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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Iki Town - Your First Pokemon

Vincent Lau

Iki Town is where you take your first steps as a Pokemon trainer.

Strange, it seems like the kahuna isn’t here to meet you. You’d better go find him, huh? Although, if you’re not in a hurry to get your first Pokemon, you may want to look around town first. This is your first time in an Alolan town after all.

Having seen all the sights or otherwise, head north from the town entrance and up the short flight of stairs. As you reach the top, you’ll spot a familiar-looking girl head into the ruins. Follow her by going north-west past the wooden stage and exiting to the far north.

Mahalo Trail

You’ll emerge in the mystical Mahalo Trail. Run north and up the steps, then turn left and follow the sloping path upwards. When you reach the trio of statues, you’ll notice the girl from earlier further ahead. After that, carry on up the flight of stairs to the left. Finally, exit to the north, past the group of four statues.

Uh-oh, it looks like the girl’s Pokemon is in trouble. Hurry north towards the girl to let her know you’re here. Having ascertained the situation, it’s time to save the day. Head north along the suspension bridge. Um, actually, is this… a good… idea? Nevermind, it’s too late to turn back now! Geronimo!

Once you reach the distressed Pokemon, a brief cutscene will play. As a result, you’ll get your hands on a curious Sparkling Stone . The job isn’t quite over though, as the girl asks for your help to escort her back to town. As soon as you’re ready, leave the way you came, via the south exit.

Back in Iki Town

You’ll be taken straight back to Iki Town and what perfect timing, because Hala the island kahuna has returned. Which can mean only one thing… It’s time to pick the very first Pokemon for your epic adventure!

You’ll have the choice of the Grass-type Rowlett , the Fire-type Litten or the Water-type Popplio . What’s unique about these so-called starter Pokemon is that you only acquire them at the start of the game and there’s other way to acquire the ones you didn’t choose, except by starting a new file or trading.

All three are perfect partners in their own right, so feel free to pick the one you like the look of the most. Although Hala doesn’t mention it, Rowlett is a Grass and Flying-type. Additionally, in their final evolved form, these Pokemon gain the Ghost, Fairy and Dark type respectively.

We can neither confirm nor deny that GamerGuides is Team Rowlet.

Kukui will congratulate you for becoming a bona fide Pokemon trainer and even gives you a commemorative gift–a Pokedex . For those new to the games, the Pokedex is a high-tech encyclopedia that automatically tracks Pokemon you’ve seen or caught. Be sure to check it out from the menu!

In addition, you’ll be given a Trainer Passport . This document contains details about your trainer’s name, appearance, how many Pokemon you’ve registered in the Pokedex, things like that. On the bottom screen, you’ll also receive stamps for achieving certain milestones. Likewise, it can be accessed from the menu.

After all the excitement, you’ll regain control near the middle of the wooden stage. Head right to get off the stage and then proceed in a south-easterly direction to leave the town and go back home. As you get off the stairs, a Pokemon trainer will come rushing in from below, demanding a battle. Sure, why not?

To begin the battle, speak to the Pokemon trainer, Hau, and let him know you’re ready to kick his sorry behind.

Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pokemon Level Type
Popplio (if you picked Rowlet) 5 Water
Rowlet (if you picked Litten) 5 Grass/Flying
Litten (if you picked Popplio) 5 Fire

Hau’s Pokemon depends on the Pokemon that you picked. In fact, his Pokemon is always the Type that your Pokemon is strong against. Therefore this is a lop-sided battle in your favour. Simply pick the move that matches your Pokemon’s type: Leafage for Rowlet, Ember for Litten or Water Gun for Popplio.

Do so and you should knock out Hau’s Pokemon in two turns or so. Afterwards, your Pokemon will gain enough experience to Level Up and receive a small boost to their stats. For the newcomers, this battle is a prime example of why Type Match-Ups are very important.

Succeed and you’ll earn a little pocket money as well. Every time you win a trainer battle, you’ll earn some Poke Dollars, which can be used to stock up on supplies, etc. The amount you get depends on the trainer’s strength and their “classification”. Wealthy Gentlemen, for example, hand out more than a Preschooler.

Afterwards, Hala will notice your Sparkling Stone and ask to borrow it for a while. Well, we’re not going to refuse the request of an island kahuna. He’ll also invite you to tomorrow’s festival, but first we need to close the curtains on this day. Kukui will take you straight home to see your mom.


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