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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-07-2020 / 00:02 GMT

Your last chance to train and prepare for the 2nd trial.

Pokémon Encounters - Route 5

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Caterpie Bug All grass south of Pokémon Center (10%)
Metapod Bug All grass south of Pokémon Center (9%)
Butterfree Bug/Flying All grass south of Pokémon Center (1%)
Lillipup Normal All grass south of Pokémon Center (30%)
Pikipek Normal/Flying All grass south of Pokémon Center (20%)
Grubbin Bug All grass south of Pokémon Center (10%)
Fomantis Grass All grass south of Pokémon Center (20%)
Crabrawler Fighting Berry Tree pile (100%)

It's been a fairly long road, but you're almost at the site of the next trial. In fact, you'll find it at the end of this route. By the entrance, speak to the trial guide and he'll ask you to come back after you've defeated all the trainers on Route 5.

As if we needed an excuse to go and beat them up! Start your conquest of Route 5 by heading up and catching the attention of the nearby twins. You will be challenged to a Double Battle, so check your second Pokemon is fighting fit as well.

Twins Isa and Nico

Pokemon Level Type
Happiny 15 Normal
Igglybuff 15 Normal/Fairy
Literally a pair of babies. Have your Fighting-type slam down on Happiny and your Poison or Steel types lay waste to Igglybuff. Somebody's got to show them the harshness of life sooner or later...

Next, travel north along the road between the trial guide and twins. When the path branches, turn right. Grab the Super Potion in the corner, then step into the tall grass ahead.

Carefully make your way east, while keeping to the north for now. When it appears, head into the safe area above, then proceed east from it, up the slope and towards the dead end. Search around here for an elusive Star Piece . Just in case you're running out of things to sell.

After that, step back into the tall grass and travel south-west. Go up the slope, then follow the rocky path north-east and around. Towards the north, pick up TM41 Torment , sitting comfortably above the geyser After that, leap off the ledge at the end.

From here, head west back towards the northbound path. To the south is a Pokemon breeder that you can fight if you want.

Pokemon Breeder Yuka

Pokemon Level Type
Morelull 15 Grass/Fairy
Ledyba 16 Bug/Flying
Ooh, a new Pokemon. Morelull is 4x weak to Poison, so if you have any Poison Pokemon or moves, you know what to do. Otherwise, Fire or Steel moves are very effective as well.

Ledyba is an easier read. You can drop it instantly with Rock-type moves or take it down pretty fast with Fire, Flying or Electric moves--all very common.

Further north, there's nothing to see and the path to the left is being blocked by a pair of squatters. For now, return south towards the entrance, then make your way north-west, past the twins and towards the next destination marker. You'll find Hau and a trainer who won't take no for an answer.

Team Skull Gladion

Pokemon Level Type
Zubat 17 Poison/Flying
Type: Null 18 Normal
Zubat, you should know how to deal with. Electric, Rock, Psychic, it's all good. Type: Null is an entirely different beast. It's a plain Normal-type and only uses Tackle and Pursuit, but it has great all-around stats and can be a threat for a rookie team.

As usual, Fighting-type Pokemon have a clear advantage, while your starter Pokemon or other high level and/or durable Pokemon wouldn't be amiss.

After the battle, you'll receive 3 Revives from Hau. Good chap. Well, you're about halfway done here. Shall we move on? From your current position, head south-west along the westbound path. Keep clear of the tall grass for a moment, until it ends.

At that point, head north through the tall grass to find TM57 Charge Beam waiting at the far end. Return south and carry on west, past the passive Rising Star and through the tall grass. After the corner, there's a trainer pacing back and fro.

Pokemon Breeder Cory

Pokemon Level Type
Paras 15 Grass/Bug
Spinarak 16 Bug/Poison
Poor Paras is 4x weak to Fire and Flying moves. Which is a good thing since it can be annoying with its status moves. Spinarak is no problem for a decent Fire, Flying, Rock or Psychic Pokemon.

Around here, by the corner, you can find another of those berry piles. As always be prepared for any sudden ambushes from hungry Crabrawler. Beyond to the north is the main path and, well within walking distance, the Pokemon Center.

If you need to rest, head inside now. Otherwise, run east to take on another pair of trainers in a Double Battle.

Rising Star Duo Lauren and Justin

Pokemon Level Type
Vullaby 17 Dark/Flying
Rufflet 17 Normal/Flying
Both bird Pokemon and both Flying-types. Electric or Rock-type Pokemon are recommended here, although you can nail Vullaby with Fairy moves too. Vullaby is pretty bulky, so try to focus on removing Rufflet first.

There's more to Route 5 and more trainers to be found. But you won't be getting there any time soon, so return to the Pokemon Centre and head on inside if you haven't already been.

Near the cafe area, the man standing in front of the red stand wants to see a Feebas. You can fish for it in Brooklet Hill, but keep in mind it's extremely rare--although you have a better chance if the fishing spot is bubbling. Come back after catching Feebas to get 3000 Poke Dollars .

The Rising Star wants to trade your Lillipup for his Bounsweet. This is a pretty sweet deal (pun not intended), since Lillipup is commonly found between Route 4 and Route 5, while Bounsweet is found later on. Not to mention you've got the Water-type trial next.

Speaking of which, the trial site is located a short distance west from the Pokemon Centre. Unlike earlier, you can exit the trial site at any time before facing the Totem Pokemon. Still, check that your Pokemon are all healthy and you've got all the items that you need before entering.

Pokemon Checklist

Fomantis is a pretty decent if slow Grass-type Pokemon. Since the next trial is the Water-type, you may want to consider raising one if you didn't pick Rowlet at the start. Alternatively, the traded Bounsweet is a solid choice as well.

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