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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 22-02-2020 / 13:04 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

The Battle Tree

BP and Prizes

The prizes on offer have been known to make trainers drool.

So you’ve clawed your way tooth and nail through the Battle Tree. You’ve torn apart the leagues of the Battle Legends…and finally! You’re positively drowning in BP!

What is this BP anyways?!

Battle Points , or BP for short, are a currency you can only earn from the Battle Tree. There is a shop run by 3 NPCs left of the base of the Battle Tree. This is where you will be able to redeem your BP for prizes.

You can get evolution items such as Magmarizer here, but most importantly you can get certain TMs, valuable battle items like Choice Scarf, EV training items like Power Anklet, and all the Mega Stones available in this game except Alakazite (which you got when you received the Key Stone).

The shops are absolutely jam packed with goodies and since you can only use BP to get them, and several of them can only be gotten here, you’ll have to be good at the Battle Tree to fill up your bag.

You will also prizes for getting to a certain win streak number at the Battle Tree. Talk to the receptionist on a daily basis after clearing certain milestones for more prizes!

It’s in Your Destiny!

The Destiny Knot is one of the most important items for breeding Pokemon with multiple perfect Individual Values (IVs). Check out our breeding and IVs section for more details.

If you want to get the Destiny Knot, and you will absolutely need it, you will need to save up 48 BP and buy it at the Battle Royale Dome. The only other method is to get a high leveled Pokemon with Pickup, such as Alolan Meowth, and get lucky.

Streak Prizes

Item Streak #
Moomoo Milk 5
PP Up 10
Rare Candy 20
Bottle Cap 30
PP Max 40
Ability Capsule 50
Lansat Berry 100
Starf Berry 200

A One-time Deal!

Starf and Lansat Berries and Ability Capsule are only obtainable by hitting those streak numbers, so if you want those items you’re going to have to try your very best and be a master!

BP Shop - Left NPC

This woman sells rare hold items that evolve certain Pokemon when they’re traded holding one.

Item BP Cost
King's Rock 32 BP
Deep Sea Tooth 32 BP
Deep Sea Scale 32 BP
Dragon Scale 32 BP
Up-Grade 32 BP
Dubious Disc 32 BP
Protector 32 BP
Electirizer 32 BP
Magmarizer 32 BP
Reaper Cloth 32 BP
Whipped Dream 32 BP
Sachet 32 BP

BP Shop - Middle NPC

Meanwhile, this woman sells a plethora of hold items designed for use in battle. Many of these can turn an already great Pokemon into a greater one!

Item BP Cost
Toxic Orb 16 BP
Flame Orb 16 BP
Iron Ball 16 BP
Ring Target 16 BP
White Herb 32 BP
Mental Herb 32 BP
Power Herb 32 BP
Focus Sash 32 BP
Air Balloon 32 BP
Red Card 32 BP
Eject Button 32 BP
Weakness Policy 32 BP
Item BP Cost
Choice Band 48 BP
Choice Specs 48 BP
Choice Scarf 48 BP
Life Orb 48 BP
Rocky Helmet 48 BP
Assault Vest 48 BP
Safety Goggles 48 BP
Terrain Extender 48 BP
Protective Pads 48 BP

BP Shop - Right NPC

Finally, if you’re looking for Mega Stones, they’re over here. Well, some of them anyway. Ahem…

Item BP Cost
Gengarite 64 BP
Scizorite 64 BP
Pinsirite 64 BP
Aerodactylite 64 BP
Lucarionite 64 BP
Kangaskhanite 64 BP
Gyaradosite 64 BP
Absolite 64 BP
Item BP Cost
Alakazite 64 BP
Garchompite 64 BP
Sablenite 64 BP
Metagrossite 64 BP
Sharpedonite 64 BP
Slowbronite 64 BP
Glalitite 64 BP
Salamencite 64 BP

As an added bonus, if you defeat Battle Legend Red in the Battle Tree, you’ll obtain the following mega stones as a gift from him: Venusaurite, Blastoisinite, Charizardite X and Charizardite Y.

Missing Mega Stones?

Unfortunately over half of the mega stones established in the previous games are absent from Sun and Moon since those Pokemon are not in the Alola Pokedex and there’s no National Dex.

We’ll update as soon as there’s a way to obtain all the missing mega stones, but until then you’re left with this relatively narrow selection to make the most of.

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