs to train before being able to take on Cell and the androids, so he has an idea to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Once you regain control, head to Gizard Wasteland and to the mission marker to find Vegeta and Trunks.

You’ll automatically go to Kami’s Lookout, so approach Popo for a quick scene, then Vegeta and Trunks will be inside the Time Chamber. The first part of the training will commence, with you controlling Vegeta.

Vegeta vs. Trunks

Trunks doesn’t have anything new in his arsenal from previous battles or when you played as him. His most dangerous maneuver is probably still Burning Attack, as it is a huge explosion, although it doesn’t seem the hitbox is the entire thing. Shining Sword Attack is a melee move, where Trunks will slam you towards the ground; this is super easy to avoid, as it isn’t very quick. The only other thing that might prove a little troublesome is Dive-Bomb Slash Kick, another melee move, which is pretty quick, so you might not have a lot of time to react. Note that it’s possible that Trunks might be a pretty lower level than Vegeta, so his attacks might not do a whole lot of damage.

(1 of 2) Burning Attack is the hardest move to dodge of Trunks'

Burning Attack is the hardest move to dodge of Trunks' (left), Dive-Bomb Slash Kick comes out pretty quickly (right)

There will be a few more scenes after completing the training session.

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