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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-06-2020 / 07:25 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

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Poni Island

Vast Poni Canyon - Part 1

The road to the end starts here.

Pokémon Encounters - Vast Poni Canyon

Inside Areas

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Boldore Rock Inside cave (30%)
Golbat Poison/Flying Inside cave (30%)
Carbink Rock/Fairy Inside cave (20%)
Dugtrio* Ground/Steel Inside cave (20%), Burrowing along the ground (100%)
Sableye Dark/Ghost (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Carbink
*** indicates Alolan form.**

Outside Areas

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Machoke Fighting All grass (30%)
Lycanroc (Midday) Rock All grass (20%, Day only)
Lycanroc (Midnight) Rock All grass (20%, Night only)
Carbink Rock/Fairy All grass (15%)
Murkrow Dark/Flying All grass (10%)
Boldore Rock All grass (10%)
Skarmory Steel/Flying All grass (10%)
Jangmo-o Dragon All grass (5%)
Kommo-o Dragon/Fighting (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Jangmo-o
Hakamo-o Dragon/Fighting (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Jangmo-o

Although it's not the last place you visit, this canyon serves as the "Victory Road" of this game, where all the strongest Pokemon trainers and wild Pokemon hang out. If you want to reach the end, which is pretty far away, you must be suitably prepared.

Shocking Evolution

There seems to be an unseen electrical field in the canyon, which allows the following Pokemon to evolve after they level up here: Charjabug, Magneton and Nosepass.

After heading through the cave entrance, where Lillie is standing, you'll emerge right in front of the first Pokemon trainer of this area. There's no avoiding a battle, so get in there and give it your all!

Veteran Harry

Pokemon Level Type
Torkoal 46 Fire
Arcanine 46 Fire
An expert user of Fire-type Pokemon. His Torkoal has the Drought Ability, which buffs Fire-types and weakens Water-types. If you've got a Pokemon that can change the weather (for example by using moves such as Rain Dance), you can easily reverse the situation.

Otherwise, field a Pokemon resistant to Fire to reduce the damage; although Water-types are weakened, they are still somewhat good to use for this reason. Meanwhile, Arcanine has Intimidate, which reduces Attack; it's another pure Fire-type, so it can be toppled in the same manner.

Above Harry is a gap in the floor with a giant cube on the other side. You can't do anything about it from here, but it's good to make a mental note. Carry on east, up the nearby slope. At the top, there's a trainer walking around and looking side to side.

If you want, you can call Tauros and smash through the rocks below to avoid her.

Backpacker Perdy

Pokemon Level Type
Whimsicott 44 Grass/Fairy
She's much easier than Harry before her. Whimsicott is the evolved form of Cottonee, but has the same weaknesses. Use Poison-types to deal 4x damage or go with Fire, Flying or Steel-types for the standard 2x damage.

Either way, you should smash through the rocks below to continue. Past the rocks is a small gap that you can crawl through. Do so and you'll emerge on the opposite side, where there's an Elixir to be found in the corner. After grabbing it, leap off the ledge to the west.

You'll land past Perdy and right above a slope below leading further up. At the top, there are a bunch of rocks to the east. Call Tauros again and smash through them to reach the Max Potion on the other side. Next, make your way west where a menacing duo await.

Like before, you can skip them by smashing through the rocks below. But that delicious experience...

Ace Duo Kent and Aimee

Pokemon Level Type
Sandslash (Alolan) 46 Ice/Steel
Ninetales (Alolan) 46 Ice/Fairy
The evolved forms of the Moon and Sun-exclusive Alolan Ice-types. Alolan Sandslash has the same Type combination as its earlier form, so it's doubly weak to Fire and Fighting-types and typically weak to Ground-types.

Meanwhile Alolan Ninetales has gained Fairy, which now makes it twice as weak to Steel-types and typically weak to Fire and Poison-types. Before the pair's synergy kicks in, try to finish them fast with super-effective moves.

From here, head west up the next slope. Towards the end, you'll need to smash through some rocks with Tauros to continue. After that, you'll arrive at an old statue, with the exit to the next area below.

There's a reason it's called "Vast" Poni Canyon. Be sure to pace yourself!

Outside, you'll be high up on the canyon. Start by heading east, then follow the path with the tall grass clock-wise around the hill. Towards the south-east, where there's no grass, is a useful Revive . Once you're free of the tall grass, the path will converge to the west.

Carefully go across the land bridge to the other side. If you look down, you should spot the big tree by the entrance. After that, follow the narrow path north along the side of the canyon. Soon you'll come across another cave entrance with a statue to its side.

Before going in, head north from the east side of the statue. Search the small rock at the end to find a hidden X Attack .

After entering the cave, head north and grab the Zygarde Cell (79) between the rock and the cave wall. Ahead, there are two paths available to you. You can call Mudsdale and gallop across the rocky upper path or go on foot and squeeze through the narrow lower path.

Both ways work, but the lower one sends you straight towards a trainer.

Hiker Zachary

Pokemon Level Type
Archeops 44 Rock/Flying
Rampardos 44 Rock
A Fossil enthusiast with the evolved forms of Archen and Cranidos, exclusive to Moon and Sun respectively.

Archeops has the same quirks as Archen. It hits like a truck and is fairly speedy, but after its HP goes below half, its offensive stats plummet. Quickly clip it with Water, Electric, Rock or Ice-type moves.

Rampardos also hits like a truck, but it's not nearly as fast. A bulky Pokemon is recommended, especially if it has access to moves strong against Rock-types.

Past Zachary is another old statue and the next exit to the south. Back outside, there's a long, wooden bridge within sight to the west. Before going that way, head a short distance east from the cave. In the corner is a small hole that you can squeeze through.

These little gaps can be hard to see at night.

On the other side, you'll be back in the area with Zachary, but further south. Start by heading east through the narrow path. You'll run straight into a Veteran on the other side. If you prefer to avoid battles, head south along the rocky path instead.

Veteran Lynn

Pokemon Level Type
Starmie 46 Water/Psychic
Shiinotic 46 Grass/Fairy
Talonflame 46 Fire/Flying
A fairly formidable line up. Starmie is an evolved Staryu that has gained the Psychic-type. So it's now weak to Grass, Electric, Dark, Ghost and Bug-types. It's a versatile and speedy Pokemon so super-effective Pokemon are recommended.

Shiinotic is the evolved form of Morelull from the Lush Jungle. It has the same Types, so you can finish it really quick with Poison-types or reasonably quick with Fire, Flying or Steel-types. It has good defences, but is very slow.

Finally, Talonflame is the final evolution of Fletchling. This fiery bird is once again doubly weak to Rock-types and typically weak to Water and Electric-types. It's strong, with access to Acrobatics, but very frail, so not hard to beat. Beware of its Flame Body.

To the north of Lynn is an Escape Rope lying around. After chucking it into your bag, head south and call Mudsdale so you can traverse the rocky path. If you follow the rocky path west, you'll return to the entrance; meanwhile, following it east will take you towards the next exit.

However you'll end up within sight of a Pokemon trainer. So if you'd prefer to make a clean getaway, head south instead. You'll need to get off Mudsdale so you can fit through the narrow path. To the far south is a small hole you can crawl through.

Ace Trainer Junko

Pokemon Level Type
Lilligant 46 Grass
Weavile 46 Dark/Ice
You may remember Lilligant in Lusamine's team. The evolved form of Petilil is not to be underestimated. It has poor physical bulk, but loves to use Quiver Dance to boost his special stats and Speed. Get rid of it quick before it becomes a nightmare.

Weavile is the evolved form of Sneasel. Like its earlier form, it's super-weak against Fighting-types and typically weak to Fire, Rock, Fairy and Bug-types. It has insane Attack and Speed, so bulky Pokemon are recommended. Thankfully its other stats are middling.

On the other side, you'll emerge in an enclosed area. Here, search the rock to the east to find a hidden X Sp. Attack . After that, make sure to grab the TM99 Dazzling Gleam below. You may need this for the upcoming trial... From here, make your way back to the long, wooden bridge.

Start to cross and Lillie will catch up with you. After crossing the bridge, Lillie will generously heal your party. Phew, we're making good progress here. Continue into the cave ahead.

Pokemon Checklist

Inside the caves and outside, you can stumble across Boldore, the middle evolution of Roggenrola. To evolve it further, you'll need to trade it to another player.

Meanwhile in the tall grass, you can encounter Lycanroc (both forms; Midday during the day and Midnight during night-time), Machoke, Murkrow and Jangmo-o. The latter can call ally Hakomo-o and on rare occasions even Kommo-o.

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