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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 08:46 GMT

Poni Island

Ula'ula - Mount Lanakila

You can look forward to a showdown in the snow.

Pokémon Encounters - Mount Lanakila


Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Sandshrew* (Moon only) Ice/Steel All grass (30%)
Vulpix* (Sun only) Ice All grass (30%)
Sneasel Dark/Ice All grass (20%)
Absol Dark All grass (20%)
Snorunt Ice All grass (30%)
Glalie Ice (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Snorunt
Castform Normal (SOS during hail) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
Vanillish Ice (SOS during hail) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
*** indicates Alolan form.**

Cave area

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Golbat Poison/Flying Everywhere (30%)
Sneasel Dark/Ice Everywhere (20%)
Absol Dark Everywhere (20% Sun, 10% Moon)
Snorunt Ice Everywhere (30%)
Drampa (Moon only) Normal/Dragon Everywhere (10%)
Glalie Ice (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Snorunt

If you accepted Nanu's invitation, you'll be dropped off at the base of Mount Lanakila. Otherwise if you're coming here yourself, you'll need to first head to Tapu Village, then follow the path leading north between the Pokemon Centre and the empty plot.

Snow Joke

Very often, it will hail on Mount Lanakila. When this occurs, all Pokemon that aren't cold Ice-types will take damage each turn, just like Sandstorm. If you have the Safety Goggles from Haina Desert, you can equip those to negate the damage.

Approach the stair lift to encounter your only real opposition on your way to the Pokemon League.

Pokemon Trainer Gladion

Pokemon Level Type
Crobat 52 Poison/Flying
Weavile 52 Dark/Ice
Lucario 52 Fighting/Steel
Silvally (if Rowlet was chosen) 53 Fire
Silvally (if Litten was chosen) 53 Water
Silvally (if Popplio was chosen) 53 Grass
Gladion's been a good boy and evolved his Golbat into Crobat. It has the same weaknesses (Electric, Rock, Ice and Psychic), but vastly improved Speed. Pokemon that resist Poison and Flying, such as Rock-types, are recommended since it has strong attacks.

Weavile is doubly weak to Fighting-types and typically weak to Fire, Rock, Bug and Fairy-types. It has incredible Attack and Speed, so durable Pokemon are recommended. Beware of its Ice Shard, which has increased priority and Metal Claw, the bane of Rock and Fairy-types.

Lucario is a rather popular Pokemon due to its offensive capabilities and good Speed. Pokemon that resist Fighting and Steel are thus useful to bring along. Especially since Lucario is outfitted with Steelium Z, which allows it to unleash a devastating Corkscrew Crash.

Finally, Gladion's trademark Pokemon has unlocked its true potential. Silvally has the same impressive stats as Null, but is no longer hindered by poor Speed. The biggest thing is that it functions like Arceus and can be any Type, depending on its held item.

In this case, it has the Type that beats your starter Pokemon. With that knowledge, it should be easy to pick a Type to beat it. That said, be careful of its Dark and Bug-type moves when picking a Pokemon. Those moves won't get STAB, but it will still hurt.

Triumph against Gladion and you'll get a valuable Max Elixir as encouragement. Afterwards, the stair lift will be free for you to use. Step on the lift and give the machine in the middle a good poke to be launched higher up the mountain.

The road up the mountain is actually pretty straightforward.

Cool Climate

The freezing cold mountain is harsh for Pokemon trainers and most Pokemon, but an ideal environment for Crabominable to thrive. If you level up a Crawbrawler up on the mountain, it'll evolve into the ice crab right before your eyes.

Here, you won't run into any Pokemon trainers because the mountain path is simply too new, but the wild Pokemon are challenging enough. Start by following the path north, through the tall grass. Halfway along the first patch of grass, grab the Escape Rope towards the east.

Handy if you need to leave the mountain ASAP, especially if you're stuck in the caves where Charizard can't come to rescue you. Past the first patch of grass, you can find a Zygarde Cell (61) huddling below a rock towards the west side, next to the cliff face.

Further north is a second patch of tall grass and, beyond that, a cave leading deep into the mountain. Inside, follow the icy tunnel north and then west after it starts to turn. Soon, the path will branch off towards the north and the west. Head west through the narrow path first.

At the end of this short path is TM13 Ice Beam . Hop down over the ledge and follow the previous path north. Further ahead, the path will branch once more, this time towards the west and the east. It doesn't really matter which path you follow, but we'll go east.

After a while, you'll need to make another choice of which path to follow. Continue east, where the path will bend towards the south. Here, you'll find a pedestal in the corner that's holding an Icium Z . Past the pedestal, you can leap over the ledge to return to the previous path.

From here, return east and follow the path leading north-west. Towards the north side, you can pick up a Full Restore sitting above some rocks. Further west, the paths will converge. Here, you'll stumble upon a peculiar icy rock that should be familiar to older fans.

If you level up Eevee around here, it'll evolve into the Ice-type Glaceon. Finally, head all the way north from the icy rock to reach the exit of the cave.

Outside, you'll emerge in a clearing with lots of tall grass and another stair lift at the far end. Despite appearances, no Pokemon trainer (such as the likes of Hau) will try and surprise you here. So relax as you take a good look around.

Actually, there isn't much to see. Towards the west side, there's a Max Revive in the small area with no grass. Otherwise, you can comb the tall grass for any Pokemon you haven't caught or train your party on the wild Pokemon if you think you're still not ready.

Once you're all done here, step on the stair lift and use it to ascend all the way up to the summit of the mountain.

After visiting the PMC, you can glide back to the summit.

At the summit, there's a Pokemon Centre directly ahead. You probably don't need to be told what to do next! Inside, make it your priority to restore your Pokemon and stock up on items--you've got nothing but tough battles ahead of you.

This PMC also has a very useful guest towards the far east: the Move Reminder . If you have any Heart Scales (you can find these buried in beaches, from wild Luvdisc or after eating at certain restaurants), you can pay the Move Reminder to learn a forgotten move.

Besides remedying those times when you overwrote a move, but later regretted it, certain Pokemon have very useful moves learned at levels long before you caught them. A new feature in Sun and Moon is that you can even learn moves further ahead!

After you've made all the required preparations, proceed west from the Pokemon Centre. Just before the slope leading north, check the south-west corner to find a Zygarde Cell (62 ) , the last one on this island. Finally, continue north up the slope to bump into a predictable visitor.

Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pokemon Level Type
Raichu (Alolan) 53 Electric/Psychic
Komala 53 Normal
Flareon (if Rowlet was chosen) 53 Fire
Vaporeon (if Litten was chosen) 53 Water
Jolteon (if Popplio was chosen) 53 Electric
Incineroar (if Rowlet was chosen) 54 Fire/Dark
Primarina (if Litten was chosen) 54 Water/Fairy
Decidueye (if Popplio was chosen) 54 Grass/Ghost
As with previous battles, Hau opens with his Alolan Raichu. Hopefully you predicted this scenario and sent out a Ground, Dark, Ghost or Bug-type Pokemon to counter it. However Dark-types should be cautious of Raichu's Focus Blast--it's inaccurate, but packs a wallop.

Komala is Hau's only new addition. This slumbering koala cannot be inflicted with a status affliction, so don't bother with those. It's a plain Normal-type, but has access to Grass, Dark, Ground and Ghost moves. It boasts high Attack, so a bulky Pokemon will go a long way.

Hau still has his Eevee evolution that's super-effective against your starter Pokemon. By now, you should have more than enough counters. Each has a powerful STAB attack, but that's about it. So if you've got a Pokemon that resists its Type, it should be a piece of cake.

Finally, Hau has evolved his starter Pokemon into its final form. In addition, it's fitted with the Z-Crystal that matches its primary Type. As before, you can easily defeat his starter Pokemon with your own starter Pokemon. Just be mindful of its secondary Type.

Defeat Hau at his full strength and you'll receive 3 Max Revives . Your Pokemon will also be healed without you noticing, so you don't need to return to the Pokemon Centre. But if you ended up using more items than expected, you may want to head back to restock.

Once you're finally ready, continue north along the long, crystal-lined path. Near the start of the path, there's a photo spot towards the east if you need to let off some steam. At the end of the path, step into the clearing to catch Kukui's attention.

Afterwards, you'll be free to enter the Pokemon League at the far end. As Kukui warned, there's no going back once you're inside (unless you lose), so make absolutely sure you're ready--and that you've got a few hours set aside--before entering.

Pokemon Checklist

Pokemon Moon players can find the rare Normal and Dragon-type Drampa lurking the caves. There's also Sneasel, a Dark and Ice-type that evolves into the formidable Weavile if you level it up at night time with a Razor Claw attached.

Which isn't an easy task since Razor Claw are only found on wild Jangmo-o with a low chance--and Jangmo-o are pretty rare to begin with. To boost the odds of finding a Razor Claw, you can have a Pokemon with Compound Eyes lead the charge.

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