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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 24-02-2020 / 07:02 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

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Poni Coast - Poni Gauntlet Pt. 1

You can sometimes find Stardust from smashing the rocks.

Pokémon Encounters - Poni Coast

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Dugtrio* Ground/Steel Burrowing along the ground (100%)
*** indicates Alolan form.**

This pathetically tiny route is located north-east from Poni Plains. To start off, you can climb up the nearby slope to discover a photo spot. Next, head back down and travel north along the east side. Call Tauros and smash through the pile of rocks ahead.

Next, dismount from Tauros, so you can go along the narrow path by the edge of the cliff. Grab the Zygarde Cell (92) hiding here and return to where you smashed the rocks. From here, head west, then up the nearby slope. Up on higher ground, proceed north towards the end.

Search around here for a hidden Max Revive . After that, go all the way south. Leap over the ledge, where you’ll find TM97 Dark Pulse , nearby to the east. Jump over the second ledge to return back to the entrance. Now you can smash the rock between the ledge and the photo spot.

Afterwards, dismount so you can carry on north through the narrow path. You’ll return to just before you climbed the slope. From here, head north a short distance. Between the higher ground and the rocky hill is a narrow path with a burrowing Pokemon.

Step inside and grab the Zy garde Cell (93) halfway along the path. If you’re athletic, you can wait for the burrower to reach the south-most point of its journey, then run in to the grab the Zygarde Cell and run back out to avoid a battle.

Either way, smash through the rocks to the east of the entrance to the narrow path and continue north from there. Further north is the exit to Poni Gauntlet and another rock you can smash to the left. Give it a good throttle with Tauros and go greet the pair of trainers beyond.

Honeymooners Noriko and Devin

Pokemon Level Type
Ninetales 58 Fire
Exeggutor Grass/Psychic
Sandslash 58 Ground
Golem 59 Rock/Ground
Noriko has a Ninetales and Exeggutor, while her fiance has a Sandslash and Golem.

The best Pokemon to send out is a Water-type, since both Ninetales and Sandslash are weak to Water. Ground-types can also work since they’re super-effective against Ninetales and neutral against Sandslash.

Once Ninetales is gone, you’re safe to send out a Grass-type to take out Golem, although a Water-type will work just as well. Meanwhile, a Bug-type can easily smite Exeggutor, but is weak to Golem. If Golem is around, use Dark or Ghost-types instead.

Past the fortunate pair is a Comet Shard to the north.

Pokemon Checklist

The coast is basically devoid of interest, with burrowing Dugtrio being the only thing not completely bored of this place.

Poni Gauntlet

The toughest trainers in the game are all waiting around here...

Pokémon Encounters - Poni Gauntlet

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Pelipper Water/Flying All grass (30%)
Gumshoos Normal All grass (30%, Day only)
Raticate* Dark/Normal All grass (30%, Night only)
Granbull Fairy All grass (20%)
Golduck Water All grass (15%)
Bewear Normal/Fighting All grass (5%)
Magikarp Water Fishing (59%, 50% Bubbling Spot)
Barboach Water/Ground Fishing (40%)
Dratini Dragon Fishing (1%, 10% Bubbling Spot)
Gyarados Water/Flying (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Magikarp
Whiscash Water/Ground (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Barboach
Dragonair Dragon (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Dratini
Dragonite Dragon/Flying (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Dratini
*** indicates Alolan form.**

As you come from Poni Coast, there’s a familiar face by the entrance. Speak to find out it’s Mina, the captain of Poni Island; she’s here to battle you if you can successfully clear the gauntlet. Challenge accepted! Head north to find the first of many trainers.

Scientist Kyle

Pokemon Level Type
Ditto 58 Normal
Porygon Z 59 Normal
Both of his Pokemon are Normal-types, so a strong and suitably fast Fighting Pokemon can make mincemeat out of this.

Otherwise, Ditto can be a pain since it uses Transform to copy your Pokemon. If that happens, you can switch to a Pokemon that’s super-effective against your own.

Meanwhile, Porygon Z has sky-high Special Attack and good Speed. On top of a powerful STAB Tri Attack, it has the Electric-type Discharge. If you don’t have Fighting-types, use Rock or Steel-types to resist Tri Attack.

Next, carry on north, across the small bridge. On the other side in a tough trainer in the far corner, to the west of the Trainer Tips sign. Meanwhile, in the opposite corner, towards the east, is a Zygarde Cell (94) , the second-to-last one.

Veteran Sheri

Pokemon Level Type
Weavile 61 Dark/Ice
Magmortar 61 Fire
Trevenant 61 Ghost/Grass
Kommo-o 61 Dragon/Fighting
All tough Pokemon here.

Weavile has high Attack and Speed, but fragile defences. It takes 4x damage from Fighting-types and the standard 2x damage from Bug, Fairy, Rock, Fire and Steel-types.

Magmortar is the fully evolved form of Magby, with high Special Attack and mostly decent stats, with Defence being its weakest. It only has Fire-type attacks, but can boost their power with Sunny Day.

Trevenant is an evolved Phantump with high Attack, but poor Speed. It has strong STAB moves, but the thing you should beware of is Destiny Bond. After it is used, if you KO Trevenant, your Pokemon will be KO’d as well.

Finally, Kommo-o is strong as always. This one doesn’t have Fighting-type moves, but has Dragon Dance to make itself far more threatening. Slay it ASAP with Fairy-types if possible or use Psychic or Flying-types.

Go back across the bridge and head west into the patch of tall grass. After fighting your way through nature, go north across the next short bridge, below the base of the waterfall. Around here, you’ll need to wade through some more tall grass.

At the end of the tall grass, just before the next bridge, check the north-west corner for a Guard Spec lying outside the grass. Across the bridge, there’s a trainer wandering around the middle of the path.

Backpacker Yuko

Pokemon Level Type
Mimikyu 59 Ghost/Fairy
The creepy pretend Pikachu has Disguise, which means you need to hit it once to inflict damage. Once the cover is blown, exorcise it with Steel or Ghost-types. Alternatively, Solgaleo and Lunala can blast through its disguise with their signature moves.

A good hold item for Tapu Fini.

Further north is another short bridge. On the other side, there’s a Black Belt guarding the bridge to the north and some tall grass towards the east. Head through the tall grass first. Grab the Misty Seed in the north-east corner, then proceed south.

After going along the bridge, there’s a dubious pair ready looking for a scrap.

Punk Pair Marie and Troy

Pokemon Level Type
Lycanroc (Midnight) 59 Rock
Honchkrow 59 Dark/Flying
Nothing too special here. Both Pokemon are heavy hitters, but not particular fast or durable. Water and Ground-types are good to take out Lycanroc, while Electric or Fairy-types can focus on Honchkrow.

South from the pair of punks is another short bridge. To the west of the bridge is a bubbling fishing spot if you’re looking for a rare find. Otherwise, further south is Big Pearl just lying around. Once you’re done, return north.

Pokemon Checklist

Nothing really new here; just a bunch of powerful evolved Pokemon. If you don’t want to evolve your Stufful, you can catch Bewear here. Likewise, the Dratini you fish up have been known to call Dragonite during S.O.S. battles.

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