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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-07-2020 / 22:26 GMT

After your antics in the Trainers' School, Lillie will start leading you towards the entrance of Hau'oli City. Before you can go any farther, you'll be stopped by Hala and Hau watching over the Tauros that was blocking the road. Thankfully Hala is able to lead the creature home.

Before that though, Hala asks if you want to give the Tauros a pat. Go up close to the Tauros and press the A button. Okay, that wasn't so bad. After that, Hala will lead the Tauros away and you'll be free to continue touring Hau'oli City. From your current location, head west to exit to the next zone.


There's lots to do in Hau'oli City, so you'd better set aside some time.

You've officially made it to Hau'oli City, the largest city in Alola. Needless to say, there's a lot to see, so relax and take it easy. You'll start off in the Beachfront area, which is a very small part of the city itself. Anyway, enough talking, more sightseeing!

Begin by following the road north, while keeping close to the pedestrian path along the east. About halfway up, there's a lady standing around. Speak to her to get a free Potion . Thanks! From there, go west across the road. Don't worry, there aren't any moving cars here for some reason.

Next to the yellow truck ahead is a concrete slope that you can use to reach the beach itself. On the beach, run north towards the pair of palm trees. Approach the north-most palm tree and search around a few paces north-west for a buried Fresh Water . It can be tough to find, but luckily we've got pictures!

Leave no stones unturned!

Still at the beach, stroll in a southerly direction. Say "hi" to the tourists along the way if you want. Just before the south-most slope, there's a sunbed with a woman sunbathing. Go up to the palm tree to the right of the sunbed and inspect the left side of it to find a hidden Pearl .

Finally, continue south from the sunbed. When you go past the southern slope, you ought to spot an item glimmering to its right. Pick it up to discover it's a Poke Ball . That's all for now! Go up either of the slopes back to the main street. Then follow it north to exit.

Lost and Found

Here's something you might want to know: all hidden items in the sand will eventually reappear over time. So if you return to the Beachfront a few days later, you might find the Pearl and Poke Ball in the exact same locations. So it's not your memory playing tricks on you or anything!

Shopping District

This is the main area of Hau'oli City and pretty expansive to boot. We hope you're sitting tight! Anyway, continue forward for a few paces and you'll bump into Hau again. The cheeky lad will take you to the nearby Tourist Bureau to pick up a Poke Finder .

Before you leave, head for the bottom-left corner. There's a researcher who's a bit stumped and requests your help to catch 10 different species of Pokemon. Which isn't a difficult task at all--heck, you might even have 10 already if you were resourceful. You'll get 10 Ultra Balls as a reward.

Back outside, a local will direct you to a nearby Photo Spot--a cracked wall to the right of the Tourist Bureau. Whenever you come across a Photo Spot, you'll hear a sound effect and a camera icon will appear in the middle of the bottom screen map. Press the R button to open the Poke Finder.

Pokemon Snap... Lite

The Poke Finder lets you take photos of Pokemon at designated Photo Spots. Press the R button or tap the middle icon to take a photo. You can aim the camera with the circle pad or physical movement using gyro controls. You can also disable gyro controls by tapping the left icon.

Each session, you can take up to 6 photos. Afterwards, you can select a photo to "upload" and you'll earn points for your photo. Earn enough points and your Poke Finder will be upgraded and receive more functions such as the ability to zoom with the D-pad.

Pokémon Encounters - Shopping District

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Rattata* Dark/Normal All grass in this area (20%, Night only)
Meowth* Dark All grass in this area (10%)
Abra Psychic All grass in this area (25%)
Magnemite Electric/Steel All grass in this area (10%)
Grimer* Poison/Dark All grass in this area (10%)
Pichu Electric All grass in this area (5%)
Wingull Water/Flying All grass in this area (20%)
Yungoos Normal All grass in this area (20%, Day only)
*** indicates Alolan form.**

Having experienced your first Photo Spot, it's time to continue with the tour. If you want to catch some more Pokemon, run across to the other side of the road, then swing open the red gate up ahead. On the other side, there's some tall grass. At the far end, there's another red gate, but you can't use it right now.

When you're ready to continue, follow the main road up and ahead. As you approach the apparel shop, you'll notice Lillie outside. She will give you a Lens Case or Makeup Bag . With this, you can change your eye colour (and lip colour if playing as a female) while inside any apparel shop's dressing room.

Speaking of which, you can visit the apparel shop after Lillie's gone to buy some new clothes for yourself. Likewise, you can change your clothes in the dressing room, found in the top-left corner. After buying a clothing item, you'll also have the option of instantly changing into them.

Outside the apparel shop, chat to the woman standing nearby to receive a fashionable Silk Scarf . If a Pokemon has this as a held item, their Normal-type moves will do slightly more damage. To the left of the apparel shop is the salon, where you can change your trainer's hairstyle and hair colour.

There's certainly no shortage of hidden items.

After giving yourself a makeover or otherwise, return to the main road and follow it ahead, while hugging the left side. Opposite the mall, which is currently closed, is another red gate that you can open. Beyond, run through the tall grass towards the bottom-most corner. Search around here for a hidden Stardust .

The other red gate in this little area is again off-limits, so return to the main road when you're done. Next, continue following the road until you reach Hau'oli City's Pokemon Centre. Speak to the person just outside the centre for a free Heal Ball . How kind!

Inside the Pokemon Centre, there's a pretty lady standing to the left of the cafe area. She really wants to see a Drifloon, a rare Pokemon that you can catch in Hau'oli Cemetery, which is a bit further ahead. Catch one and return to receive 10,000 Poke Dollars .

Meanwhile, just below the Poke Mart is an old man, the Move Deleter, who can erase any of your Pokemon's moves. Previously, this was useful for getting rid of unwanted HMs, but Sun and Moon has done away with HMs, so his services aren't nearly as useful. Still, it's nice to have the option!

Pokemon Checklist

There's not much new in Hau'oli City; mostly a collection of Pokemon from the Trainers' School and elsewhere. Abra is a rather tricky bugger to catch because it'll use Teleport to instantly escape. If you have them, Quick Balls or Ultra Balls are your best bets.

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