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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Pokemon 151 to 200

Vincent Lau
Number Name Type How to Obtain
151 Poliwrath Water/Fighting Evolves from Poliwhirl using a Water Stone.
152 Politoed Water Evolves from Poliwhirl when traded while holding a King’s Rock.
153 Goldeen Water (Fishing) Brooklet Hill, Malie Garden.
154 Seaking Water Evolves from Goldeen at Lv 34.
155 Feebas Water (Fishing) Brooklet Hill.
156 Milotic Water Evolves from Feebas when traded while holding a Prism Scale.
157 Alomomola Water (Fishing) Brooklet Hill Trial Area.
158 Fletchling Normal/Flying Wela Volcano Park.
159 Fletchinder Fire/Flying Evolves from Fletchling at Lv 17. Route 8.
160 Talonflame Fire/Flying Evolves from Fletchinder at Lv 35. Trade using Bewear with Anga right outside the Battle Tree.
161 Salandit Poison/Fire Route 8, Wela Volcano Park.
162 Salazzle Poison/Fire Evolves from Salandit at Lv 33. Female only.
Number Name Type How to Obtain
163 Cubone Ground Wela Volcano Park.
164 Marowak* Fire/Ghost Evolves from Cubone at Lv 28 at night.
165 Kangaskhan Normal Wela Volcano Park.
166 Magby Fire Wela Volcano Park.
167 Magmar Fire Evolves from Magby at Lv 30.
168 Magmortar Fire Evolves from Magmar when traded holding a Magmarizer.
169 Stufful Normal/Fighting Route 8, Akala Outskirts.
170 Bewear Normal/Fighting Evolves from Stufful at Lv 27. Poni Gauntlet.
171 Bounsweet Grass Lush Jungle. Trade using Lillipup with Kihei in Route 5 Pokemon Center.
172 Steenee Grass Evolves from Bounsweet at Lv 18. Trade using Granbull with Kumu in Seafolk Village.
173 Tsareena Grass Evolves from Steenee when leveled up with the move Stomp (Lv 29)
174 Comfey Fairy Lush Jungle
175 Pinsir Bug Lush Jungle (north zone), Poni Grove
Number Name Type How to Obtain
176 Oranguru (Moon) Normal/Psychic Lush Jungle
177 Passimian (Sun) Fighting Lush Jungle
178 Goomy Dragon (SOS during rain) Route 17, Lush Jungle
179 Sliggoo Dragon Evolves from Goomy at Lv 40. (SOS during rain) Exeggutor Island.
180 Goodra Dragon Evolves from Sliggoo at Lv 50 in the rain. Must be overworld rain, Rain Dance and Drizzle do not work.
181 Castform Normal but changes type depending on the weather. (SOS during rain, sun or hail) Route 17, Exeggutor Island, Haina Desert, Lush Jungle, Malie Garden, Mount Lanakila, Tapu Village.
182 Wimpod Bug/Water Route 8, Poni Breaker Coast, Poni Wilds (chase with Tauros)
183 Golisopod Bug/Water Evolves from Wimpod at Lv 30.
Number Name Type How to Obtain
184 Staryu Water (Fishing) Route 7, Hano Beach (buried in sand).
185 Starmie Water/Psychic Evolves from Staryu using a Water Stone.
186 Sandygast Ghost/Ground Hano Beach (buried in sand).
187 Palossand Ghost/Ground Evolves from Sandygast at Lv 42.
188 Cranidos (Sun) Rock Resurrect from Skull Fossil.
189 Rampardos (Sun) Rock Evolves from Cranidos at Lv 30.
190 Shieldon (Moon) Rock/Steel Resurrect from Armor Fossil.
191 Bastiodon (Moon) Rock/Steel Evolves from Shieldon at Lv 30.
192 Archen (Moon) Rock/Flying Resurrect from Plume Fossil.
193 Archeops (Moon) Rock/Flying Evolves from Archen at Lv 37.
194 Tirtouga (Sun) Water/Rock Resurrect from Cover Fossil.
195 Carracosta (Sun) Water/Rock Evolves from Tirtouga at Lv 37.
Number Name Type How to Obtain
196 Phantump Ghost/Grass Memorial Hill.
197 Trevenant Ghost/Grass Evolves from Phantump when traded.
198 Nosepass Rock Akala Outskirts.
199 Probopass Rock/Steel Evolves from Nosepass after levelling up at Vast Poni Canyon
200 Pyukumuku Water (Surf) Route 7, Hano Beach.


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Welcome to Alola, a region of tropical islands, filled with gorgeous natural beauty and Pokemon never seen before. Having recently moved to Alola, your journey begins soon afterwards. Your adventures will be filled with fascinating and colorful people with quirky island traditions and of course Pokémon. Delight in the mysteries of the brand new Alola region as your travels take you the length and breadth of the region and the secrets of the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala are finally unveiled.

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