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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Hano Beach

Vincent Lau

The resort beach is rife with discoveries.

Pokémon Encounters - Hano Beach

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Staryu Water Sand Cloud (80%)
Sandygast Ghost/Ground Sand Cloud (20%)
Tentacool Water/Poison Surfing/Splashing Water (30%/100%)
Wingull Water/Flying Surfing (20%)
Finneon Water Surfing (30%)
Pyukumuku Water Surfing (20%)

This is where the fun truly begins. By the way, if you check your map, you may notice a golf course north from here. Unfortunately, there’s no way to visit it; it’s simply there for decoration. Perhaps in the next game? Who knows…

A key thing to note is that there are many hidden items on the sand. So time for Stoutland to play then. Additionally, as time passes, these items will gradually regenerate, so if you return here later, you may find the same items again. Don’t worry, your memory is playing tricks!

From the entrance, search the right side of the sunbed above for a delicious Soda Pop . From that corner, head south-east. Pick up the Zygarde Cell (31) glimmering under the parasol halfway up the beach. Continue past and search the shallow water for a buried Pearl .

Now follow the beach north until you spot a swimmer standing next to a sunbed on the right. About halfway between her sunbed and the one below, search to find another buried Pearl . After cleaning your hands of the sand, chat to the swimmer to receive a fresh Soda Pop . Cheers!

From here, head north-west towards the lifeguard tower. If it’s day time, you can retrieve a Zygarde Cell (32) from underneath the tower. Simply get up close to the south-east side of the tower. After that, chat to the porter below the tower and you can take on a part-time job.

This involves finding 6 Pyukumuku dotted around Hano Beach and chucking them back into the ocean. If you’ve never seen one before, Pyukumuku are small black-coloured Pokemon. They are found all over the beach area, near and far, so be sure to look everywhere.

Successfully find all 6 Pyukumuku and you’ll earn 20,000 Poke Dollars. You can repeat this mission once per day, handy if you need some pocket money. Further north is a secluded shore of sorts. Around here are small patches of dark sand that trigger a wild Pokemon encounter.

Near the entrance to this northern shore, north-east from the Trainer Tips signpost, search around the sand before the shallow water for a buried Heart Scale . Finally, check the west-most side of this shore for another Heart Scale .

That’s all for the beach itself; time to hit the waves. From the northern shore, paddle north with Lapras’s help. You may notice some small splashing around in the bay. Get close and you’ll get ambushed by Water-type Pokemon. Yikes.

Anyway, towards the north is a submerged item, possibly near some ambushing Pokemon. Oh well, time to meet your fate head on… Pick up the item to discover it’s a Pearl String . Not really worth the trouble, but moving on!

Follow the bay south. After a while, you should find a floating trainer opposite the entrance to the northern shore.

Swimmer Logan

Pokemon Level Type
Wishiwashi (School) 25 Water

A Wishiwashi in School form. It’s still a Water-type though, so sink it with Electric or Grass Pokemon.

South from here, just before reaching the small island, is another floating trainer in search of entertainment.

Swimmer Alicia

Pokemon Level Type
Psyduck 25 Water

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Another foe to let your Electric or Grass Pokemon wreak havoc.

Land on the island halfway along the bay. In the very middle is a pair of Black Glasses . These make your Pokemon look cool and boost the power of Dark-type moves. One of those statements may be a lie. A short distance south-east from the island is another stationary trainer.

Swimmer Lawrence

Pokemon Level Type
Wingull 24 Water/Flying
Barboach 25 Water/Ground

His first Pokemon takes 4x damage from Electric-types, while his second Pokemon is immune to Electric-types and takes 4x damage from Grass-types. Make sure you don’t get it mixed up!

Thankfully there arent many wild Pokemon to disturb you.

Continue south-west from Lawrence. Towards the south end of the bay, there’s yet another idle trainer.

Swimmer Laura

Pokemon Level Type
Finneon 24 Water
Shellder 25 Water

Two pure Water-type Pokemon. Play time for your Electric and Grass Pokemon then. As usual, Grass Pokemon should be somewhat wary of Shellder as it has Icicle Spear, an Ice-type move. It also knows Protect, which can drag on the battle.

Head way south-west from Laura. You should reach another happy-go-lucky trainer just past the submerged Dive Ball .

Swimmer Roddy

Pokemon Level Type
Gyarados 25 Water/Flying

The Atrocious Pokemon can be a pain due to its offensive prowess and decent bulk. Take it out fast with Electric-type Pokemon if possible. Otherwise use strong Pokemon not weak to Water moves.

South-west from Roddy is the final trainer of the area.

Swimmer Chelsea

Pokemon Level Type
Pyukumuku 25 Water

This sea cucumber has zero offensive moves, but you may think it’s super easy to defeat. Wrong, as it has Counter, which returns double damage from physical moves. In addition, its Ability Innards Out returns equal damage from physical moves when knocked out.

Obviously use Special moves if you can, especially Grass and Electric ones.

To finish up, grab the submerged Antidote next to Chelsea. From here, return to the hotel foyer and speak to Faba to (finally) visit Aether Paradise. Kept you waiting, huh?


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