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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Melemele Clean Up

Vincent Lau

This page covers all the miscellaneous events and stuff in Melemele Island after you’ve become the Champion.

A Lucky Break

Have a Pokemon hold the Lucky Egg to earn 50% more experience points.

With "Rotom" IconRotom able to evaluate the Pokedex for you, there’s no real need to visit Professor Kukui. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to go to his lab on Route 1 and say “hi” once in a while. If you’ve registered at least 50 Pokemon in your Pokedex, he’ll give you a Lucky Egg .

When held, this item boosts the amount of experience points gained. Perfect for getting your Pokemon to the highest level possible! Additionally, if you talk to Kukui again (or for the first time if you don’t have 50 Pokemon yet), you’ll receive TM90 Substitute from him.

While you’re here, you can check Lillie’s room in the loft. You may find that the lock protecting her diary has broken…

Back to the Mall

Remember the shopping mall in Hau’oli City? The one east from the Pokemon Centre. If you go back and visit it, you’ll find a few slight changes.

Firstly, the Pokemon trainers in the Battle Buffet now have stronger Pokemon , which is great for training your party inbetween Elite Four bouts.

By the way, if you keep impressing in the Battle Buffet, you may encounter the Buffet Queen during your next visit. Should this occur, the queen of the feast will challenge you to acquire as many dishes as you can. This is mainly for fun though, as nothing special happens if you win.

Secondly, the stall to the right of the Battle Buffet has a new addition to the staff: Mr Hyper , who will make your Pokemon stronger if you give him a Bottle Cap or Gold Bottle Cap. However your Pokemon must be Level 100, which is a feat in itself.

The plates can be given to Pokemon besides Arceus too.

Thirdly, the antique store further along has some new items for sale if you chat to the man to the right; plates belonging to "Arceus" IconArceus, the creator of the Pokemon universe. Furthermore, you can find the rest of the plates lying around Melemele Island.

  • Mind Plate: Route 1, palm tree right outside your house
  • Earth Plate: Route 1, palm tree towards the east side, on the beach
  • Flame Plate: Trainer’s School, north-east corner next to incinerator
  • Icicle Plate: Hau’oli City Beachfront, shallow water towards the south
  • Insect Plate: Hau’oli City Shopping District, palm tree between the shopping mall and salon
  • Toxic Plate: Hau’oli City Shopping District, north-west corner of Pokemon Centre (outside)
  • Meadow Plate: Hau’oli City Shopping District, patch of tall grass west from the City Hall entrance
  • Draco Plate: Hau’oli City Shopping District, south of police truck in the police station car park
  • Spooky Plate: Hau’oli Cemetary, grave stone near the middle

Finally, if you use the QR Scanner to read an official Magaerna QR code, you can pick up the artificial Pokemon from the delivery man in front of the antiques store.

Rematch with Guzma

When you’ve got a moment, head towards the middle of Route 2, near the motel area and the entrance to Hau’oli Cemetery. To the east of the motel is a house with little of interest, until now.

As you enter, you should immediately notice the back of the former Team Skull boss. Chat to him and he’ll tell you to head to the Hau’oli City Beachfront. Before you leave to follow him, head inside the room at the far end. You’ll be given TM87 Swagger from his mother.

After that interesting insight, make your way to the Beachfront as promised. The “destruction in human form” will be waiting at the north end of the beach.

Pokemon Trainer Guzma

Pokemon Level Type
"Golisopod" IconGolisopod 63 Bug/Water
"Masquerain" IconMasquerain 63 Bug/Flying
"Scizor" IconScizor 63 Bug/Steel
"Ariados" IconAriados 63 Bug/Poison
"Pinsir" IconPinsir 63 Bug

Guzma’s definitely been training his Pokemon.

"Golisopod" IconGolisopod you should be all too familiar with. As always, it has First Impression, which goes first but only on the first turn it appears. Therefore, avoid leading with Pokemon weak to Bug-types.

"Masquerain" IconMasquerain isn’t particularly notable, although it does have plenty of coverage moves, including Bug, Flying, Ice and Grass. Electric-types are your safest bet. Only go with Rock-types if they’re fast.

"Scizor" IconScizor can be tricky with powerful STAB moves and Bullet Punch to take out weakened foes. That said, it takes huge damage from Fire-types moves, so use one of them if you can.

"Ariados" IconAriados is another mainstay that can now use Toxic Thread to poison and reduce Speed and Cross Poison as a powerful Poison-type STAB. Try not to let it grab a KO or it can sharpen its Attack with Fell Stinger.

Finally, "Pinsir" IconPinsir has Guillotine to try and score a OHKO, Stone Edge to punish Fire and Flying-types and Storm Throw to punish Rock-types. That leaves few Pokemon as safe choices. Perhaps go with Ghost-types.

Wipe the floor with Guzma and he’ll give you a rare Dawn Stone , which evolves female "Snorunt" IconSnorunt into "Froslass" IconFroslass, among others.

A Final Lesson

Thought you learned everything there was at the Trainer’s School? Not quite… Whenever you’re in the neighbourhood, go up to the top floor of the Trainer’s School building, then make way along the corridor to the west. Standing in front of the door is a stubborn Pokemon trainer.

Black Belt Duane

Pokemon Level Type
"Primeape" IconPrimeape 55 Fighting
"Lucario" IconLucario 56 Fighting/Steel

"Primeape" IconPrimeape is a pretty straightforward powerhouse. "Lucario" IconLucario is somewhat trickier since it’s part Steel. It won’t be weak to Flying, Fairy or Psychic-types, but gains a weakness to Fire, Fighting and Ground-types.

Defeat Duane and he’ll step aside, allowing you to proceed through the door. On the other side, you’ll meet another trainer who’s all too eager to challenge you.

Principle Asuka

Pokemon Level Type
"Granbull" IconGranbull 57 Fairy
"Arcanine" IconArcanine 57 Fire
"Stoutland" IconStoutland 57 Normal

All of Asuka’s Pokemon have Intimidate, which lowers Attack. Therefore, it’s a good idea to fight back with special attackers. Alternatively, stat gains and drops can be eliminated by switching Pokemon.

Hold your own against Asuka’s intimidation and you’ll be rewarded with a King’s Rock that enables all attacks to cause flinch, while also being an evolutionary item for "Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke and "Poliwhirl" IconPoliwhirl.

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