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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-02-2020 / 20:57 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Ula'ula Island

Route 17 - Raining Cats and Dogs

Water-type Pokemon will benefit from the rain.

Pokémon Encounters - Route 17

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Raticate* Dark/Normal All grass/Brown Grass (30% Night only)
Fearow Normal/Flying All grass/Brown Grass (30%)
Ledian Bug/Flying All grass/Brown Grass (20%, Day only)
Ariados Bug/Poison All grass/Brown Grass (20%, Night only)
Pancham Fighting All grass/Brown Grass (20%)
Gumshoos Normal All grass/Brown Grass (30%, Day only)
Graveler* Rock/Electric Brown Grass (20%)
Skarmory Steel/Flying Brown Grass (10%)
Crabrawler Fighting Berry Tree Pile (100%)
Pangoro Fighting/Dark (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Pancham
Castform Normal (SOS during rain) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
Goomy Dragon (SOS during rain) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
*** indicates Alolan form.**

The entrance to Po Town; you can reach here via Ula’ula Meadow’s north exit. Already, this route is patrolled by a number of Team Skull Grunts. It’s only going to get tougher from here, so brace yourself! Furthermore, the rain never stops here. Where’s an umbrella when you need one?

Wet Weather

If you’ve been paying attention to the weather, it should be no surprise that rain boosts the power of Water-type moves, while reducing the power of Fire-type moves. That’s not all; while it’s pouring, the moves Hurricane and Thunder become 100% accurate.

From the start, follow the cobbled path north towards the police station. Inside, you can tell how well policed this area is… At the far end, it can be hard to spot, but there’s a Zygarde Core (4) for your collection. This one teaches Thousand Waves, which can stop a foe from fleeing.

Outside, continue north along the road, between the streetlights. Eventually you’ll find the first of many Team Skull Grunts guarding the way. You can run ahead to confront him if you’d like.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Salandit 33 Fire/Poison
Poor Grunt has a male Salandit that will never evolve; also, it's Fire moves will be weakened by the rain. Trash it with Ground-types; otherwise, call on your Water, Psychic or Rock-types.

From here, you can continue north along the cobbled road. This will send you straight towards the entrance to Po Town. But if you’re looking to explore the whole area, head east instead, between the hill above and the large patch of tall grass below.

Towards the south-east corner, head up the slope to the highland area. Up here, there’s a bunch of tall grass ahead. Before moving on, search the outcrop to the west of the slope for a hidden X Attack . Next, head north while keeping to the west to begin with to avoid most of the tall grass.

Past the tall grass, there’a a slope towards the east that leads higher up. Up here, there’s even more tall grass. To the west is a Lemonade that somebody must’ve left behind… a Team Skull member perhaps? From here, you can smash through the rocks to the north using Tauros.

Doing so will send you straight towards an aggressive Grunt though. If you’re looking to proceed peacefully, you can wade through the tall grass towards the east instead. Afterwards, you can sneak behind the Grunt through the tall grass further north.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Golbat 34 Poison/Flying
A Team Skull staple so nothing you haven't seen. Fend it off with your Psychic, Rock, Ice or Electric-types if you have any. If you don't like being poisoned, Steel-types are good too.

In any case, directly north from the Grunt, in the small area free of tall grass, is a handy Full Heal . Past here, there’s a ledge leading down towards the west. Jump over the ledge to be confronted with a choice of two ledges. Leap over the east ledge first.

Down below, grab the Zygarde Cell (57) above the grass mound. Shouldn’t be too hard to notice with the dark weather. After this, hop over the next ledge to the west. Below, there’s a Team Skull Grunt that you’ll need to fight your way past.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Mareanie 33 Water/Poison
Fomantis 34 Grass
Mareanie is a somewhat difficult Pokemon to encounter. You first need to hook a rare Corsola, then wait for the Corsola to accidentally summon a Mareanie. Anyway, it's weak to Electric, Psychic and Ground-types, although the latter should stay on the bench.

Fomantis is weak and straightforward; you shouldn’t need any tips from us.

After defeating the female Grunt, go over the ledge to the south, then head west to return to the main road, past the first Team Skull Grunt. Although you still need to explore the other path you didn’t take, so head south and go back around to the highland area.

Useful for nailing Grass and Fairy-types.

Make your way back to the first ledge. Jump over the ledge as before, but this time go over the west-most of the next two ledges. Next, you’ll find another pair of ledges; leap over the west ledge. The one to the east leads back to the female Grunt.

Slowly wade through the tall grass. After the grass ends, pick up TM84 Poison Jab from the floor, then continue south over the remaining ledges, back towards the main road. Follow the road north, past the broken streetlights (or whatever they are), to meet a patrolling Grunt.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Rattata (Alolan) 33 Normal/Dark
Raticate (Alolan) 34 Normal/Dark
You get to enjoy the Rattata line in one battle. Both Rattata and its evolved form are super weak to Fighting-types and typically weak to Fairy and Bug-types.

Around here, towards the west side, sitting by the corner of the Po Town wall is a Zygarde Cell (58) soaking in the rain. Further north is the entrance to Po Town along the west, which is currently being guarded by a pair of Grunts.

Before heading that way, carry on north, while keeping to the east. Up ahead is a fairly large area of tall grass; brave it to the end to discover a berry pile in the far corner. As soon as you’re ready, approach the Po Town entrance to receive a Team Skull welcome.

Team Skull Grunt and Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Drowzee 34 Psychic
Haunter 34 Ghost/Poison
Both Pokemon are weak to Dark and Ghost-types. You may want to take out Haunter first, since it's more dangerous.

Afterwards, the Grunts will leave and shut the door behind them. Fortunately, somebody comes along to let you in.

Pokemon Checklist

Nothing particularly fancy here. If you don’t have one already, you can catch Alolan Graveler up on the highland area. This Rock and Electric-type is slow as heck, but has great Defence.

Because it’s always raining, this is a good chance to catch a Castform or Goomy if you don’t have one. These Pokemon occasionally appear when a wild Pokemon tries to call for an ally while it’s raining.

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