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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 01-06-2020 / 12:37 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

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Melemele Island

Melemele Sidequests - Part 1

In this section and the next, we'll be exploring Melemele Island, in search of new areas and whatnot. Having unlocked Tauros Charge and beaten the grand trial, there's a lot more you can do now!

However , we strongly recommend doing this after acquiring the Zygarde Cube in Akala Island. In fact, you get it not long after arrival. So if you don't have the cube, flip ahead to Akala Island - Heahea City , then return here.

Hau oli City

A decent held item until you can find some Leftovers.

You can start your adventure anywhere, but we'll start from the Hau'oli City Marina. Follow the main road west towards Ilima's grandiose mansion. A bit before the mansion, head into the town hall. If you speak to the middle reception lady, you can receive a Shell Bell from a Delibird.

However, you must have spoken to her a day before. If not, make a note for yourself to come back again another day. If the Shell Bell is given to a Pokemon, the Pokemon restores a bit of HP with each attack. Next, head on inside Ilima's mansion.

Ilima's father will welcome you, before letting you know that Ilima is upstairs. Before going up the stairs, head left past the Machamp to discover a Zygarde Cell (7) by the corner. When you enter Ilima's room, he'll ask if you're able to help him.

Agree and he'll take you to the Trainers' School for a Pokemon battle. Here goes nothing!

Captain Ilima

Pokemon Level Type
Gumshoos 15 Normal
Smeargle 16 Normal
Beware as Ilima's Pokemon have Normalium Z, which means they can use Breakneck Blitz or Z versions of their status moves. You've got access to Fightium Z though, so use it if you need to.

In addition, Smeargle simultaneously has Water Gun, Ember and Leafage. Other than that, this battle should be marginally easier than the last. Especially now that you have wide access to Fighting-type Pokemon.

Afterwards, you'll be brought back to Ilima's room. To thank you, Ilima will give you an Everstone . This handy rock prevents Pokemon from evolving when they normally should. Also, it won't do anything right now, but you'll get the inspiration for the "Left-handed" battle style.

Return outside and continue to the Pokemon Centre. If it's night , you can find a Zygarde Cell (6) behind the tourist near the entrance. Otherwise, make a note to come back here later. From here, follow the road east from the Pokemon Centre.

When the fence along the right side of the road ends, head right to discover the shopping mall is now open. Inside, there's a fair amount you can do. Head right from the reception to find the Gracidea store, which sells a bunch of super pricey clothes.

Speak to the top clerk to receive a free Gracidea item. If you have the mythical Pokemon Shaymin, you can use this Gracidea to change it into its Sky Forme. Note that Shaymin will revert to its standard Land Forme if you box it or the time of day changes to night.

Moving on, if you head north from the right of Gracidea, you'll reach the antique shop, Antiquities of the Ages. Here, you can buy items to power up the legendary Pokemon Palkia, Dialga, Groudon and Kyogre. After becoming Champion, you can get Magaerna here as well.

To the left is a pair of Move Tutors that can teach a powerful or combination move for your starter Pokemon. For the former, your starter needs to be fully evolved. These moves aren't necessary at all, so don't feel obliged to write a future note.

You can visit here once per day, ala Mauville Food Court.

Further left is the famous Battle Buffet. Inside, you can pay for lunch, but you'll need to be fight other Pokemon trainers for the food. Um, we're not joking. You'll be given 10 battle turns to beat as many trainers as possible. The more food you get, the better the reward at the end.

Finally, to the left of the Battle Buffet is a stage. Depending on the time of day, you may find a female Ace Trainer hosting the Alola Ride Show or a Grimer that triggers an utterly hilarious cleanup mission. The former gives you 5 Great Balls , while the latter gives you TM48 Round .

That's about it for Hau'oli City, although this won't be the last time we come back. Next, head to Route 2, past the Pokemon Centre.

Route 2 Area

Head on up the slope past Beauty Krystal. To the left is a bunch of rocks that you can smash with Tauros Charge. At the far end of this path is a Star Piece . Next, go the opposite direction, into Hau'oli Cemetery. Inside, head for the farthest end of the cemetery.

If it's night time, there's a woman riding a Machamp above Pokemon Breeder Ikue. Approach her to receive TM56 Fling . Only use this with items you don't need or during battles with human trainers. To the left, below the end of the hedge is a Zygarde Cell (9) .

Return to Route 2 and head north towards the motel area. Head for the north-western most part of the car park, where the truck is. At the end of the landing is a Zygarde Cell (8) . Still able to catch up? Return to the main path and head all the way to the Route 2 Pokemon Centre.

Left: Zygarde Cell (9), Right: Zygarde Cell (10)

From here, head into the nearby Verdant Cavern and patiently make your way back to the entrance to the Totem's Den at the very end. You can use Repels to ward off random encounters, but the pouncing Pokemon are nigh impossible to evade.

As you reach the highest level, head east towards the small den in the north-east corner. After fighting off the pouncing Pokemon, be sure to pick up the Zygarde Cell (10) in the corner. Finally, enter the Totem's Den. Use Tauros Charge to blast yourself up the eastern path.

After smashing the final bunch of rocks, inspect the outcrop below for a hidden Energy Root . Next, grab TM46 Thief above the pedestal. This handy move lets you steal a Pokemon's held item; if it's a wild Pokemon, you can keep the item too! Leave the cavern afterwards.

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