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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Zygarde Cell 51 to 95

Vincent Lau
Number Area Location
51 Route 14 East-most edge of the shore, past the rubble
52 Haina Desert Central rest area (Go North, East)
53 Ruins of Abundance To the west of the ruins entrance
54 Route 16 Next to the Pokemon Centre entrance ( **Day** )
55 Ula’ula Meadow Near photo spot not far from entrance
56 Ula’ula Meadow Just before entrance to Lake of the Sunne/Moone
57 Route 17 Along the ledges towards the east side
58 Route 17 South-west corner of the Po Town wall
59 Po Town Next to red truck towards the north-west ( **Night** )
60 Po Town Next yellow red truck towards the north-east ( **Day** )
61 Mount Lanakila Mountainside path after taking first ski lift
62 Mount Lanakila South-west corner of the summit area
63 Aether Paradise Lab Area, outside Secret Lab B
64 Aether Paradise West-most elevated area accessible via the North
Number Area Location
65 Aether Paradise West side of the Aether residence ( **Day** )
66 Aether Paradise Aether residence, small table towards the east
67 Aether Paradise South-west corner of the outdoor entrance ( **Night** )
68 Seafolk Village Inside floating restaurant, towards the west
69 Seafolk Village Empty plot towards the north-east
70 Poni Wilds Between rocks in the western shore
71 Poni Wilds Before ledge towards the east side ( **Day** )
72 Poni Wilds Next to Trainer Tips sign towards the east ( **Night** )
73 Ancient Poni Path North-west from central crossroad ( **Day** )
74 Ancient Poni Path Behind well outside Hapu’s house, near farming plots
75 Ancient Poni Path East from the entrance to Vast Poni Canyon ( **Night** )
76 Poni Breaker Coast Near spewing geyser towards the north side ( **Day** )
77 Poni Breaker Coast Just before the entrance to the Ruins of Hope ( **Night** )
78 Ruins of Hope Below the steps
79 Vast Poni Canyon Inside cave with the rocky paths; near east entrance
80 Vast Poni Canyon Inside cave with boulders; between two small dens
Number Area Location
81 Vast Poni Canyon West-most end of mountain ledge below first bridge
82 Vast Poni Canyon Behind boulder in the first cave area
83 Poni Grove North-west corner, below the cliffs
84 Poni Grove Just before the entrance to Poni Plains
85 Poni Plains Near the very centre, next to a palm tree ( **Day** )
86 Poni Plains Along the ledges towards the north-west
87 Poni Plains Below slope towards the north-east ( **Night** )
88 Poni Meadow Along the ledges south from Resolution Cave
89 Resolution Cave Just before the entrance to the basement ( **Day** )
90 Resolution Cave Basement area, along the main tunnel ( **Night** )
91 Resolution Cave Basement area, elevated floor at the far end
92 Poni Coast Narrow path towards the east-most side
93 Poni Coast Narrow path near the middle with burrowing Pokemon
94 Poni Gauntlet Small island north from the entrance
95 Poni Gauntlet Along the bridge leading to the Battle Tree


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Welcome to Alola, a region of tropical islands, filled with gorgeous natural beauty and Pokemon never seen before. Having recently moved to Alola, your journey begins soon afterwards. Your adventures will be filled with fascinating and colorful people with quirky island traditions and of course Pokémon. Delight in the mysteries of the brand new Alola region as your travels take you the length and breadth of the region and the secrets of the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala are finally unveiled.

Our massive and comprehensive guide includes the following:

  • A full route and trial battle guide covering your journey from Pokémon novice to eventual Champion.

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