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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 18-01-2020 / 15:09 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Ula'ula Island

Malie Garden - Revisted

Return to Malie City and head for Malie Garden, north from the Pokemon Centre. As soon you step foot inside, you should notice some commotion in front of the bridge up ahead. Approach to be dragged into a Pokemon battle with the boss of Team Skull.

Team Skull Boss Guzma

Pokemon Level Type
Golisopod 31 Bug/Water
Ariados 30 Bug/Poison
A Bug lover by the looks of it.

Golisopod is the evolved form of Wimpod and a menacing one to be sure. It’s weak to Electric, Flying and Rock-types, although the latter is not recommended.

Pokemon weak to Bug moves should beware as Golispod knows First Impression, a powerful move that goes first, but only works during the first turn. Drop the beastly bug to below half HP and Emergency Exit will trigger, making it switch out.

Ariados may be a familiar sight. The evolved form of Spinarak, this Pokemon is weak to Fire, Rock, Flying and Psychic-types.

Hold your own against Big Bad Guzma and Kukui will give you the Z-Crystal for your starter Pokemon: Decidium Z for Decidueye, Incinerium Z for Incineroar and Primarium Z for Primarina. This will transform your starter’s signature move into an exclusive Z-Move.

  • Decidueye: Spirit Shackle - Sinister Arrow Raid
  • Incineroar: Darkest Lariat - Malicious Moonsault
  • Primarina: Sparkling Aria - Oceanic Operetta

Having reported back to Kukui, you’ll be able to continue towards the next island trial. While you’re here though, exit Malie Garden, then re-enter. Towards the bridge area, you should spot a bunch of trainers. Time for a nostalgia overload–it’s the return of Nugget Bridge!

Rising Star Elijah

Pokemon Level Type
Caterpie 29 Bug
Weedle 30 Bug/Poison
Two incredibly weak Bug Pokemon, but hey, it's meant to be an authentic experience. What's curious is that Weedle isn't even in the Alola Pokedex, so these guys must have come from afar.

Lass Rika

Pokemon Level Type
Pidgey 27 Normal/Flying
Nidoran (Female) 28 Poison
Another pair of weak Pokemon, but both Pokemon not native to Alola. Which makes for an interesting sight, if not an interesting battle.

Youngster Tyler

Pokemon Level Type
Rattata 27 Normal
Ekans 27 Poison
Zubat 28 Poison/Flying
The third trainer and still nothing to be afraid of. Enjoy the experience, rather than the challenge!

Lass Emmy

Pokemon Level Type
Pidgey 28 Normal/Flying
Nidoran (Female) 28 Poison
A repeat of the second Lass, but Pidgey is a Level higher. Back in the days, there weren't a lot of Pokemon to choose from...

Rising Star Sean

Pokemon Level Type
Mankey 30 Fighting
At last, a Pokemon you can actually encounter in Alola. Although it's still not a challenging foe in the slightest.

Smash the five trainers and you can claim your reward–a Big Nugget --from the Veteran at the end. Before you can leave though, you’ll be given an invitation you simply cannot refuse…

Veteran Don

Pokemon Level Type
Ekans 30 Poison
Zubat 31 Poison/Flying
These guys sure are adamant about adhering to the script. After Guzma, you shouldn't even break a sweat.

That’s enough reminiscing for now; it’s time to look ahead to the future!

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