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Malie City

Vincent Lau

Your arrival at Ula'ula Island begins with a bang.

As soon as you touch ground, Hau will challenge you to a battle. There’s no declining, but fortunately he’ll heal up your party.

Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pokemon Level Type
"Raichu" IconRaichu (Alolan) 28 Electric/Psychic
"Flareon" IconFlareon (if you picked "Rowlet" IconRowlet) 28 Fire
"Vaporeon" IconVaporeon (if you picked "Litten" IconLitten) 28 Water
"Jolteon" IconJolteon (if you picked "Popplio" IconPopplio) 28 Electric
"Brionne" IconBrionne (if you picked "Rowlet" IconRowlet) 29 Water
"Dartrix" IconDartrix (if you picked "Litten" IconLitten) 29 Grass/Flying
"Torracat" IconTorracat (if you picked "Popplio" IconPopplio) 29 Fire

Hau’s "Pikachu" IconPikachu has evolved! The Alolan "Raichu" IconRaichu is a formidable foe, so exercise caution. Now that it’s a Psychic-type, it’s also weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost moves, in addition to Ground.

"Raichu" IconRaichu isn’t the only change; your cheery rival has smartened and grabbed an "Eevee" IconEevee evolution that’s strong against your starter Pokemon. However by now, you should be smart enough to deal with it.

Finally, to handle his starter Pokemon, send out your own starter Pokemon. Easy peasy. However, his starter does have a matching Z-Crystal, so bear that in mind if using a different Pokemon.

Afterwards, your buddy "Rotom" IconRotom will let you know that another island Pokedex has been added. From here, you’re free to wander around, within reasonable distance of Malie Garden that is. Heading east from here will take you to Ula’ula Island’s ferry terminal.

Inside, you can book a ferry back to Heahea City or Aether Paradise. Although you can simply "Charizard" IconCharizard Glide back to Heahea City and there’s nothing to see in Aether Paradise. In the north-east corner is a vending machine selling Soda Pop, three times. Redundant, much?

West from here is the Pokemon Centre of Malie City. Inside, the right Poke Mart clerk is selling a bunch of decent TMs for 10, 000 Poke Dollars each. By the cafe area is a kid who got a "Mewtwo" IconMewtwo from Wonder Trade. Sorry, kid, but it’s probably hacked…

Outside, continue west along the main road, until you reach the pedestrian crossing. Try to go west from here and Lillie will block your passage. North it is then! At the far end is the entrance to Malie Garden, where Professor Kukui is waiting. You do remember, right?


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Welcome to Alola, a region of tropical islands, filled with gorgeous natural beauty and Pokemon never seen before. Having recently moved to Alola, your journey begins soon afterwards. Your adventures will be filled with fascinating and colorful people with quirky island traditions and of course Pokémon. Delight in the mysteries of the brand new Alola region as your travels take you the length and breadth of the region and the secrets of the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala are finally unveiled.

Our massive and comprehensive guide includes the following:

  • A full route and trial battle guide covering your journey from Pokémon novice to eventual Champion.

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