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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The End

Jarrod Garripoli

In the Land of the Kais, we hear that Gohan is having trouble with Super Buu. The Elder Kai wants Goku to go help him and is willing to offer up his life, so Goku can head back to Earth. Before Goku leaves, the Elder Kai hand over his Potaro earrings, which function the same as the fusion dance, but without an apparent time limit. Back on Earth, Goku tries to fuse with Gohan, but fails. Before he gets pummeled by Buu, Goku senses someone else and it turns out to be Vegeta. Goku finally manages to convince him to fuse, forming Vegito and triggering the next fight (with an awesome transition into said fight).

Vegito vs. Super Buu

Super Buu is definitely very similar from previous battles, maintaining all of the same moves from the last fight with Gohan, with the addition of one more move. If you remember Gotenks’ special moves, then you should remember the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Unlike Gotenks, who only summoned three ghosts, Super Buu will use five ghosts. The problem with these is that they will fly around and continually chase after you, until they finally hit you and explode, causing a decent chunk of damage. It’s not entirely sure how long they last, as concentrating on Buu will make it hard to know where the ghosts are located.

(1 of 2) Buu can use the Kamikaze Ghosts against you, and they are super annoying to dodge

Buu can use the Kamikaze Ghosts against you, and they are super annoying to dodge (left), Spirit Sword is a melee attack that hits more if the first hit connects (right)

Since Vegito is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta, he’ll have two moves borrowed from them (Big Bang Attack and Kamehameha), as well as two new skills. Split Finger Shot is just a Ki attack that is split into five shots initially that converge on the target shortly after being released. Spirit Sword is a melee attack that, should it connect, will unleash a combo of slashes. Other than having fun with Vegito and getting used to his style, the fight is largely the same, other than the annoying Kamikaze Ghosts.

With that fight over with, Vegito puts into action a new plan, which works. This allows him to go inside Buu and free the others, but something seems to be wrong with Buu. You’ll eventually gain control of Goku here and as you approach Buu, you get a warning that the final battle is about to begin. When you’re ready, continue the game and you see that Buu’s form has gotten smaller. It turns out this form is his basic form and the most evil one. They end up in the Land of the Kais, with Kid Buu following them. This will lead to a battle between Goku and Kid Buu.

Goku vs. Kid Buu

Early on in the battle, Kid Buu will use Split to form three clones of himself. This will be similar to the clones summoned forth by Cell during that fight. All three clones have a single health bar and it’s a good idea to go after them first, as things can get pretty hectic with four opponents spamming you with moves. When you’re finished with the clones, you can finally concentrate on Kid Buu. He’ll have some new moves, one of which you likely saw a lot of during the clones phase. Rolling Attack is literally just Kid Buu charging straight at you, almost like he was a wheel on a car. You can easily avoid taking damage by holding the left stick left or right, as the turning on the move isn’t that great.

(1 of 3) Kid Buu will summon some clones at the beginning of the battle

You just want to be careful, though, as Buu will usually perform a few of these in a row, so be prepared to dodge. Aside from that, Buu has access to the normal Kamehameha beam attack, as well as a special version, with a meter. Should the latter pop up, quickly make your way to him and pummel him until the meter is empty and the move is cancelled. Doing this right will give you a chance for a follow-up, so pay close attention for the button prompt, as the follow-up attack does some great damage. Another new move Kid Buu has is called Infinity Buster, where he will shoot a bunch of Ki blasts in your direction, some small and some large.

The best way to avoid damage with Infinity Buster is to move slowly to the right or left, as dodging constantly to either side seems to make you get hit by a few stray shots. Candy Beam returns, which was absent with Super Buu, and it does seem to have a slightly longer range than before, but it’s easily avoidable by hanging back. When Kid Buu’s health gets low enough, he will initiate Surge mode and perform back to back Super Attacks. The final move of his surge is called Planet Burst and is similar to Nappa’s Giant Storm. You will be inside a giant attack marker and if you’re still inside when Buu unleashes the attack, then you will take heavy damage. If you manage to get out of the attack range, then you won’t take any damage. You’ll know you’re still inside, as there is a short cinematic.

Note that it appears Kid Buu can use Planet Burst outside of surge mode, so be ready to quickly get out of its range before you’re caught. Overall, this can be a challenging battle, as Kid Buu can keep the pressure on you at times. He does seem to have a lot of health, though, so this will also be a long fight. Eventually, though, you will bring him down and be able to continue.

(1 of 3) Planet Burst is pretty much Buu’s signature attack in this fight

With a compliment coming from Vegeta, Goku’s battle with Buu continues in the background. Some more scenes will play out and in order to help Goku gather enough energy, you will now be fighting Kid Buu as Vegeta.

Vegeta vs. Kid Buu

For the most part, this battle is pretty much the same as the previous one, as Buu retains the majority of the same skills. This includes Planet Burst, which he can do randomly outside of the surge mode, so be ready to run to get out of its range. One new move up his sleeve is called Calamity Blaster, which is a melee attack that if it hits you, he will follow up with a Ki blast to your face (it’s cinematic). So, you can block the initial hit to completely avoid this move. Likewise, the only other new move from Kid Buu is called Angry Shout. The name says it all, as Buu will perform a large shout that will stun you, should it hit. Like the previous attack, blocking will void it and Angry Shout does no damage whatsoever. Outside of those two moves, which aren’t used quite often, Kid Buu is largely the same as with Goku.

Things don’t go according to Goku’s plan, but Vegeta has one of his own. Watch the length cutscene here that showcases Vegeta’s brilliant strategy, although there is a slight hitch in it. To buy some time, Vegeta decides to battle Kid Buu one final time. However, this battle is the exact same as the previous one, down to having the same moves. There is nothing different, so utilize the same strategies as last time to finish it. More scenes will occur, then there will be one final main story fight.

(1 of 3) Calamity Blaster is a melee attack that leads to a cinematic attack

Goku vs. Kid Buu (Final)

This final story fight has Kid Buu being particularly aggressive, giving you little room to do much of anything. Despite that, he doesn’t have any new moves and seems to have forgotten some of his previous ones. He seems dead set on using Kamehameha (always seems to be two in a row), Rolling Attack and Calamity Blaster. Other than that, Goku will be in Surge mode permanently in this battle, so his attacks have extra oomph to them, plus you can also transform if you want.

Once you’ve dealt the final blow to Buu, you can sit back and enjoy the final scenes of the main story. When the credits are over, you will be back at Goku’s house. The adventure may be over for Goku and his friends, but there is still a lot more game to play.

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Bye-Bye, Buu

Complete the Majin Buu Saga.

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